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The REAL leg percentage calculation


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Do YOU have long/average/short legs?

Ok, so statistically:

An average leg has an inseam that represents 45% of the height.

You measure inseam, bit standing, with no socks, or shoes, and measure from your crotch to the floor. (nr 5 in the pic)


I'm 163 cm in height.

my inseam is 75 cm.

You calculate it by going:

inseam (cm)

___________ x 100

height (cm)

mine works out to 46%

Which sounds about right, as my legs appear average. The other thread had a very error-prone way of measuring, and people measured all over the place, even up to their waists. By that thread everyone appeared long legged (even me, and I know my legs are not long)....suspicious :P. I think this one can't be faked.

What's yours?


DISCLAIMER: Thread started by member who has left and not by TRIPLEM :poledance:

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Guest suzushii

so I got... 90/180x100 = 50 :)

where do long legs start, anyway?

50% is definitely long. I compared with about 6-7 friends and they all ranged 45-48% :D

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Guest missavvy

i got 77/164 = 47%

yay for normal! lol. i always thot i was taller tho... 164 cm only works out to about 5'4.. but i thought i was 5'6.. :S weird. maybe my measuring is off. :S

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I'm 5 feet exactly and my inseam is 27 inches.


But for such a short person, I always thought my legs were longer than average, cause with my friend who is 5'2", our legs are the same length. :mellow:

For an Asian, definitely on the long side cause if you look at me from far away people think I'm tall ._."

but I'm nott!

So if you're short and you have the "average" leg:body ratio. In pictures, you look taller than you are.

Like this girl before I met her, I thought she would be around 5'5" cause she looked like she would be tall in her pictures...but she was the same height as me <_<

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Do you measure it standing? Or while sitting? And if it's standing, how far apart should your feet be?

I've gotten between 47% and 53%, and I don't think my legs can randomly grow and shrink over such a short period of time.

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Guest Redwarrior

^ it depends on when you measure. I think we grow a bit at night so you would be slightly taller in the morning than at night :D hope that's correct (heard it a long time ago) I'm so happy that I'm average...my mom's always complaining that my legs are too short and I should do something about it. (but when i get measured for dance, my teachers are always like: WHOA, you have a long torso). I guess it's because my legs are chubby and muscular that I look shorter than I should look?

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wow thanks for this! I knew there was something wrong with the other thread, since most people there had long legs which really surprised me since asians usually have short/average legs.

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