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The Future of SM Entertainment.

Guest cmy_185

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Guest aquarigon

the girls my age...dont look my age...XD they look older...but they're pretty..i suppose. XD

theres gonna be antoehr super junior??? oh my.....><

im still not extremely fond of the whole...big BIG group thing....=.=

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Guest ㄴㅏ 는 ㅎㅖ진

SM has so many young people

younger than me

one of the guy is adoarblee

and i saww one of the guy from truth game hehe

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Guest soysaucechoix33

wow; these people are craaaazy young!

but some of them look like they`d become popular :]

SM is crazy anyway =P

who knoes if they`ll all become successful;;

i didnt think super junior was gonna be all that popular at first; but look at em now =)

good luck tooh them :D

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Guest Lost_in_Tim

You know what i just noticed.....some of those stars are my age and even younger than I am...(born in 92)...I was just thinking..you know what I could so be a star too....its not hard.....maybe like get a make over meaning..plucked eyebrows, colored hair, some acne cream, and then a trainee to lose weight...I could so pass as a star....I'll put my picture up as a ulzzang...no one would noticed..ehehe...not saying I'm hela hot or anything..i just have to do some photoshop and thats it...ehehhe...but anyways...I'm just kidding about posting up my picture because thats too dumb...and i just wanted to make my point..but yeah....the guys are cute and the girls are cute....they should be successful with SM...

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Guest pearly_x3

wow many ppl are soo young

stella kim used to live in my town

yeh i saw her in our highschool

same with jessica h.o.

lived in our town too

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Guest cmy_185

hm, i think there are probably thousands of SM trainees. the oes i posted are like already popular among the fans. but 3/4 of them don't even get noticed. y'know how so many many stars left sm because it was just too darn long of a wait. eg: leejunki/jangnara/hyori etc. i get your point. i don't see how hard it is to be a part of SM, but you need some things stand out. maybe realy star qualities, rumorsscandals etc. haha.

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Guest psique

good gracious. the first few people are so young. 0_0 i guess i can somewhat tolerate those born in 1993, but the kids born in 1994 look younger than 10 or 11 years old. :x more like 7 or 8, in my opinion.

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Guest mango.baby

yoon do yeon looks like uknow yunho.

kim hee soo looks like boa o.O

jessica's pretty at angled shots from her right side, but from the front and left she looks like a different person. it's kind of creepy.

i heard the most talented singer from the girls group is stephanie hwang.

apparently she's pretty good, according to some people i know.

the boys are adorable though. they're all pretty cute.

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Guest susiexpark

SM is constantly prepared for battle

the avg age for guys are much older than the girls

i hope SM doesnt get screwed up and start rotating members from super junior

weirdly if tt kang jun young dude is good, why did he got replaced. wow, im curious

thanks for sharing!

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Guest EsRoss

most of the girls got cuts on their face...guess thaz why they look older

i'm not saying majors...

kwon yuri got ssang ga pul...hong bora look like she got those too-_-triple eyelids? and im yoona's cousin said she got cuts too-_-

and kim tae yeon's eyebrows :blink:

i'd say SM don't bring out so much talented ppls like YG&JYP...

how do they know they can sing when their voice hvn't completely changed yet...

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