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  1. He is soo thin now, almost didn't recognize him. I like pic in the white shirt, the second one, not so much. I think they used too much make up and filters, makes him look a different person . Luckily we'll get to see him in un-edited photos when he goes to Shanghai on the 21st.
  2. That's right, they have been good buddies since participating in the bowling competition together. In one of Hongki's recent interview, he was asked if he visited his good friend Kim Soo Hyun while he was in the military, Hongki said no because Soo Hyun's base was very remote and he told friends not to visit. Hongki jokingly said "truthfully, I didn't want to visit anyways." Then he revealed he and Soo Hyun see each other almost everyday after Soo Hyun was discharged.
  3. Jang Tae Young and Blue Moon CEO give off similar vibes, but the reception couldn't be more polarized, both are so hot
  4. Not only does he has a handsome face, it's his aura and the way he carries himself that makes him so eye catching. It's always a pity when I see handsome guys with bad posture, this is where Soo Hyun wins by miles because of his straight back and perfect physique.
  5. Thanks for posting all the bts photos, hwonhwon . I feel so bad that my heart went from Do Min Joon to Jang Tae Young, to now the mysterious Hotel Blue Moon CEO .
  6. If my boss looked like this, I would work overtime every night
  7. But isn't that the truth? He is smok'in hot after coming back from the military
  8. Oh, ... I didn't know you meant it as a joke. I've been it reading all over social media too and some people are convinced it's a teaser for the second season. Some knetz even demand the writers apologize for misleading them..lol.
  9. The writers were interviewed today and they said there is no plan for Season 2. They were surprised themselves when they found out Soo Hyun was going to do the cameo, they don't even personally know him. Because the cameo left such a strong impression on viewers, it led people to believe it was a teaser for a second season but that was not the intent. They just wanted to show that the hotel continues to operate even after IU leaves. Honestly, I don't think Soo Hyun would chose a Season 2 of a drama for his comeback, he likes new challenges.
  10. , but should be "How to be manager of Hotel Blue Moon"
  11. Article: Naver 'Hotel Del Luna' Yeo Jin Goo and IU who have been fated to meet since his previous life... Kim Soo Hyun, the next hotel owner 1. [+4304,-83]Wow, the period of time when Yeo Jin Goo grew up into a handsome guy, did Kim Soo Hyun take preservatives?2. [+4277,-210] Can we just take 'Arthdal' away and go with 'Hotel 2'?3. [+2418,-74] Am I the only one who finds the ending a pity? - [+439,-12] Me too.. Kim Soo Hyun was cool, but to be honest, I don't really care. It'd be better if they make a better ending for 'Hotel Del Luna'. ㅠㅠㅠ I don't know if there will be season 2, but it's not like Kim Soo Hyun is the ending all of a sudden. - [+454,-3] No, but this isn't even an artistic movie, I don't get why they are always leaving it to the viewers' imagination whenever it comes to the ending. I wanted a real happy ending like 'Master's Sun'. ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ If it's imagination, then it's imagination, if it's reincarnation, then it is. Why are they making it vague.. It's so frustrating that I can't sleep tonight. 4. [+1629,-159] The ending=Kim Soo Hyun..5. [+1376,-129] Let's go for season 2 with Blue Moon!6. [+526,-13] No, but IU and Yeo Jin Goo went through all the hardship, but the highlight went to Kim Soo Hyun at the end.. 7. [+493,-8] 'Hotel Del Luna' is really like a dream during the summer. Lee Ji Eun, Yeo Jin Goo, and all the staff, thank you. 8. [+481,-12] Why did they create the epilogue for?... If they make that kind of epilogue, the ending of 'Hotel Del Luna' won't be memorable. I just kept thinking that Kim Soo Hyun is going to appear in season 2, and forgot about the real ending of this drama... Looks like I won't be able to remember the ending of this drama. 9. [+437,-7] Firstly, Chan Sung said he'll be going to New York the next day. Choi Seo Hee, Scholar Kim, and P.O, all appeared at the end. It seems like it won't be this life, but their reincarnation.. And the flower that God Mago left in Goo Chan Sung's chest, I think Goo Chan Sung won't lose his memories even after reincarnating because of it. 10. [+413,-15] Lee Ji Eun's scene was so sad at the end. Article: Naver 'Hotel Del Luna' Lee Ji Eun goes to afterlife after Yeo Jin Goo sends her off... Preview of season 2 with Kim Soo Hyun 1. [+1517,-29] I was really upset because of the open ending. But I melted when I saw Kim Soo Hyun... I hope this is a hint for season 2. 2. [+1239,-21] Did Kim Soo Hyun get to run the hotel because of his resentment that 'Real' was a flop? 3. [+954,-12] I look forward to 'Hotel Blue Moon' season 2... The Kim Soo Hyun version, who would the female lead be..? Do Min Joon tried to become a human but died, so God Mago took him in. 4. [+560,-10] I had goosebumps. Kim Soo Hyun didn't even appear for a minute but he was so memorable. 5. [+576,-65] I hate open endings.. Please explain how Man Wol came back. ㅠㅠ - [+672,-0] It's obvious that it's just an imagination. The scriptwriter just wanted to show how fate goes round, which they will end up meeting again. 6. [+181,-3] Man Wol didn't come back, they both imagined that they met again. That's what the lines at the end said. Personally, I wondered what would it be like if Yeo Jin Goo takes over the hotel, meets IU again, and they live happily ever after. The ending is kind of ambiguous. It's a pity.7. [+135,-0] This open ending is too open. Chan Sung is going to miss her a lot for the rest of his life... By the way, Kim Soo Hyun is so cool. 8. [+113,-6] The ending seriously turned me into a fool. It's crazy with its good start and bad end. The epilogue with Kim Soo Hyun is so much better than the story. What's this? ㅋㅅㅋㄱㅋㄱㅋㄱㅋㄱㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ9. [+110,-5] Totally different vibes from IU. Please film season 2 with Kim Soo Hyun. ㅠㅠㅠ I thought my heart was about to stop. Translation credit: https://melohwa.blogspot.com
  12. Freshly out of the military and already in top 5 of these popularity polls. Note that the other four either has drama currently airing or aired this year. Close to zero exposure and zero IG updates the last two years, yet people still remember him. [POLL] Which male celebrity do you most want to bring home for Chuseok this year? 1000 people across professions were polled. 1. PBG (23.5%) 2. JHI (21.1%) 3. YJG (16%) 4. CEW (15.9%) 5. Kim Soo Hyun (9.2%)
  13. Unfortunately, most cameos are brief like that . But I rather have a few seconds than no seconds. Fans were having a field day on Weibo and Twitter yesterday just from the announcement. Everybody is so excited to see him on screen again, me included!
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