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Choi Daniel 최다니엘 チェダニエル |♥| Upcoming Drama : Fly High, Butterfly 날아올라라 나비 Premieres in 2021

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My dear @parkeunbinchoidaniel darling, I know Daniel since 2016 only from Babyfaced Beauty! I never knew about him before that!


And btw, have you seen Daniel's Vlive RADIO APART program last november..????!! He played songs & talked about so many things! And I just gathered his most beautiful frame in a single frame here! :wub: He is looking so pretty!! Just like a teddy bear in short hair! :D




My another edit for him.... :wub:






And this is specially for you, dear! :wub: They definitely should be together again!! They match each other perfectly!! :love: I miss them!!! :(



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Choi Daniel is a South Korean actor, DJ and television anchorman. He is best known for his roles in High Kick Through the Roof, Cyrano Agency, Baby Faced Beauty, School 2013, Big Man, Jugglers &a

OH MY GOD!! Thank you so much, dear @Lmangla chingu!!! I love how you re-organized his info in an interesting manner. I am so happy to see my love on Thread Spotlight!!! We are so grateful to you!!! R

9 minutes ago, parkeunbinchoidaniel said:

yes its sooooo cute @gm4queen

aww thats sooooo sweet thanks

yes hopefully in the future 

same i miss them sooo much 

park eun bin looks so cute just like choi daniel:):)

i love this photo its okay can i saved this image



Of course dear! :) I edited that image myself but you can have it! No problem at all! I am so glad that you like it! And I feel like Daniel looks so young when he is with Eun Bin! They should definitely get together in the future! :wub: They two have a huge fan base who are shipping them even in their dreams.... :D (Just like us) :D So dear, fingers crossed!!!! And now, at least a cameo would be enough for their beloved fans!!! :wub: 


And dear, let me ask you something! What is the next drama role you want Daniel to play..???! :) I want him to be a handsome boyfriend in a beautiful rom-com of course with a long haired pretty lady! :D And I dunno why he's mostly been paired with short haired actresses so far!!! :unsure: Si I hate seeing him with them now! A long haired pretty lady can give him so many guy charms in a one blow!! :wub: 


(And earlier, me & my other friends just talked about him playing a handsome vampire with blue eyes... :D hah ha..... Just imagine!!!) So what do you say, dear..??! What is your next choice for him..???! :)



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WOW!!! Dear @parkeunbinchoidaniel friend, he would be so sexy in a doctor robes now! :wub: Oh God I am getting butterflies here! :D Reprising his role in High Kick 2... :o


Yes dear! All the fans desperately want them to be in season 2!!! :wub: And I love all their hug scenes from the series specially this one... Who are you to ask me if I am alright..??! And when he touched her hair... Oh My God!!! :o How can a ghost be this romantic..??! :D And their height difference is perfect! She has to look so up in to his eyes & he has to look so down in to her eyes.... This is the perfect feel of love!!! :wub: It's sooooo beautiful!!!!



And also this is his best back hug he gave out so far... Can't I have him besides me..???! :wub:




And now there is a trend that all the popular K-dramas get a second season so let's pray dear!! :wub: We totally want them back in The Ghost Detective season 2 or another drama!!

Edited by gm4queen
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2 hours ago, parkeunbinchoidaniel said:


i would be soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo happy if they will be in another romantic drama omg i cant wait 

i been praying this everyday


I am so on board with you on this one dear! :wub: Imagine their fans' reactions if they are gonna be together again! That's my big dream now! 


And did you watch their Happy Together event last year...???!!! Oh god, they were so cute together & Daniel is so sweet that he mentioned about Park Eun Bin's unique hand gestures!! :D Woww! He knows about her so well! And I got this comment on one of his Happy Together with Park Eun Bin youtube video!!! Just look at this lady! She is head over heels for him :wub: Worst than even me!!! She is asking his hand in marriage!! What a huge step..???!! :o:D Hah haaa....This guy is giving way rainbow butterflies about him for ladies !!! :wub:



And this is me when I see him in anywhere..... tenor.gif?itemid=11837613 tenor.gif?itemid=11837613tenor.gif?itemid=11837613tenor.gif?itemid=11837613 


.....Now I really want to have you, boy!!!! Your eyes are intoxicating me!! :wub:



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2 hours ago, parkeunbinchoidaniel said:


@gm4queen  @Pyardo u remember this from the middle of 2018 

he doesn't have Instagram

its cute here


Of course dear!! I remember his sweetness there :wub: I can but I don't.... Ha hah haaaa!! You are so cute, boy!!!


And by the way, he did have an IG acc a few years ago! But I think he's deleted it before starting his mandatory military service! :( He is so naughty!! His fans are madly asking for him to open an IG acc again.... But this guy is so unique!!! :wub: He seems to dislike much spotlight on him! 


And I am so glad that his 1st two post military dramas are extremely loved by his fans! :wub: It's so hard to keep up your reputation even after 2 yrs of absence in the industry! He knows what's the best for him! He likes variations!!! His all drama roles differ from one another!! :wub: I am head over heels for him now!!!! 


And this my PC wallpaper these days & I am so in love with this guy!! :heart: He is so beautiful like a dream!!!!





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