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The REAL leg percentage calculation

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Oppa telling us to do rope skipping to increase the leg percentage. LOL. 

we need it for blackmail materiallll @Lawyerh ahhahahahahah....  joking.... @triplem 

Guest suzushii

Do you measure it standing? Or while sitting? And if it's standing, how far apart should your feet be?

Just like in the picture. Standing, feet close together.

I've gotten between 47% and 53%, and I don't think my legs can randomly grow and shrink over such a short period of time.

It's more likely you're not measuring consistently in the same way. Make sure the string/measuring thingie stays the same way each time (and not tensed sometimes) and to stop it directly at your crotch (on the inside of the leg) and not go above it.

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my yoga teacher was telling us the other day that we are all on average 1-2 cm shorter than what we really should be because of our everyday activities, and that with regular massage of the legs and feet, it is possible to get back that 1-2 cm. So maybe we are supposed to have slightly longer legs than what we are measuring now? <_<

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I swear I saw that thread and measured from the crotch and got a really low number...like 30-some% and almost cried. But I just measured again (3 times actually) and got 29 in (yeah, I'm using inches, sorry xD) and I know my height is somewhere between 5'1" or 5'2". so that puts me at about 46.7-47.5%...average, I'll take that. :lol:

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Guest Alice_Draconus

86cm x 100 / 172.5 = 49.8%

Aww, thats a slightly depressing answer.

I thought it would have been more as I always thing of my legs as my staple. x) lol~~ (and so close to 50!!)

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Guest tootoo777

76/164 x 100 = 46.3%

wow. i ahve average legs. but htats weird because i have really short legs. like i can touch my toes very very very easily. without bending very far. and it looks short aswell

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