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  2. U like him? Not fancy him as oppa right? Hahaha.. btw Pied piper is quite good. 696
  3. Pretty lee jung in. Can't wait Credit to neih212
  4. OCN just posted highlights video (basically a mini trailer). Seems like DKW is really losing his marbles, yikes.
  5. 694 @Sejabin ~ yea I don't like overly crying dramas and avoid those. so I knew 7 days was going to be sad and didn't bother. but I do like melo and makjang kind of genre as well as weekend and daily dramas. so yea, neither light nor heavy??? somewhere in between???? and winter sonata is weirdly addictive. watched it just to see what the hype was all about and got totally sucked into it. hahahahah. it is one of those dramas where you know it does not make sense but keep watching anyway! hahahaha...
  6. https://storgram.com/post/BwQ5EOvJVCp ............OK....!!!!!!!!!!!..............so... let's see if we can handle the truth....!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. 696 @Lmanglayou mean something serious like Bae Yong Joon drama? .. the fastest way to touch my heart is a handsome namja I am not watching something serious like Winter Sonata seriously. I only watch some episodes then skip skip then watch again. it's too serious ughh.. and I am not liking to cry too much for a drama. like Queen for 7 days. I dropped it because it was full with tears. ughh I can't bear to watch a story like that. that is why I am more in romantic comedy drama. laugh and love is enough for me
  8. I think after BZ found XC and the two children, they end up together. After all, he has been assisting Haolan in helping YZ achieve power so I think XC will forgive him.
  9. https://storgram.com/post/Bws1StZpora ....friday..........and turn back time to whence it was begun............
  10. Hahaha good luck. Well I only know for western actors it depends on the fandom and the actors. Most actors that goes to Comic-Con anyway, know that they're character will definitely be made into fanfic, they don't read it as far as I know. I think most actors by now should know anything will be made into fanfic, it's just the nature of entertainment. For me imo as long as it's just about the character they play it should be fine. When it start to go on fanfic of the real person then I'm a bit uncomfortable.
  11. I really want to watch his movie, Spring Again!! I read its webtoon, and its good But I actually like the movie adaptation better, it suits hjh's character more
  12. Kim MinJae's character Ma Hoon will be the love rival of Seo JiHoon's character King Lee Soo. Ma Hoon will fall in love with Gong SeungYeon's character GaeDdong.
  13. 694 @Sejabin ~ kekeke... my tastes are pretty simple as well I think? hahahaha... ok, am not sure but yea, am not fan of super serious dramas because I watch dramas to relax. but what I meant is that romance dramas that really touch must have heart. so let me give you an example. there is this drama called "wuri's family" which was the first drama for kim rae won as well as kim jae won! so some sub sites have it titled as "our house" and it is really old but I still remember the gist of the drama. kim rae won is a student and he falls in love at first sight with a deaf and dumb girl. the second lead is his best friend but he never saw her in a romantic light. his family is stunned at his choice of girlfriend and so they try to break these two up because they think second lead girl is better fit for him. meanwhile, girlfriend comes from rich, protective family who think this fella will dump her eventually because she is deaf and dumb. both the families want to protect their kiddos but it was a very sweet first love story. kim jae won is the other second lead guy who is in love with second lead girl and has his own crisis issues where he is dealing with being the son of the mistress... and this was a light drama. not really melo. so it is not like you can't have fluff but when you have heart, you remember the drama even though you watched it years and years and years ago... I just miss watching romance dramas that had so much heart.
  14. Finally!!! Wonder if it will be able to surpass the other adaptations... Anyway YAY its kind of hjh's year!! I also see some similarities in Jiro Wang and Yeo Jingoo sort of,,, maybe their jaw
  15. Qhhhh Shin Ha Kyun is finally on running man! Let alone Variety! Wooohooo 696
  16. Agree 100%. Either KJW is taken or PMY is. In fact, I read somewhere that KJW only dates Japanese women. So we can sit back and relax! No threat to our ship!
  17. 694 @Lmangla ... my love ... .. my real life is already full with conflicts. I don't want to add more conflicts if I watch drama. WKKWKWWKWKWKW drama is to be enjoy, to be excited, to be dugun dugun.. to fall for handsome namjas you will never, ever, see me watch a drama that full with conflicts and all those life principles and lessons and anything like that, I will watch a drama if: 1. full with laughter (like fiery priest) so I can excuse all the action scenes wkwkw.. 2. of course with the handsome pretty face A class actor ^_* 3. full with dugun dugun scenes just that. I am a simple girl, right?
  18. BLACKPINK’s “Kill This Love” music video was among several determined to be unsuitable for broadcast by KBS. On April 25, KBS released the results of their fourth-week music video review. From this evaluation, the music video for BLACKPINK’s “Kill This Love” and the music video for Park Bom’s upcoming title track “4:44” were banned for violating […] The post BLACKPINK’s “Kill This Love” MV And More Deemed Unfit For Broadcast By KBS appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  19. The friendship between former Wonder Girls bandmates Sunmi and Ahn So Hee remains strong! On April 26, Ahn So Hee took to her Instagram and shared photos with the caption, “Without telling me.. Thank you, friend. You are my left arm, and I am your right arm.” The idol-turned-actress also included the hashtags, “Welcome To Waikiki 2,” […] The post Sunmi Supports Former Wonder Girls Groupmate Ahn So Hee With Special Gift appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  20. I wonder how long this drama would be since most of ocn dramas are typically shorter
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