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Guest t3n5h1_chu_k015h173

Kimura Takuya, Yamaguchi Tomoko
Title: Long Vacation ロングバケーション

Telecast: 1996-04-15 to 1996-06-24

TV Station: Fuji TV

Duration: 11 Episodes

1 Special

Viewership: 36.7%


Senna , 24 (Kimura) is a college graduate who dreams of becoming a world class pianist. He teaches piano at a local piano school. Minami, 31 (Yamaguchi ) is an out of work model. On her wedding day, she gets dumped by her fiance, and loses all of her savings, which she gave to her fiance. Her fiance turns out to be Senna's former roommate. She rushes to Senna's apartment and finds out that her fiance has skipped town. With no money, and no where to go she moves in with Senna.

Senna likes Ryoko (Matsu) who is a sophomore in college. He likes her a lot but just doesn't have the courage to ask her out. Koishikawa (Inamori) is Minami's best friend and is also a model. She provides much of the comedic relief in this show. Shinji (Takenouchi) is Minami's younger brother who just happens to be better than Senna at piano. He opens a bar/nite club. Rumiko (Ryou) plays Shinji's girlfriend. Sasaki (Morimoto) is Senna's professor at college and is always encouraging Senna to perform at the next piano competition. Long vacation is about Senna Hidetoshi (Kimura Takuya), a pianist who can't express his feelings, and Minami (Yamaguchi Tomoko), a model who isn't really popular.

Soundtrack & Theme Songs :

1. La La La Love Song [Kubota Toshinobu & Naomi Campbell 久保田利伸]

2. Silent Emotion [Calin]

3. Close to Me [Natalie Burks]

4. Here we are again [Anna]

5. What Will I Do [Natalie Burks]

6. Deeper and Deeper [Anna]

7. Long Vacation [Anna]

8. Missing Each Other

9. Minami ~ Senna's Piece


Maware maware merry go round

Mou kei can't reade tomaranai youni

Ugoki dai can't reada melody


Wanna Make Love

Wanna Make Love Song, Hey Baby ......

dosha buri no gogo wo matte machi ni tobi dasou

Kokoro ni furu ame ni kasa wo kureta kimi to

[Mappira!] to yoko muite honne wa urahara

Demo sonomama de ii otagai sama dakara

Meguri aeta kiseki ga

You Make Me Feel Brand New

Namida no iro wo kaeta

(And I Wanna Love

That's Brand New)

** Iki ga tomaru kurai no amai kuchizuke wo shiyou yo

Hitogoto mo iranai sa tobikiri no ima wo

Yuuki wo kureta kimi ni tereteru baai janai kara

Kotoba yori mo hon'ki na LA LA... LOVE SONG

Wanna Make Love

Wanna Make Love Song, Hey Baby ......

Shiranu ma ni otoi can't readeta chiisa na kakera wo

Sukima naku dakiyose hada deta shikame au

Uchuu no mienai yoru

You Are My Shinin' Star

Kamawanai kimi ga mieru

And I Wanna Be Your Shinin' Star


Mou kei can't reade tomaranai youni

Ugoki dai can't reada MERODEi LA LA ... LOVE SONG

Tomedonaku tanoshikute yarusenai hodo setsunakute

Son'na asa ni umareru boku nari no LOVE SONG

Tameiki no mae ni koko ni oideyo


LA LA LA .....

Wanna Make Love

Wanna Make Love Song, Hey Baby......

Actor/Actress Cast (13)

Kimura Takuya


Senna Hidetoshi

Yamaguchi Tomoko


Hayama Minami

Inamori Izumi


Koishikawa Momoko

Takenouchi Yutaka


Hayama Shinji

Matsu Takako


Okusawa Ryoko



Himuro Rumiko

Hirosue Ryoko


Morimoto Leo


Prof Sasaki

Kobayashi Susumu


Toyohara Kosuke


Tate Misato

Tadano Atsuko

Ito Yoshinori


SOURCE : ロングバケーション







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Guest Sky's Crying

Although this drama is extremely old, I can always re-watch it. I really like the theme song, LA LA LA Love song. The BoA version ain't so bad either :)

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Guest MissMonika

Definitely my favorite drama ever! It's what got me obsessed with Kimura Takuya. Hehehe. I can watch this over and over again without getting tired of it.

Yes, the opening song is awesome! I love it. :D

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Guest meow1203

I remembered back in those days it's a very popular drama! I think it's voted one of the best Japanese dramas....

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Guest apple red

Very memorable drama..i love the character of Tomoko Yamaguchi here. She was weird,but lovely and realistic.

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Guest happybi

arghhh the drama that started the Takuya obession for a lot of people.... me being one of them!! ekekkeke :lol: Absolutely love this drama.. very simple but very realistic and just AWESOME!!..Another one of my all time favorite japanese drama... :lol:

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Guest i3lu3fun

this drama was get 1st spot on my favorite j-dorama list. dang, i enjoyed the OST as much as the drama itself, it's been 10 years, and yeah the memory of Senna & Minami will always live with me :).

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Guest crazyMuka

this is one of my fav. Jdramas ever! To me, it's one of those very sweet dramas that you could fall easily in love with. I'm not a fan of KimuTaku but I really liked him in the drama, such a cute guy XD. Ah, I want to watch it again...

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Guest Yueny

i only saw this drama a couple of years ago(i know, like a decade too late LOL). but its amazing that the story didnt seem very dated to me when i watched it in 2004. most of the time, you watch these asian dramas made in the late 80s-early 90s, they have a very cheesy antiquated feel to them(in every respect). but long vacation, even though the clothing n stuff is already out, the story still holds up pretty well(the hallmarks of a classic~)

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Guest dadedum

This is my all time favorite drama. I can't describe in words how much I love this so I won't :blush:. I watched it in '97 when people like Takako Matsu, Takenouchi Yutaka and Ryoko Hirosue haven't made it big yet. I know they're doing a "Hero" special this summer, this should definitely make one for LV.

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Guest statue78

my sister loves this drama soo much..no, its not 7 or 8 years sgo,

as long as i remember, the last time she watch this drama is last year?

an extremely old Jdrama but hecka good...

love the part senna calling minami, minami-san...is it the last episode?

and yeah, minami's friend is pretty funny.......

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I know they're doing a "Hero" special this summer, this should definitely make one for LV.

They're doing one for Hero???? :w00t::w00t::w00t: Then they definitely should make one for LV, and maybe for Over Time, Love Revolution and Ice World as well. :D

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Guest dadedum

^ yup, too bad it's only a 1-ep special, but the news was enough to keep me jumping up and down for the whole day.

re-post from TK thread. why do they need to add Ayase Haruka, ehh <_<

The Return of the Hero

SMAP member Kimura Takuya (33) is to revive the hugely popular dramatic role he played in "Hero". The 2001 show had an average audience rating of 34.4%, the highest ever for a Fuji TV drama series. It was also the first time that all eleven episodes of a public network drama had broken the 30% barrier. It is just one of several solid performances from Kimura that have made him probably the most popular male star in Japan. Fuji announced this week that will be broadcasting a Hero special in July. As for the timing, with a series of recent headline stories featuring public prosecutors investigating high-profile crimes, Fuji decided it was a good time for Kimutaku to revive his role as the rebellious prosecutor Kuriu Kohei. The special will include original cast members such as Matsu Takako (28) and Abe Hiroshi (41), but also add big names like Tsutsumi Shinichi (41) and Nakai Kiichi (44), and rising young star Ayase Haruka (21). Japan-zone April 29, 2006

Please note: it will be airing on July 3!!

A Long Vacation special would be ideal, there were so many characters to begin with there would be plenty to write about. More importantly I want to see my Shinji giving another run at the piano, he looked hotter than Sena when playing :lol:.

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