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Kim Soo Hyun 김수현

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Recently, I see some comparison between 3 hallyu stars and their drama on weibo

Just want to say:


Tokyo International TV Festival Kim Soo-hyun won the Best Asian Actor Award. There are only two actors in Korean history. One is Lee Byung Hun, one is Kim Soo-hyun, the first actor to receive an international performance award after 85.


Kim Soo-hyun is only 26 years old when he won the prize
















Kim Soo Hyun appeared on CCTV 








More pics















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[New magazine news: 10+Star 100th special issue - 10+Star's shining stars]


(Related to Kim Soo-hyun)


"10+Star" was launched in September 2009. In the past 10 years,  have been working with top Korean stars. 

The October issue of "10+Star" released on the 25th was published as Special Issue No. 100, and 30 of the many stars who had been photographed together were selected as the best pictorial (56 pages in total). The selected 30 groups of interviews also included words, from which they can see the thoughts of the stars. 


In addition to the Korean version, the magazine will be distributed in 10 languages in the United States, China, Japan, Thailand, and Vietnam. 

Kim Soo Hyun actor is one of the group, we are interested can look at, the Korean version of today's issue, ordering the Korean won 8400











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23 hours ago, hwonhwon_stv said:

'REAL'  gif



Jang Tae Young and Blue Moon CEO give off similar vibes, but the reception couldn't be more polarized,  both are so hot  :sweatingbullets:




Image result for hotel blue moon kim soo hyun

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