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I just saw this and loved it... loved the chemistry between the characters. It might be cliche but I would have loved for Sena to express (in words) that he loved Minani. As in, in those exact words. If not to her, then to someone else...

Oh, another thing... it was like there were no other people living in the apartment complex. That piano was loud (you could hear it from the street with the window shut), people were always making noise and we never saw anybody else around. Were they living in isolation? :D There should have been some extras hanging around that apartment building.

Also, how come none of their parents or anyone outside of 6 or so cast members attended their wedding?


I took the first episode of this japanese antiquity more than one year ago, especially to see the lovely Takako Matsu. Well I can say that there is not so much attractive features in this drama, at least not enough telling me to do the effort catching the whole serie. Something is missing, but I do agree this could be fine for bored drama-maniacs.

Have a nice day,



lol, I think it's just a matter of taste. I didn't think it lacked anything substantial and there are tons of dramas I've stopped watching halfway. For me, once he played the Happy Birthday song on the piano, I was hooked.

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This is also my fav fav fav jdrama... it's the first one I've ever go crazy about (I know I'm showing my age here)...and I like the simplicity of it, nth is too highly dramatized/sensationalized just for the sake of entertaining us...but yet it dealt into the complexity of what essentially falling in love is about.

and those 2 hotties....playing piano....who can resist?!?!

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Guest Yubineeekim

A request is needed :

I need to find the script for this drama for my Japanese class.

I've been having difficulty finding this,

so if anyone can find this

Please reply to me here or PM me?

Thanks :)

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Guest lovebum4life

The one of the best J-dramas ever! I enjoyed this so much! I watched it twice in two days & bought the DVD the 3rd day! It's classic & you'll fall in loe with it!

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