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Guest cmy_185

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Guest jess1tym4life

I feel sort of sorry for G-Dragon... He was supposed to be in a duo with some other guy and release their album this/next year.

That was with YB Taekwon but yg changed his mind & wanted to form a group..so here we are yg's new faces

Tempo has pic-whoritis. :x

When it comes to YG, talent is number 1, good looks number 2.

:] :] :] I CAN'T WAIT <3

Damn right YG HAS GOT THE LOOKS & TALENTS..not many groups has both..

this is crazy, the eldest is only like 19.

but the thing is they look older than their age. haha

they look more like a rock band than boyband

all the best to them!

Age doesn't matter they got talents people will like them..yg never disappoints us with their artist they are trained to become the best..& they are not a boy band they are a bunch of young guys who all have their own style, personality..

I so love that pic of them in white damn hot..


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Guest rapunzel283

Oh my Buddha <333

You know, 6 isn't enough. They should have 13 hot richard simmons members [eg Tempo :w00t:!!! ] lol :P

Gah Tempo T_T <3333

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Guest JODY;

The first pic looks like an MV shooting... or something. lol

I've seen the 2nd pic somewhere I forgot.

Can't wait to hear their music =]

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Guest A180585

OoOoo.....thanx for the pics.....they remind me strongly of 1tym...a younger version....how cute!!! i bet they will deliver.....YG has talent....oh i love that company~!

and what's with the names? so many 'SEUNG HYUN'...choi, lee...and the other guy is 'Hyun Seung'....jus backwards to 'Seung Hyun'....lol.....no wonder why Choi Seung Hyun is Tempo.....lol...but these guys look good...

and YB should get more attention...the attention has ALWAYS been on GD....YB looks hot there too....another lil mini Teddy in the making....lol...


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Guest esprit

ahhh my gosh, i so love this groupen although they didn't even debute yet

i'm looking forward to them, they will make such good much cuz as Jess already said YG Ent. never disappoints us - so won't they this time either

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Guest xmoshixkon

Tempo is hot :x

and Seung Hyun is cute =D

they sure are very young ^___^

cant wait for the debut too!!!

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Guest phenom-achine

tempo and g-dragon <33.

tempo looks so much like teddy!

can't wait for them to debut <33333333.

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