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Kim Soo Hyun 김수현 [ We'll be waiting for you!!! 2019.7.01 ^^ ]

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Today is February 14, 2019  o  Happy Valentine's Day -  Even not with Soo Hyun but there is love every day


2019.02.16  Soo Hyun's birthday should support the third wave - Korean children's leukemia public welfare donation


We have seen many reports about childhood leukemia. When their parents first heard that their children had leukemia, they were sad, helpless and desperate. For these families, they could not imagine such a terrible, It sounds like a very deadly disease that will land on your young child. 
Today, Kim Soo Hyun Baidu Bar and Kim Soo Hyun China’s first stop in China celebrated the 32nd birthday of Kim Soo Hyun, and donated 880,000 won to the Korean Leukemia Children’s Fund (KCLF) in the name of Kim Soo Hyun, hoping to do a little bit for the sick children and bless them get well soon



Donation certificate










Donation receipt



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18 hours ago, yuzu16 said:


Shin ahjussi  is very attentive and takes good care of Soo Hyun, I hope they will continue to work together when SH is discharged.  


About my username, I am a fan of.......... the yuzu fruit :lol:    


Hahaha So sorry .. though you are a fan ... I hope so too

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Baidu Star Ranking List  [2019/02/04 - 2019/02/10]


Korean Male Star, TOP 10 :




2. Kim Jong Kook


3. Hwang Chi Yeol


4. Park Si Hoo


5. Lee Min Ho




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KSH Chinese Fans Club  'Only Love Kim Soo Hyun'  celebrate KSH Birthday

Blink of an eye is a year passed, and just after the Spring Festival holiday, we celebrated the birthday of our KSH. In the busy schedule, the family from Guangdong District chose to face today - Valentine's Day party!  In order to celebrate the gathering of Soo Hyun’s 32nd birthday, this group of people planned and prepared many days in advance. It took a lot of thoughts.


Scene was arranged with a selection of “Golden” color balloons and Kim Soo Hyun’s handsome style. Photo postcard, the little friend said that it took an hour to arrange the wall background, and then the family put the prepared birthday cake out, put all kinds of beautiful surroundings of Soo Hyun on the table, and wrote blessings with laughter and laughter.

This year's birthday cake wrote a Korean greeting: I wish Kim Soo Hyun's 32nd birthday! I don’t forget my heart, 'Only love KSH' love you forever and support you!


The layout is beautiful! The family is really hard! For singing birthday songs, blowing candles, wishing, and sending blessings, the whole process is very happy! Speaking and laughing and singing, although Soo Hyun is not around, everyone has spent a happy time because of you! The fate is really wonderful! I like the family members who organized this birthday, and true love is long-lasting!
Congratulations Soo Hyun, Happy birthday to the age of thirty-two! We will wait for you to return, and meet again in the coming year! Fighting! 












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KSH Chinese Fans Club 'Lady Kmoon'  sent gift to KSH


On February 12, 2019, after several months of planning and preparation, 'Lady Kmoon' steadily delivered the birthday gift full of family love to KSH n brokerage company Keyeast


























More pics 













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14 minutes ago, _gillianne19_ said:

BTW, did Soompi had an update?? Logging in from profile site directing to HOME forum then when  to profile, it seems not updated?



Since two days ago, everytime update in soompi, I must sign in, LOL.


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KSH Chinese Fans Club 'Only love KSH'  to celebrate the birthday of Kim Soo Hyun 2019/02/16  should aid blessing cards

Kim Soo Hyun thirty-two birthday occasion, the 'Only Love KSH' fans management group are ready to send Soo Hyun 40KG rice flower basket, but also the most beautiful birthday greeting card for our favorite Soo Hyun


Birthday card content:
Dearest Soo Hyun:
       Happy birthday, you are the most beautiful surprise in our lives. You are our unique king!  Protecting you is the reason for our existence. May our blessings be accompanied by the king. May the body be healthy and safe! I wish you a happy birthday again!
      Whether it's a bag of simple gifts or a simple blessing, it contains our deepest thoughts and deep love! 
      There are countless birthdays in the future, and countless cards are waiting to be given to you. I am happy to think about it! All the way to follow you, harvest the family to harvest warm harvest power, you are our positive energy forever, you deserve the best of the world! Come on! Continue to fight for our king! 








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