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  1. Yeah, I find it weird also. But how else could she fool Dan-tae and the other Hera Palace people? If Soo-ryeon is dead, lots of people are going to drop this drama, including me lol. Fake news or mistranslations? They are the same person but the article only said to watch the broadcast to see what Ki Eun-se's role is, the producers never revealed anything else. Article link: http://www.spotvnews.co.kr/?mod=news&act=articleView&idxno=396991 As imgreatgal mentioned she appeared in Ep20. Ki Eun-se's role is Reporter Kim and she helps Soo-ryeon t
  2. Well for me, it only became noticeable in Ep20, as seen in my post above. Also before and after Lee Ji-ah opens the door to Dan-tae's room, the expression and action didn't feel like it was Soo-ryeon. Soo-ryeon also had earrings... but the character/biological mother that got stabbed didn't wear earrings. Ep 21 pre-released scene
  3. The photo that Logan Lee found in Dan-tae's safe is Seok-kyung and Seok-hoon's biological mother and after Soo-ryeon saw the photo she was surprised, so we can deduce that the twin's biological mother is someone who looks like Soo-ryeon. Logan Lee told Soo-ryeon that there's a rumour of her having a secret affair with Mr. Jung Doo Man of Happy Future Party going around and Soo-ryeon said she doesn't even know him. The twin's biological mother has something to do with Mr Jung Doo Man of Happy Future Party... When Soo-ryeon answered Butler Yang's phone call, Soo-ryeon has 2 rings o
  4. Kim So-yeon will guest in the show Hang out with Yoo/ How do you play?, the episode will be broadcasted on 9th January 2021. https://www.ytn.co.kr/_sn/0117_202101041536479055 Good to see that she's invited to another variety show after Running man! I look forward to seeing her on the show!
  5. Deleted/unbroadcasted scenes from Ep 15-18 Deleted/unbroadcasted scene from Ep 18 (starts at 10:19 of the video above) I think this scene is pretty important, wonder why they deleted it. Can see from Seok-kyung's teary eyes that she longs for maternal love and wants to be protected by Soo-ryeon. I think she likes Soo-ryeon as her mother. Translations below. Soo-ryeon: Are you guys ok? Nothing happened right? Your dad didn't do anything to you guys right? Seok-kyung: You are still acting at a time like this? If you are really worried about us, why did you ru
  6. 2020 SBS Drama Awards Top Excellence in Mid-length/Long drama (Actor): Uhm Ki-hoon (The Penthouse) Top Excellence in Mid-length/Long drama (Actress): Kim So-yeon, Lee Ji-ah and Eugene (The Penthouse) Excellence in Mid-length/Long drama (Actor): Bong Tae-gyu and Yoon Jong-hoon (The Penthouse) Excellence in Mid-length/Long drama (Actress): Shin Eun-kyung (The Penthouse) Supporting Award (Actor): Park Eun-seok (The Penthouse) Child Actor Award: Kim Hyun-soo (The Penthouse) https://www.soompi.com/article/1446321wpp/winners-of-2020-sbs-drama-awards
  7. Some making clips This clip has some deleted scenes of Seok-hoon and Seok-kyung The content rating for Episode 18 next week will be 19+.
  8. Park Eun-seok immigrated to the States when he was 7 years old and have lived in New York for over 15 years before moving back to South Korea when he was 22 years old because he wanted to become an actor, that's why his English pronunciation is good. Merry Christmas from Logan Lee/Park Eun-seok and Soo-ryeon/Lee ji-ah ~~~ Credit: Park Eun Seok's instagram https://www.instagram.com/_____silverstone_____/ Here's a Q&A which Lee Ji-ah did with Allure Korea where she explains Soo-ryeon's style of clothing. There's english subs, just turn on the closed caption
  9. Yeah, the highlight of this week's episode was the last 10 mins of Ep 15. Kim So Yeon's brilliant acting, facial expressions of madness, relentlessness, anxiety, composure and guilt.
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