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[variety] Oppa Band (오빠밴드)

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i agree.

i really really really (and probably times another infinity times) hope that it doesn't get cancelled.


if the show goes, he'll be super sad. and which fan likes to see that?

that aside, this is a really different show. very unique especially in times like this where there's like practically a whole load of shows which are so similar to one another.

anw, EPIK HIGH~ :D

omg so true~ i hope ELF flood the concert XD and yes its the only show of its kind for now~ although of course theres more music shows,but this is a fusion of both music and variety~ i wantttttttttttttttttt~~~

and yep epik high was awesome~ insooni <3 great~

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OMG just finished watching this live~ i cried like theres no tomorrow~ ah its so sad~ YYS cant stop crying~ :( ah it feels like a band disbanded~

they totally will be missed~ along with their music~ its so sad that this have to end too early~

i already started tearing when SDY gave Jungmo the watch he wanted :( its sweet that he still remembers it~ HKM put a LOT of thought on his presents to the members~

*still sad* will come back and comment more on this later~

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Guest miss_mulan77

it's over now.. no more oppa band. T_T i never thought I'll cry when i saw the last concert. i've been following this show since it started.. at first i watched it because of Lee sungmin... after several episode. i watched it because i really love the show.. the show that i've been waiting for during weekend and now it gonna be a very lonely weekend .. oppa Band annyeong.. i wish to see them perform again.. seeing how hard they practicing, learning & teaching each other totally touched.. at least they dream come true to perform as a rock band..

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omo...I just finished watching and I cried too...the ending was too much...first I started to tear up when the messages started playing...then GuRa's came on and I stopped but then when JungMo and SIY started to cry I did too...

It was a great show... WOW Shinee showed up!!! Although I wish we could've seen the concert unedited,,,but that probably would've been too long...I hope they keep in touch especially SungMin and JungMo...I know the others will 'cause they're always out on other programs, but JungMo hasn't really been out there too much hopefully he will in the future...LOVED the presents HKM gave that was so thoughtful and sweet...LOVE SIY's gold harmonica...LOL @GuRa's neck being too fat for the "OPPABAND" chain...his son was really cute I miss him from SGB...Ahwell...That's the end of Oppa Band...no reason for me to come on here on Sundays anymore...

ETS: I also love how they intro'd to "Eye of the Tiger" great idea by TJH...I also wish MBC would release the pics from their last photo shoot together...





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