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Guest cmy_185

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Guest 177z_Aym

i cant believe they stuck taekkwon nd GD in the group i thot they was self debuting or sumthing...

tempo is hawt but isnt he a little concieted? soooooooooooooo many pics of himself. dangggg we noe he hot alreadyyy

hehehe i don't think its called concieted more likely SELF LOVE hahahaha

Tempo has pic-whoritis. :x

When it comes to YG, talent is number 1, good looks number 2.

:] :] :] I CAN'T WAIT <3

hahaha another phrase for TEMPO pic-whoritis lolz...not a bad thing at all...loving it.....now we all know who's the player in the group hehehehe

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Guest vicodin

hahaha TEMPO isnt concieted.. i am hahaha

no seriously, TEMPO is simply a camlover...

and hands off him, ladies.. he's my EFF BUDDY !


*grope TEMPO's bottoms*

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Guest dotty

this is crazy, the eldest is only like 19.

but the thing is they look older than their age. haha

they look more like a rock band than boyband

all the best to them!

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