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Yoon Sang Hyun 윤상현

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Guest atel

thanks for starting this thread koalabear.

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the QoH Come to Play Special will air this coming Monday, June 1. It should have been shown this week but because South Korea is grieving over the death of Former President, Roh Moo-hyun, Variety Shows this week have been pre-empted



내조의 여왕 ‘완소 3인방’ 특집

[내조의 여왕 ‘완소 3인방’ 특집]

소심해도 사랑스러운 무한 매력의 소유자 ‘오지호’

19년 만의 예능 첫 출연!! 이 시대 최고의 코믹 폼생 폼사 ‘최철호’

촉촉한 눈빛의 일편 단심 로맨티스트 ‘윤상현’

내조의 여왕 완소 3인방이 한자리에!

★ <스타 in 커버스토리>

윤상현, 학창시절 별명 CB의 숨은 뜻은?!

오지호에게 ‘미니시리즈 하지 말라’ 소리 들은 이유는? &

김남주에게 불려가 따끔하게 혼난 사연까지!

오지호, 윤상현 약골이라 실망했다?! &

내조의 여왕 출연, 김남주가 추천했다?!

최철호, 19년 동안 예능을 준비했다!! &

단 돈 2000원 들고 용인에서 서울까지 출근하는 사연은?!

광고주를 유혹하는 즉석 표정연기 까지~

세 남자, 일동 긴장하다!

갑자기 걸려온 ‘여왕님’ 김남주와의 포복절도 전화통화!!

폭로의 끝은 어디인가!!

♬ 특별한 노래 선물 ‘미니 콘서트’

오지호 ‘고해’, 최철호 ‘세상이 그대를 속일지라도’

윤상현 ‘보낼 수 없는 너’ & 앙코르 ‘네버 엔딩 스토리’까지

★<골방 밀착 토크>

오지호, 이하늘이 준 햄버거 하나에 예능 출연했다?!

잘생긴 얼굴 팔아 장사한 사연은?

최철호! 어설픈 무명시절 중학생에게 굴욕 당한 사연은?! &

술 취해 아내에게 한방 맞은 사건 대 공개!

윤상현, 여대 앞 샤방한 분식집 사장님 시절부터

잊을 수 없는 애절한 첫사랑의 추억까지!

놀러와 가족 은지원, ‘지금은 연애중!’

다시 만난 첫사랑, 비하인드 스토리!!

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Guest midnightblue

Marie Claire, June 2009






source: DCinside YSH Gallery

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June 2, 2009

Yoon Sang-hyun, Moon So-ri Donate Their Voices


TV actor Yoon Sang-hyun and actress Moon So-ri have donated their voices to a charity show that featured Korea’s first astronaut Yi So-yeon and was broadcast live on May 30 for 110 minutes. The two acted as narrators on “Choi Kyung-joo & Friends,” a charity show on which pro-golfer Choi Kyung-joo and his friends raise funds to help 1,000 children whose families cannot afford medical treatments. The show is hosted by comedian Kim Yong-man and anchor Kim Kyung-ran.

Apart from Yoon Sang-hyun, Moon So-ri and Yi So-yeon, other guests included actor Park Ji-bin and lawmaker Na Kyung-won, who read stories about children from needy families. Boy-bands Super Junior and 2PM held a “free hug” event to raise donations, while Park Jun-kyu, Sohn Ji-chang, Lee Sung-jin, Lee Jong-soo and Park Kwang-hyun donated money that was raised through a golf game with Choi Kyung-joo.

Ju Young-hoon and his wife, Lee Yun-mi, took care of children who are awaiting adoption. Choi Kyung-ju, who has donated 50 million won this year, was at the forefront of charity activities last year as well by organizing the KBS TV show “Choi Kyung-joo & 100 Angels.”

Source: KBS Global

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fell in love with him again after watching noluhwah.

his voice is amazing.

sigh...does anyone have the original song?

더원 - 보낼수없는너

so beautiful

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thanks for the article Rubie! IT's nice to see that YSH participates for a worthy cause ^^

previous article on YSH during a guesting on Sang Sang Plus

Source: KBS

30-something Actor Yoon Displays Vocal Talent



By sassygirl17 at 2009-06-03

Actor Yoon Sang-hyeon superbly sang singer Sin Seong-woo's famous hit "SeoShi." Yoon showcased his singing talent on the KBS show Roundtable Plus that aired April 21.

When he said he liked singing, the MCs requested a song, to which he sang Kim Beom-soo's "I miss you (Bogoshipda)."

In the show's particularly popular singing segment, singer cum actor Sin showcased some of his best hits such as "Toward tomorrow," "Why I resorted to the evening glow" and "SeoShi." His singing wowed the MCs and guests.

Yoon then said, "I always sang 'SeoShi' at karaokes. It's my favorite." He immediately sang it on the spot. Viewers hailed his talent and rendition as different from Sin's original, but nonetheless very impressive.

In the day's show that also featured Sin and comedian Ji Sang-ryeol as guests, Yoon also showed glib speaking abilities as he shared stories of his past part time jobs and getting butterflies in front of actresses. He also made an attempt at impersonating singer-and-actor Lee Hyeon-woo.

Courtesy of TV Report

Copyright ⓒ KBS & KBSi bans illegal copying and distribution

src: Kdramafanusa @ Queen of Housewives thread

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Guest midnightblue

Thanks rubie and koalabear for the articles.

I love him singing so much. I keep listening to his '보낼 수 없는 너'.

Live Songs (Come To Play)

YSH - 보낼 수 없는 너


YSH - Never Ending Story


uncut version songs

YSH - 보낼 수 없는 너


YSH - Never Ending Story


source: http://www.imbc.com/broad/tv/report/1742758_2018.html


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YSH @ Marc Jacobs Flagship store launch June 4, 2009, it was also attended by his co-stars in Queen of Housewives, Kim Nam-joo and Lee Hye-young


By sassygirl17, shot with Canon EOS 5D at 2009-06-04

and pics from Yoon Sang-hyun's personal Cyworld blog, different from the minihompy one


By sassygirl17, shot with SH-210 at 2009-06-04


By sassygirl17 at 2009-06-04


Taebong's World

http://www.cyworld.com/ysh0921 or


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Guest lucky_moon

Graduation picture released by Fan..(17 years ago) :lol:


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Yoon Sang-hyun in High Cut's June 2009 Issue


By sassygirl17 at 2009-06-09


By sassygirl17 at 2009-06-09


By sassygirl17 at 2009-06-09


By sassygirl17 at 2009-06-09


By sassygirl17 at 2009-06-09


By sassygirl17 at 2009-06-09


By sassygirl17 at 2009-06-09


By sassygirl17 at 2009-06-09


By sassygirl17 at 2009-06-09



YSH DC Gallery

Yoon Sang-hyun's Cyworld Blog


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thanks cutiepie for the CF link ^^

with Wang Seok-hyun of Speed Scandal for Love Project


By sassygirl17 at 2009-06-14

and his upcoming Raycop CF with his Queen of Housewives partner, SunWoo Sun


By sassygirl17 at 2009-06-14


By sassygirl17, shot with Canon EOS-1Ds Mark III at 2009-06-14


By sassygirl17, shot with Canon EOS-1Ds Mark III at 2009-06-14

src: on image/Naver/YSH Cyworld

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June 15, 2009

Yoon Sang-hyun: 'I Wanted to Be a Singer Before I Met Tae-bong'


While back in spring it was the “Gu Jun-pyo syndrome” that took the TV scene by storm, with the arrival of summer it was Tae-bong who received the baton. When “Boys Over Flowers” was in full swing, its dashing characters seemed to be invincible. But that turned out to be wrong. While the “Gu Jun-pyo syndrome” was powerful and intense, the “Tae-bong syndrome” took longer to take off but in no time it spread all over. Tae-bong’s sweet voice also added to his popularity. We met with actor Yoon Sang-hyun, who rose to stardom by portraying Tae-bong in the MBC TV drama “Queen Of Wives,” which ended on May 19. Though the drama has ended, Yoon still exudes Tae-bong’s charm. During the interview he would say, “Eh?” just like Tae-bong did in the drama.

Here’s the interview.

--How have you been recently? Your life must have changed.

I can’t go outside as freely as I want. I went hiking last Saturday, forgetting that it was a weekend, and I almost got into trouble. (Laughs.) I like hiking, so I went to Mount Gaman for the first time in a while, but it was crowded with people. I thought nobody would recognize me because I was wearing a mask and glasses but women who were passing by recognized me in no time. I climbed as fast as I could without looking back but once I reached the peak there was another group of women who also recognized and approached me. I was hungry but I had to skip my meal and descend the mountain as soon as possible. I almost ran. I wonder how they recognized me with my face covered. Now I can’t even go hiking. I should probably go hiking on weekdays when nobody is there. (Laughs.)

--You’ve been receiving many offers to appear on TV commercials. How many TV commercials have you appeared in?

Five or six.

--You’re appearing on many variety shows these days.

I only have one show left. Last time, I was embarrassed to see myself appearing on two shows simultaneously on different channels. When I saw myself telling the same story on different shows, I told myself that I should probably stop. I’ve been receiving many offers since “Queen Of Wives” ended, but I had no idea how scary the showbiz world was.

--You rose to stardom 5 years after your debut. What is it like?

You can’t have your cake and eat it. To be honest, I liked the way things were in the past. Few people recognized me even when I appeared in TV dramas, and I could go anywhere I wanted. Many viewers even get the titles of my dramas wrong, like for instance, instead of “Fireworks” they say “Candlelight." I felt more at ease when people didn’t know my name.

--You must have wanted to become famous someday…

I had no idea I would ever become a star. Before I was offered to appear in the MBC TV drama “Winter Bird,” I was going to quit show business once my contract with my agency was up. I just wanted to do business. I never felt comfortable acting. It was like wearing clothes that don’t suit you. Going to tapings was torture for me. Back then, I tried to find solace in drinking and smoking. I didn’t have any friends among actors and it wasn’t fun whatsoever. Somehow I debuted as an actor but I never dreamed of becoming one. If I played the part of, say, a manager, all I did was just look cool and drive a cool car, plus there were few lines for me to say.

--Did the role of a “mama’s boy” in “Winter Bird” change your views on acting?

At a glance, Ju Kyung-woo of “Winter Bird” is a typical mama’s boy, but the director of the drama told me to make him look cool. I was wondering what that meant. (Laughs.) I pondered a lot about my character and I persuaded the director to make my character fun to watch because the mood of the drama was too gloomy. Luckily he agreed with my opinion. I was elated. i devoted three months to studying my character and that’s when I discovered the fun of acting. That was the first time I realized what acting was about and what it’s like to act with other actors. Actress Park Won-sook, who played my mother in the drama, congratulated me on Tae-bong’s popularity. (Laughs.)

--How was Tae-bong created?

At first, the director told me to act like Park Shin-yang and Hyun Bin did when they portrayed CEOs. But I couldn’t do it. As a CEO, Tae-jun is a meticulous and fastidious guy but once he becomes Tae-bong, he is completely different. I couldn’t find the break-even point between those two personalities. So I just portrayed Tae-bong as close to my real-life personality as possible and the director didn’t mind that. Portraying Tae-bong was real fun. And working with Kim Nam-ju was also easy. While acting as Tae-bong, I wanted him to remain undercover as long as possible. When his real identity was revealed, I felt sorry for him. (Laughs.)

--What did Cheon Ji-ae (Kim Nam-ju) mean in Tae-bong’s life?

She was a very unusual person. I liked how she sacrificed herself for her husband and always tried to look upbeat. That’s not what love for a person of the opposite sex should be like. Even if Ji-ae had divorced her husband, Tae-bong wouldn’t try to achieve anything with her.

--What kind of love is there in your real life?

I feel love only when my heart flutters. Though Tae-bong was supposed to be a playboy, he wasn’t one. He just turned his eyes to other women because he failed to develop any feelings for So-hyun. But he never cheated on her. He simply wanted to give up on her. So-hyun was a good woman but she failed to move his heart.

--What was your dream in the first place?

As a child, I wanted to be a scientist, but when I was in high school, I wanted to become a singer. But I failed all the auditions. No matter how well I could sing in karaoke bars, strangely enough my voice failed me at auditions. When I didn’t have a place to practice singing and did it in my room, people called me “crazy.” When I was in my mid-20s, my mother told me to stop singing. (Laughs.) And I never thought of acting. The agency that had promised to make me a singer offered me only roles in TV dramas. It was frustrating.

--Are you still dreaming of becoming a singer?

No. Now I’m all into acting. I have ambitions as an actor. It’s fun for me to be on filming sets and I’m not scared of acting anymore. I want to try my best. My next role is in a TV drama that will air in the fall. I want to take a comical role, which I’m good at. I want to give joy to viewers before I take on a different role.

Source: KBS Global

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Guest cutiepie

thanks cutiepie for the CF link ^^

you're welcome :)


20090605 Section TV Ent. News



20090615 Wal Wal


source: KBS

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