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Genjuu no Seiza

Guest pajhlub

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Guest pajhlub

I just want to tell others about this manga that i love!!
Hello, this is pajhlub. Genju No Seiza is what this form is about. I just want to tell others about this manga because i think that it is a really good manga.

Title: Genju No Seiza

Author: by Matsuri Akino



Story Line: Kamishina Fuuto would like to think he's a normal boy, but he is the reincarnation of the High Priest of Darashaal, a tiny Asian country that has just celebrated the inauguration of...its new high priest. Clearly, only one of them is the true priest, and unfortunately for Fuuto, that's him. As the celestial guardians come to dispose of him they discover that he is not, as their leader Naaga says, a fake. Fuuto just wants to be normal and live a normal life, but he is constantly drawn into trouble as he has an extremely keen spiritual sense and the ability to soothe ghosts. (got this from animenewsnetwork.com)

Volumes: 14 (Complete) http://www.mangaupdates.com/series.html?id=235

Published by: Tokyopop (up to 8 vol) 

please leave any comments that you had on here.



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Guest love_fate&destiny


I love this manga. It has all kinds of genres. Fantasy, a little romance, action, scary too ^^;

And it's very interesting, this manga. ^^

don't know if he's the real or fake king, that's what i'm wondering. ^^ and their relationships with each other. ^^

I've read all the english translated volumes that have come out already. Waiting for the next volume~!

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Guest love_fate&destiny


hey, that's pretty good. 0.0 some manga sites doesn't even have this manga, I think. ^^

So thank you for the site. :)

So...does this mean no one else have seen/read this manga??? 0.o?

I think this is a pretty cool manga.

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Guest anniexiong

yeah, i love this manga too!!!! i read some of the volume and i bought some too!! it's good!!! It's kind of like XXXHolic but different in a way too!!!!!! heheehahahhaha

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