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[Drama 2010] PASTA 파스타

the girl who!

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[ MBC ] Lee Sun Gyun, Gong Hyo Jin, Alex Chu , Honey Lee MBC "PASTA"



English Title: Pasta
Korean Title: 파스타
TV Station: MBC
Episodes: 20
Genre: Romance, Comedy
Broadcast Period: January 4, 2010
Timeslot: Monday- Tuesday 9:55pm (to replace the drama "Queen Seon Deok")

SYNOPSIS[acording to DramaWiki]

"Pasta" it's a story of a woman(Seo Yoo Kyung) who dreams of becaming a successful first-class cook.


Gong Hyo Jin as SEO YOO KYUNG

Easy to be fooled, also she does not utter any complaints. Only female in La Sfera treated as third class. But, she will be a legend.
Her responsibilities: Washing hundreds of dishes, frying pan, dish cloth, sterilizing cutting board, cooking for chefs, cleaning the floor, organizing the refrigerator, organizing trash, making pickles, purchasing materials, organizing accounting book, washing clothes, sharpening knives, taking care of stoves, delivering materials to each division, cleaning the lounge, providing first aid to injuries, etc.
She is still an assistant even though she did all this for three years. For she is not from a good school, she has no relationship with powerful people. She knows her own situation very well and acts carefully upon it. Like this, she became No.9 after 3 years of hard working.
Finally, she catches a chance to hold the frying pan. But, at that time, one macho came to kitchen as a chief chef, and he says ‘No female in kitchen’.
“Critical situation may exist, but never gives up. I will destroy all barriers for female and I will be a legend in kitchen.”

Lee Sun Gyun as CHOI HYUN WOOK

Cooking is ‘me’, the chef is the master
He immigrated to Italy at his early ages and lived there with his parents who opened a restaurant. He took the chef course there, then became a top class chef. He comes to restaurant ‘La Sfera’ after he is promised full authority. He does not compromise with anyone, even the owner and old chefs, as for ‘cooking’.
Even though his parents are original Korean, he looks and acts like an Italian. He is cool about love as well as cooking. He acts like he can do everything, and acts like he has many things. He is a macho of machos, and he is straightforward. He thinks it is not appropriate to work with a female. Females can not be a colleague nor a friend. Female itself is OK, but no more female chef. There must be no female chef in my restaurant.
the girl, Yoo Kyung, who survives like a weed in my kitchen, starts to shake his heart

Honey Lee as OH SAE YOUNG

She chose cooking for success!
Seo Yoo Kyung’s idol, ideal character. Symbol of ‘female chef’. She is the Hostess of a television cooking program as well as the author of a best-selling cook book. The only woman in Korea who reached the top of Italian food.
She fell in love with Choi Hyunwook while she was studying at a cooking school in Italy. She graduated as a valedictorian after messing up Choi Hyunwook’s final test on purpose. Though she didn’t want to give up both love and ambition, she put off love for the moment.
The fact that she was valedictorian of an prestigious school, put spot-light on this pretty chef, and gave her a chance to appear in television and commercials. Which leads to popularity and wealth. After attaining everything else, she decided to accomplish the last thing, which is, fatal weak point, her first love.
Behind the calling of chef Choi Hyunwook to ‘La Sfera’, there is Oh Seo Young. She never doubted her victory about the result, love as well as business.

Alex Chu as KIM SAM

Cooking is business!
He lives in an apartment near restaurant ‘La Sfera' investing in stocks. He solves every meal at ‘La Sfera’. That’s why he likes to critique about the taste of ‘La Sfera’ dish, which is referred to as best. Also, he likes to fool around with Yoo Kyung.
Three years ago, when Yoo Kyung caused trouble to join ‘La Sfera’, he was sitting somewhere in the restaurant. He liked the way she earned a job. But not only that, he wanted to see how much she will grow with the passion she has. As to Yoo Kyung , he is a pain in the neck, but truthfully he supports her and cheers her on.
With Oh Seo Young, they are close friends who might appear to others as lovers. As a matter of fact, they might know each other too well to get even closer. However how much longer can they be ‘cool friends’ as Hyunwook and Yoo Kyung appears in their life? The relationship between man and woman is one thing that cannot be predicted.


Jang Yong as SEO JONG GYU

Kim Dong Hee as SEO YOO SUK

Choi Min Sung as JUNG EUN SOO

Byung Jung Soo as KIM KANG

Lee Hyung Chul as GEUM SUK HO

Lee Sung Min as SEOL JOON SUK


Director: Kwan Seok Jang (권석장) : What’s Up, Fox?
Screenwriter: Seo Sook Hyang (서숙향) : Mister Goodbye


image image image

image image image image image image image




A Pasta In Love [credits kikiminn]

Listen ... To You [credits bluprincez]

from dramaKrnMV :

MV 5


Credits & Special thanks to itiffanyxd for the updates && Downloads Links

OST 1 OST 1 & 2 OST 2

20100101 Section TV Ent. News & 20090103 Happy Time - preview
20100110 Happy Time
20100122 Showbiz Extra
20100117 Happy Time
20100119 Good Day
20100124 Happy Time





DRAMASUB for Episodes 1-20 with English & Chinese subs

VIIKII for Episodes 1-20 with English Subs (only US & Canada)



credits : gblog85


Torrents: 1080i.ts HAN
Clubbox: Kahi SAN HAN
Softsubs: Chinese

Torrents: 1080i.TS Angel SAN HAN GEN
Clubbox: Angel SAN
Streaming: Youtube
Softsubs: Chinese

Torrents: Richad Ten SAN SAN SAN Angel
Clubbox: Angel SAN
Streaming: Youtube
Softsubs: Chinese

Torrents: AC3-FR.mkv
Clubbox: Ten SAN
Streaming: Youtube
Softsubs: Chinese English

Torrents: JUNG Angel Ten
Clubbox: Angel Echo
Streaming: Youtube
Softsubs: Chinese English

Torrents: Jung Alpha Angel Ten AC3-FR.mkv
Clubbox: Angel Alpha Ten
Streaming: Youtube Youtube
Softsubs: Chinese English

Torrents: Angel FR.mkv Ten Queen
Clubbox: Angel Ten
Streaming: Making of Scenes - Youtube Youtube
Softsubs: Chinese English Alpha English

Torrents: PAN Angel FR.MKV
Clubbox: BOB Angel
Softsubs: English TOP English Softsubs

Torrents: DokGoDie
Clubbox: Angel DokGoDie
Softsubs: Chinese English TOP English

Torrents: Kahi Angel Echo DokGoDie
Clubbox: Angel KSMD
Softsubs: Chinese Chinese English TOP English

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oooooh i can't wait!<3

i love gonghyojin from thankyou (:

and i LOVE lee seonkyun from Coffee Prince :wub:

i feel this drama will be SPECTACULAR..

only cause.. its about..italian food hahaha XD

im sad that QSD is going to end, but at least MBC is dishing us something good~

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Guest misaki-dxb

PASTA ~~ sounds good ^_^ ... aha it about cooking ... i like it ~`

i will wait for this drama ... i'm so intersting to watch it :D

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Guest antinh85

I can't believe Honey Lee already getting leads in 2 dramas already when she hardly has any acting chops. Really being beautiful can literally get you to the front door. Though her acting was not bad in her first series. I would have prefer if they picked more experience actress.

Though i love Gong Hyo Jin. I enjoyed all her series. She's a joy to watch.

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from jazzholic :) :

"Pasta" first script reading

"Pasta" crew and cast meet up for first script reading

Upcoming MBC drama, "Pasta" cast and crew attended their first script-reading meeting last week on November 25. They met around 1pm at the MBC Ilsan Dream Center 6th floor. PD Kwong Seok Jang, as well as scriptwriter Seo Suk Hyang met up for the first time for the rest of the cast, Gong Hyo Jin, Lee Seon Gyun, Honey Lee, Alex, Byeon Jeong Su, Lee Hyeong Chul and many others.

"Pasta" will be Gong Hyo Jin's comeback drama after "Thank You" ended three years ago. Lee Seon Gyun jumped right after he got married after "Triple" ended a few months ago. He'll be playing the lead top chef, Choi Hyun Wook, whose also the owner of "Le Face" an Italian restaraunt. Honey Lee and Alex will be playing as their counter characters. Alex's character is Kim San, who is also a chef and food critic.

According to PD Kwon, they'd like to draw a setting of how people come to love food, those who work with food in their daily life. How they push together to make delicious food to make people happy. And the writer also brought up the point of how there’s some preparation work to be done in preparing delicious pasta, but you can’t eat pasta all the time so writing about those people who centered around "Pasta" will be quite challenging.

MBC has planned to broadcast this new series in January 4, 2010 with "Le Face" Italian restaurant as the background. Stay tuned for more news about Alex’s new drama.

from My Daily :

Actor Kim Dong Hee joins PASTA


as Yoo Kyung's little brother! he'll be a medical student

some CHOI HYUN WOOK photos :blush: :




from BTS :



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from dramabeans :

Kim Hye-soo’s brother pursues acting career


Kim Hye-soo (Style) has been a top star for a number of years now, and now her younger brother is getting his shot at acting: The 31-year-old Kim Dong-hee (above) has been cast to play the younger brother to Gong Hyo-jin’s character in the new MBC drama Pasta. He said, “At home, Hye-soo noona gives me a lot of acting advice. I want to learn a lot from Gong Hyo-jin sunbae.” (Gong is younger, but as an acting veteran, she is Kim’s senior and therefore gets called “sunbae.”)

Every now and again, it’s interesting to take a look at stars’ siblings, such as with Ha Jung-woo and Jo In-sung. Perhaps the best examples of both siblings being successful in their individual careers are the Uhms (as in Jung-hwa and Tae-woong) and Kim Tae-hee and Lee Wan.

The Kims have a third sibling who’s also in the business: middle brother is 35-year-old actor Kim Dong-hyun, who has had roles in dramas Mun Hee and Secret Lovers.

Kim Dong-hee has appeared in music videos, but his official acting debut came as one of Sorabol’s ten Hwarang warriors in Queen Seon-deok. In Pasta, which incidentally takes over Seon-deok’s Monday-Tuesday timeslot, he’ll play a studious medical student. Pasta premieres on January 4.

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from Jazzholic :

“Pasta” Four, first picture

MBC has planned to end the long saga of “Queen Seonduk” in just a few more weeks (or is it days? well, 4 more episodes to go!), and to replace the slot, “Pasta” (written by Seo Suk Hyang, and directed by Kwon Seok Jang) will air on January 4 ‘2010.

Today, the 4-character people (Alex, Honey Lee, Gong Hyo Jin and Lee Seon Gyun) gathered together in one place. They were filming for 4 hours last night at the Bonasera Italian restaurant around Sinsadong, Kangnam.

“Pasta” first shooting began last November 24. But since they were busy with the schedule, the four of them haven’t had time to actually meet up together. So last night, they met and shared a great time together. Honey Lee and Alex, along with Gong Hyo Jin and Lee Seon Gyun took picture together, showing a friendly smile with the background showing of the drama’s kitchen.

During the photo shoot for this first picture together, the cameraman repeatedly requested the four of them to create a friendly, realistic, unique concept. With friendly atmosphere around, it wasn’t hard to come up with a happy face poses after poses. “Pasta” production team aims to show a realistic point of view, with a friendly background of a restaurant set, along with its kitchen table, dining tables and other props.

For this picture, we can see how the four of them have their own charms, without wearing the chef’s suits nor scarfs. Unlike the other picture with Lee Seon Gyun and Honey Lee, this time the four of them wear comfortable clothes, and they seem very close to one another. According to Lee Seon Gyun, they’re glad to be taking pictures like this as it’d be hard to take pictures while eating pasta, for example.

After they finished filming, the four musketeers, inspired by F4 from Boys Over Flowers, acted ‘cool’ and said , ““꽃보다 요리, 기대해주세요” (More food than flowers, please look forward to it!)

At the end of the poster shooting, they’ve disclosed that after 2 months of research and preparation, they’re almost ready to move on to the next step. In less than a month, MBC will be airing this special drama. Save the date, January 4!

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Guest alchocoholic

@the girl who: Thank you for the pictures! Grabbing some of them to put up on AM-Addiction as we're uploading the drama when it airs :) I personally cannot wait for this drama because I love Alex!!!!! I have never seen him act before and I also like GHY & LSG so I'm super excited :)

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@the girl who: Thank you for the pictures! Grabbing some of them to put up on AM-Addiction as we're uploading the drama when it airs :) I personally cannot wait for this drama because I love Alex!!!!! I have never seen him act before and I also like GHY & LSG so I'm super excited :)

:D thanks in advance for your help! I'm a fan of Alex too ♥ :lol: ... yahhhh cannot wait for Jan 4th!

another news!

from Newsen :

Baek Bong Gi joins Pasta!


After his 2 military years actor Baek Bong Gi(Memories of Murder, Sad Love History) returns to dramas with Pasta! the press says he is the "Beethoven" of food! :lol: because of his hair extensions :lol:

from Star News :

some news about new year releases :



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thank you so much dihei for the link! [and of course to cutiepie!]! gawd Alex looks damn hot! :lol: i'm dying! :rolleyes:

more news . from jazzholic :

Gong Hyo Jin gives gifts to “Pasta” crew

We often read news about actors/actresses giving warm jackets for crew during the cold weather time, and this time is Gong Hyo Jin’s turn to give some for her “Pasta” crew.


Gong Hyo Jin offers gifts of warm winter jackets to staff

Upcoming MBC drama, “Pasta” Gong Hyo Jin is reported to give out some warm jackets and winter apparels to all of her staffs during the shooting on the 12th at the Italian restaurant they’ve been working in. She picks a list of sizes for the crew and staff to pick and choose their colors and sizes. There are about 112 items to give out, and she even picks the best quality ones to give out.

According to her, “when you’re working on a scene in drama, or taking a shot here and there, you always see that the staff – people behind the curtains are the ones who work the hardest. As a way to thank them, I’m happy to be able to give out something to warm them during our working hours. It’s a small donation from me to wish them a warm winter in this cold winter time.”


awwww! how cute! Hyo Jin isn't only a great actress ... she's so sweet!

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I like Alex and Lee Honey, but a little hesitant on their acting. Lee Honey was okay in Partner, but nothing groundbreaking. Hopefully they will prove to be capable actors.

On the other hand, Lee Sunkyun and Gong Hyojin, SQUEEEEE!! Can't wait to see these two.

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Guest Lilazinprincess

Hey everyone ^_^

The fact that Alex can cook in real life will definitely make his acting much easier. I'm in love with the two male actors! Let's hope this will be a good one. :)

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