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Jung Yunho & Go Ara ~ A Beautiful and Eternal Love

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News Link: http://www.maxmovie.com/movie_info/ent_new...id=MI0086188972

Heading to the Ground's Yunho & Ara: No NGs in Kiss Scene




MBC's Wednesday/Thursday drama "Heading to the Ground"'s main leads, Jung Yunho and Ara successfully finished filming an electrifying kiss late at night.

Bong Goon (Jung Yunho) and Hae Bin's (Ara) relationship is slowly starting to loosen up and they share a kiss in a dark alleyway which shows their true feelings.

For a while, Bong Goon pretended to deny his feelings for his agent because she was Jang Seung Woo's lover. Bong Goon who gets an offer to go to the Japanese Leage (J-League) confesses his feelings to Hae Bin. Hae Bin thinking that he accepted the offer, is surprised when he confesses his feelings.

Jung Yunho and Ara's kiss scene took place late at night and the two people usually behave in a sibling relationship. The staff members were worried that they were going to make a lot of NGs and they tried to keep a solemn mood during filming.

However, it did not go as the staff members thought. The two leads completed the kiss scene without any NGs. Jung Yunho said, "At the time, I wasn't thinking about Ara, the actress. I thought about her as girl on the show I know and got in the acting mode quickly. If the director yelled, "Cut!" I thought I would be embarrassed but Ara lead me well through the whole scene and filming ended successfully.

Heading to the Ground is receiving more attention because of Bong Goon's confession to Hae Bin and how this is going to twist the storyline.

- Kyu

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23th Oct. YunRa filiming pics in Ilsan.






And according to lots of fan accounts, Yunho and Ara went to the movies and dinner with Yunho's guard and friends in 22nd.

They are said to watch 'Good Morning President' starring Jang Dong-Gun.

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Guest Yunho_Jaejoong

Thanks for all the pictures and updates. They make an adorable pair but it saddens me that the ratings for HTTG are so low. And the casts have worked so hard... :(

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From the legal disputes of JaeChunSu vs. SM, it's very likely that DBSK will be on a temporary hiatus until further notice and possibly, SM will embark Yunho into more solo activities... whereas Changmin will be busy with "Paradise Meadow." Yunho and Ara could maybe film a CF together and it's definite that they will keep in contact as both frequently see one another in the same company. =D

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YunRa have had four "dates" with each other.

1st "Date"

Oct 15 - YunRa, Yunho's security, Yunho's manager all go to a bowling alley and then to a karaoke place.

2nd "Date"

Oct 22(?) - YunRa, Yunho's security, Yunho's manager all go to see a move, Good Morning President.

3rd "Date"

Nov 10 - YunRa, Lee Sang Yoon and their managers have a picnic on Nami Island.

4th "Date"

Nov 15 - YunRa, Yunho's friend, Ara's friend all go out together.

- Kyu

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