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Kim Soo Hyun 김수현 [ ♡♡♡WELCOME BACK♡♡♡ ]

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Happy Birthday Soo Hyun! >3<

All the best wishes for you ~

Please be careful about your healt, always! ^_^

All the new pic are great. Thanks for all sharing. :)

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happy birthdayyyy!!!!

i hope u get all the fame and recognition u deserve for being such a wonderful and brilliant actor...

I hope u get work that challenges you and makes u grow...

Most of all, i hope u are always happy and always have those who u love and cherish around u!!!

Many Many Many happy returns of the day!!!

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^me too! i loved him in WISFC. i was rather upset when they grew up so quickly but then there was giant so it wasn't so bad. i'm glad he's getting more recognition now. his voice sounds so nice when he sings.

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Wow, today is his birthday. what a coincidence!

Happy Birthday! wishing to have lotz of luck and to see more of your projects in the future!! :wub:

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Kim Soo Hyun performs "Dreaming"


On the February 15th episode of “Dream High,” ‘Sam Dong’ made everyone’s hearts flutter when he performed his emotive song, “Dreaming” .

After his hearing became damaged, Sam Dong faced the possibility of losing his dreams. He eventually decided that a perfect pitch would be his only hope, and so he goes to ‘Pil Sook’ for help.

Pil Sook advised, “Memorize one pitch and make your vocal cords remember it,” and “Since you have excellent relative pitch, all you need to do is focus on the rest and it will all work out“.

In order to fully test his pitch, Sam Dong teams up with Pil Sook to perform Jinwoon & Changmin’s duet, “Can’t I Love You?“.

His excellent performance earns him an A+ grade, and he later goes on to perform “Dreaming” at his showcase.

Impressed viewers left high praises on the viewer board: “So touched by Kim Soo Hyun’s vocals!,” “Sam Dong cried, and so did I.  Daebak touched!,” and “Acting, singing, there’s nothing that he can’t do.”

The episode achieved 20.1% in viewer ratings, according to AGB Nielsen Media Research.

Check it out below


Credit allkpop



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Kim Soo Hyun discusses his friendship with Taecyeon

Actor Kim Soohyun was interviewed for KBS2TV’s “Entertainment Weekly“, and was asked if he was close to any of the actors on “Dream High“. Curiously, the actor revealed, “I have a friendly relationship with Taecyeon.“

He explained, “Because we are in a love triangle with Hyemi (miss A’s Suzy) in the drama, I think our feelings are becoming sensitive” – revealing that he was able to befriend Taecyeon through working together.

Cheekily, the reporter asked him to chose between Suzy and T-ara’s Eunjung. Kim Soo Hyun sensibly replied, “I like Eunjung on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, I like Suzy.” He then added, “In the summers I like Suzy, and in the winters I like Eunjung.”

While Kim Soo Hyun’s character, ‘Song Sam Dong’, is attracting a strong female fanbase because of his dedication to love, Kim Soo Hyun himself is becoming wildly popular as he continues to show off his wit through interviews.


Spris releases a CF feat. T-ara’s Eunjung and Kim Soo Hyun!

“Dream High“ co-stars Eunjung and Kim Soo Hyun were recently featured in a new Spris CF!

In the short film, both Eunjung and Kim Soo Hyun play dancers While Kim Soo Hyun’s character falls for Eunjung’s at first sight, her character doesn’t seem interested at all. However, his persistence and humor gradually breaks through her cool front.

Later, she spots a poster announcing a “Dream Project” contest (a play off of ‘Dream High’, perhaps?), and go back to the studio to rehearse. Eunjung’s character is especially dedicated to practice, but she overdoes it during a routine and injures her ankle.

While she’s sitting out with Kim Soo Hyun’s character, she frets that her injury will prevent her from dancing. She then takes the opportunity to ask him if dancing is his dream.

“Dream?” he asks. “No, I just do this for fun.”

But then we hear a voice-over from his character, “But did you know that a dream has formed in my heart since I’ve met you? I want to make the dream come true together.”



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Kim Soo Hyun releases “Dreaming” from “Dream High” OST

On February 14th, actor Kim Soo Hyun revealed his emotive ballad, “Dreaming“, for the “Dream High” OST.

The pop ballad is the collaborative work of creative producer J.Y. Park and music director Kang Dong Yoon, who worked to bring out ‘Sam Dong’s innocent charms and passion for music through the powerful orchestra and stirring lyrics.



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Have these pics of Kim Soo Hyun been posted yet? Found it on DH gallery. Kim Soo Hyun looks so good! ^^

Apparently KSH is coming out in the March issue of Marie Clarie Korea Magazine.





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Taecyeon tweets Kim Soo Hyun’s birthday photo


On February 16th, 2PM’s Taecyeon tweeted, “Song Sam Dong!! Happy Birthday!!! hahaha the white faced person is Soo Hyun hahaha,” along with the following group photo of the cast and staffs.

The birthday boy Soo Hyun’s cream-covered face showed the virtue of his friends’ “powerful love”. Wooyoung posed with a cream covered “V” while “trend” IU and Taecyeon smiled brightly in midst of the group. Dream High’s trio Suzy-Eunjung-Joodo stood behind the birthday boy in the photo.

Netizens wrote, “the popular drama showed unmatched team support. Not a single member is missing,” and “Wooyoung must be responsible for the terror on Kim Soo Hyun’s face. 2PM is the music industry’s joker,” sharing their amusement.


Watch the last episode of “Dream High” with Kim Soo Hyun and miss A’s Suzy

Korea’s top teen drama, KBS 2TV’s “Dream High“, is opening an event for fans to watch the very last episode together with Suzy and Kim Soo Hyun.

As a ‘thank-you’ present, fans will get a chance to watch the last episod (airing on February 28th) with ‘Hyemi‘ and ‘Sam Dong‘ at Ilsan’s CGV. This will be the first and only chance for fans to watch ‘Dream High’ on the big screen next to their beloved actors.

In addition, Suzy and Kim Soo Hyun wanted a chance to return a little bit of the love they’ve received by presenting fans with a raffle, through which they will be giving away their personal/favorite collectibles and autographs.

More details and instructions on requesting an invitation to the event can be found on Kim Soo Hyun’s official homepage and miss A’s fan cafe.


T-ara’s Eunjung reveals more photos from Kim Soo Hyun’s birthday


Earlier today, 2PM’s Taecyeon posted a photo from Kim Soo Hyun’s birthday celebration on the set of ‘Dream High‘. Fellow castmate T-ara’s Eunjung revealed more photos from the party.

On February 16th, Eunjung tweeted,

“Happy Birthday Song Sam Dong >_< The set is warm even though it’s busy!♥“

These photos differ from Taecyeon’s in that they are close ups of the large group shot and also include a couple shots of just the Kirin Arts High School students.

Fans commented, “Hul… He looks cool even with cake all over his face” “Wow they must have hit him hard on the face, the cake is completely destroyed!… [i think Jason is the suspect]” and “Happy birthday Soo Hyun”

h68tj.jpg ei6sv.jpg s3uat.jpg


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Fans throw a surprise birthday party for Kim Soo Hyun

After hearing that actor Kim Soo Hyun would be spending his 24th birthday juggling a busy schedule for KBS 2TV ’s “Dream High“, fans made a visit to his set in order to throw a surprise birthday party.

They battled the blistering cold with the castmates and staff members to ensure that their favorite star would be able to enjoy a memorable birthday. Although his castmates had different schedules to attend to, all of them took time out of their day to attend the birthday party.

Kim Soo Hyun commented, “It was the happiest birthday party of my life. I felt that I really was receiving generous love. I would like to thank the fans who are always protecting me from behind, and my fellow castmates and staff members for holding on to me and helping in every way.”


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miss A’s Suzy and Kim Soo Hyun cause a visual shock

Despite her busy filming schedule, miss A’s Suzy has managed to reveal pictures of herself with her “Dream High” castmates Kim Soo Hyun and Uhm Ki Joon. Her picture with Kim Soo Hyun has garnered particular interest for showcasing their lovely faces.

On February 18th, Suzy tweeted,

“Sam Dong and Hyemi smile“

The two have gained much interest for having appearances worthy of being called a beautiful-looking couple. Even with the closeness of the shot and the clearness of the photo, they look exceptional.

Netizens commented, “This is a visual shock“, “Looks like it’s from the Japanese filming. You look good together“, and “This is a beautiful-looking couple.”


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Kim Soo Hyun back stage at Dream High Concert 2011024


Father's House

*quoted image*

Medium Quality, Episodes 1-2 COMPLETE

AVI ~ 350 MB

re-encoded from 450p-HANrel high quality, sample videos available

MegaUpload || MediaFire || DuckLoad

available here: http://mediumquality.blogspot.com

omg Thank you so much but is it has Eng sub? wanna watch with eng sub.

random pic from SooHyun


credit:Soohyun's DC

I just came back from South Korea

Spris shop near Rainbow Hotel in Seoul



Spris shop at Myeondong



KEYEAST 6th floor



Shopping with Spirs



credit:Kim Soo Hyun @popcornfor2

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