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[Drama 2010] Dandelion Family / Blossom Sisters 민들레 가족

Guest C51236

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Guest C51236

[MBC] Song Sun Mi, Maya, Lee Yoon Ji, Jung Chan, Kim Dong Wook

Dandelion Family

민들레 가족



Director: Im Tae Woo

Scriptwriter: Kim Jung Soo

Also known as: Like a Dandelion (MBC America) / Blossom Sisters (MBC Global)

Previously known as: 장미와 민들레 / Roses and Dandelions

Genre: Romance, family

Episodes: 50 "projected"

Broadcast network: MBC

Broadcast period: 2010-Jan-30 ~ TBA

(scheduled to air after Creating Destiny ends)

Air time: Saturday & Sunday @ 19:55 (7:55 Korean time)

Official site: MBC official site

-Cast info -Previews -Photos -News -VOD -Board

Other links: MBC Global Media [Korean | English] | MBC AMERICA

nate | Daum (K)| Dramawiki


dandelionposter1.th.jpg dandelionposter2.th.jpg poster3or.th.jpg post4.th.jpg


Sometimes family members can't stand each other but their family bonds bring them back together!

On the surface, most families appear to be normal but every family has a secret or two.

Perhaps you could say that a real family is a bit dysfunctional with family members harboring

grudges against each other or despising one another with conflicting feelings of love and hate.

There are matters that families do not wish to reveal to other people and some internal issues

that nobody within the family wants to bring out into the open.

The pain that family members inflict on each other and the unspeakable actions that cause

embarrassment are all part of family life.

But families eventually come together during a crisis and offer each other comfort.

This story is about adults who have marital problems but still love each other deeply.

In addition, the drama shows the complicated relationships between parents and their children.

credits MBC Global Media


wall01p.th.jpg wall02w.th.jpg wall03x.th.jpg wall04.th.jpg wall05.th.jpg


Character Descriptions: go here




EP01: credits cute girl | credits jackie @dramatory

EP02: credits jackie @dramatory

EP03: credits jackie @dramatory

EP04: credits jackie @dramatory

EP05: credits jackie @dramatory

EP06: credits jackie @dramatory

EP07: credits jackie @dramatory

EP08: credits jackie @dramatory

EP09: credits zealioner | credits jackie @dramatory

EP10: credits zealioner | credits jackie @dramatory

EP11: credits zealioner | credits jackie @dramatory

EP12: credits zealioner | credits jackie @dramatory

EP13: credits zealioner | credits jackie @dramatory

EP14: credits zealioner | credits jackie @dramatory

EP15: credits zealioner

EP16: credits zealioner

EP17: credits zealioner

EP18: credits zealioner

EP19: credits zealioner

EP20: credits zealioner / credits zealioner

EP21: credits zealioner / credits zealioner

EP22: credits zealioner

EP23: credits zealioner

EP24: credits zealioner

EP25: credits zealioner

EP26: credits zealioner

EP27: credits zealioner

EP28: credits zealioner

EP29: credits zealioner

EP30: credits zealioner

EP31: credits zealioner

EP32: credits zealioner

EP33: credits zealioner









Promotional Previews:

credits flalol & TheDandeFam


| EP13
| EP22: Text /


| EP14
| EP23:


| EP15
| EP24:


| EP16
| EP25:


| EP17
| EP26:


| EP18


| EP19


| EP20: Text /


| EP21:

credits TheDandeFam @YT


EP01[X], [X]

EP02 [X], [X]

EP03 [X], [X], [X], [X]

EP04 [X]

EP05 [X], [X]

EP06 [X], [X], [X], [X]

EP07 [X], [X], [X], [X]

EP08 [X], [X], [X]

EP09 [X], [X]

EP10 [X], [X], [X]

EP11 [X], [X], [X]

EP12 [X], [X], [X], [X]

EP13 [X], [X], [X]

EP14 [X], [X], [X]

EP15 [X]

EP16 [X], [X]

EP17 [X], [X]

EP18 [X], [X], [X], [X]


EP20 [X] M

EP21 [X], [X]


EP23 [X]

EP24 [X], [X]







Video Links

Poster Shoot BTS:

credits TheDandeFam

Section Interview:

credits TheDandeFam

Praying for Success Ceremony:

Press Conference:

credits TheDandeFam

Wedding BTS:

credits TheDandeFam

Interview w/ Lee Yoon Ji: [X] credits TheLilyhua



Chinese subbed:


RAW: Dramastyle | JoonMedia

English subbed: ViiKii





[2010-Jan-25] Releases 3 Promotional Posters

[2010-Jan-28] Flour-throwing scene

[2010-Jan-31] EP 1 Reaches 7.9% (TNS) & 7.3% (AGB)

[2010-Mar-19] 'Dandelion Family On Location:' Sneak Peek of Kim Dong Wook & Lee Yoon Ji's 'Contract' Marriage Ceremony credits zealioner


Interview with Kim Dong Wook


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Guest C51236

The Park Family

sgil.jpg Yoo Dong Gun as Park Sang Ki

He's an executive at a construction firm. Born as the eldest son, he's a hardworking man who is dedicated to providing for his family. He spent most of his career overseeing infrastructure projects that laid the foundation for the economic growth of the nation and he's immensely proud of this. When he retires, the underlying problems at home begin to surface. Just when he thinks that he lived life to the fullest, he becomes embroiled in a crisis at home.

2sookgy.jpg Yang Mi Kyung as Sook Kyung

After marrying Sang-gil she dedicated her life to her husband and three daughters. She is cultured and some people think she's a shallow housewife. She laments the fact that she did not bear a son but her husband doesn't care much about it and berates her when she brings it up. He tells her that she should enjoy her life now that the kids are all married. Just when she thinks that she can settle down into a comfortable life with her retired husband, her daughters create problems for her. As she becomes disappointed with her daughters, a bigger crisis looms over her.


Song Sun Mi as Park Ji Won

She was a straight-A student in school and was popular for her looks and nice personality. She always made her mother proud. After graduating from an elite women?s college, she married a man from a respectable family. She has it all and people envy her life. Yet, she is not happy with her marriage. Her husband is a perfectionist and this causes a strain in their marriage. But she doesn't want to get a divorce because it would devastate her parents. Will she be able to endure living in an unhappy marriage?

4miwon.jpg Maya as Park Mi Won

As the middle child, she was always at odds with her mother. She wasn't as pretty or smart as her older sister, causing her to develop an inferiority complex. On top of that, her mother lavished more attention on her sisters than on her. After failing two times to get into college, she finally gets admitted to a college of her second choice on her third try. She gets pregnant by her college boyfriend and she moves in with him against her parent's wishes. She struggles to raise her baby with her young husband.

5hyewon.jpg Lee Yoon Ji as Park Hye Won

She's the youngest daughter and works in the purchasing division of a department store. She's a bit tomboyish but she

can act like a foxy lady when she wants to. She's a workaholic and looks down on most men. It seems that she'll be single or remain unmarried for the rest of her life. But at her mother's urging, she goes on blind dates with men and rumors spread about her romantic relationships to her chagrin. One day, Jae-ha, whom she met on one of her blind dates, proposes marriage.

6msok.jpg Jung Chan as Min Myung Suk

He's Ji-won's husband and his mother-in-law adores him. He's a successful dentist. Everybody looks up to him as a model husband. He's also an advocate of women's rights. However, his marriage is fraught with problems and contradictions as he's a control freak and perfectionist. Ji-won appears to have the perfect marriage but she is at her wit's end on what to do about her marriage.

7nosik.jpg Jung Woo as Kim Noh Shik

Life is short! That's the mantra that Mi-won's husband lives by. During a university spring festival, he gets Mi-won pregnant and then elopes with her. So Mi-won's mother openly disdains him but he never gets angry over the way she treats him. Unable to find a salaried job, he jumps from one part-time job to another until Mi-won's father pulls some strings to get him a job at a small company.

yongyi.jpgBaek Jin Ki as Kim Yong

The Lee Family

8jha.jpg Kim Dong Wook as Lee Jae Ha

He thinks that the institution of marriage is outdated and old-fashioned. He runs a photo studio and mostly works on shooting photos for print ads. He likes work more than women and finds it appealing to live as a bachelor without any obligations. When his freelance work tapers off, he seeks financial help from his father who attaches conditions to his assistance. If he gets married, his father is willing to give him his inheritance immediately. However, if he refuses to get married, then not only will his dad leave him out of his will but he'll also repossess the photo studio. Jae-ha becomes frantic. Just then, he meets Hye-won on a blind date and decides to marry her.

hyodong.jpgKim Ki Sub as Lee Hyo Dong

jaekyung.jpgOh Young Shil as Lee Jae Kyung

byunggoo.jpgHong Hak Pyo as Gong Byung Goo

The Jung Family

pilnam.jpgLee Mi Young as Lee Pil Nam

cast32img.jpgKim Jung Min as Jung Tae Hwan

Other people

yoonsunhee.jpgJung Ae Ri as Yoon Sun Hee

jaehoon.jpgOh Jung Sae as Jae Hoon

cast41img.jpgLee Byung Wook as Department Head Jung Sung Jae

First Script Rehearsal [2009-Dec-22]


Source: http://news.nate.com/view/20091222n03010



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Guest TheLilyhua

Wow! Thanks a lot for this! :D

Looking forward to this drama, Lee Yoon Ji (of course) and her "couple chemistry" with Kim Dong Wook. Less than a week away! :lol:

Dandelion Family FIGHTING!

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Thank you, C51236, for opening this thread which will allow all of us greater access to this drama. :) As a long time fan of Lee Yoon Ji, I am happy that her career continues along on it's course and that more and more people are beginning to appreciate her for her own talents and not just for being "Shin's sister" from Princess Hours ("Goong") ;) Lets' hope that WithS2, or someone, will pick up the subs so that non-Korean speakers will be able to enjoy the series to it's utmost. Thanks again. :D

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C51236 thanks for starting this thread. A few of us wanted to but were afraid to :o ...As you will see the regulars will be Yoonji fans. Already 3 of us have responded :D . We will always be updating on Yoonji's soompi thread and will try and share that info here aswell. Looking forward to the drama starting. Just from the previews it looks interesting.

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Guest TheLilyhua

Cool... Thanks for sharing the poster pics! :D


Article about the drama (I cut out only the relevant parts since not the entire article is about the drama):

For the three major broadcast networks, weekend programming tends to involve family dramas. MBC's latest addition is no exception to the rule.

Titled "Dandelion Family," the new series charts the lives of three very different sisters; from the eldest (played by "A Man and A Woman" actress Song Seon-mi), who boasts a picture perfect marriage, on the outside at least, to the second eldest (played by singer and actress Maya), the one who never could quite live up to her older sister, and ends up pregnant and married to her college sweetheart.

The youngest, played by "No Limit" and reality show "Just Married" actress Lee Yoon-ji, unlike her wedded siblings, does not want to enter into the institute of marriage, anytime soon at least.

When asked to compare her role as Hye-won to herself at a press conference last week, actress Lee said: "I think that her desire to avoid marriage, I think that is different from my own personality. I want to get married."

"In this project my character is also a perfectionist," Lee referenced her past roles in "No Limit" and "Just Married." "But I think you will get to see how I end up betraying my own father with Jae-ha (her character's love interest)."

"Coffee Prince" actor Kim Dong-wook will be taking on the role of Jae-ha, a character who does not buy into the practice of marriage but must get hitched if he wants to receive his inheritance in advance.

Actor Kim and the cast and crew of "Dandelion Family" face some stiff competition with the hit KBS series, "Three Brothers." According to news reports, viewer ratings for "Three Brothers" are now well into the 30th percentile.

When asked about the rival KBS drama, director Lim Tae-woo answered: "We have met a very formidable enemy."

At a round table interview during the press conference, Kim Dong-wook, Lee Yoon-ji, Maya and co-star Jeong Woo fielded one last question. A reporter asked them what ratings they expect or hope to bring in.

Kim Dong-wook quipped: "Oh, we shouldn't have fielded that last question."

Co-star Maya stepped up and said: "This drama's greatest weapon lies in its ability to get people to relate to it. Like the director said, if we follow the script and act accordingly then we can tug at (our audience's) heartstrings."

"Dandelion Family" first airs on MBC at 7:55 p.m. on Saturday.

credit: The Korea Herald

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Guest wolfjade

Thanks for creating this thread!

I am definitely looking forward to this drama, even if no official subbing team picks it up, I'm sure I'll be able to find it with English subs from Viikii.

I hope they spend equal time on all three relationships, instead of favoring and focusing on one couple more than the other two. I say that, even though I am looking forward to the relationship between the characters played by Kim Dong Wook and Lee Yoon Ji more than the other two relationships.

Somehow I find myself watching more weekend dramas than weekday dramas...interesting.

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Guest samasta93

looks so great~! wanna watch it~

big thanks for sharing this.. and looking forward too see our discussions too in this forum~ :lol:

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