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Guest MoonChild

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Guest im*an*angel


initial d fourth stage


midori no hibi

vision of excaflowne--again

hungry heart wild striker--again

yu yu hakusho--again


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Guest sweet/nothing

For me I'm currently watching:


-Damekko Doubutsu

-Erementar Gerad

-Girls Bravo Second Season

-Gokujou Seitokai

-Honey & Clover

-Izumo-Takeki Tsurugi no Senki

-Mahoraba ~Heartful Days~

-Mahou Sense Negima

-Pani Poni Dash!

-School Rumble



-Trinity Blood

-Tsubasa Chronicle

-Yakitate! Japan

I'm reading:

-Legal Drug

-Only the Ring Finger Knows

ah girls bravo??! man i cant find that anime anywhere. crud. anyone has any idea where i can download all the episodes? i tried direct manga but the stupid people made it so i had to pay in order to download. dam.

any help would be appreciated, i love the manga :D

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i want to start reading mangas and such

but if i can download them off the internet or such...

i live in canada, and i don't know where to go to buy them...

and are the mangas in jap, or are they translated in chinese or english???

i know, this is probably off topic from the thread... lol.. but i really wanted to ask

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Guest to be continued.

LOL.. Only the Ring Finger Knows <-- GOOD STUFFF. ^^ AHAHAHHAHA!

well manga:

Lilim Kiss

Full moon wo sagai can't reade



Paradise Kiss


Death Note

Vampire Knight

and some other ones. =]




Eyeshield 21

Prince Of Tennis

Trinity Blood

^^ that's all for now.. ^^

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Currently Watching:




Honey & Clover


Paradise Kiss

Rozen Maiden

Trinity Blood

Tsubasa Chronicles

Yakitate! Japan

Prince of Tennis (just watched the last episode..)

hana yori dango

watching more.. xD teheehe

Currently Reading:

Death Note

Battle Royale






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Guest crazyMuka

I'm currently watching Jungle wa Itsumo Hale nochi Guu (this anime is craaazyy, baka but fun nonetheless, lol).

Reading Fruits Basket (patiently awaiting new scans :D).

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Guest OrangeAddiction


-black cat


-jungle wa itsumo hale notchi guu (*looks up at crazyMuka* cool~ not many ppl know this crazay random anime!!! :lol: i agree its really fun~)

-DN Angel

-trinity blood

-ayashi no ceres



-death note

-elfen lied

-black cat

-one piece

-fruits basket

-and too many shonen-ai and yaoi mangas to name (plus doujinshis)...XD

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