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The Future of SM Entertainment.

Guest cmy_185

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Guest Amuse

Most of the girls aren't that pretty.. =_= Some of the older ones like IM YOONAH, STELLA KIM and JESSICA JUNG are pretty. ^^;;

But half of them are really young. SM sure has a lot of trainees. >.> Let's hope that those trainees will remain innocent&cute and won't go downhill..

Thanks for sharing!<3

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Guest lovesaffinity

Is Bora Korean???? because I never heard or seen a Korean person with a last name Hong except for Chinese or Vietnamese.

HONG Su Ah, HONG kyung min, HONG Lim Kyu.. just to name a few :x

I really want to see some of Jessica's talents, if she has any. She makes me curious. She's pretty though, same with Yoonah. Hyo Yeon can dance SO well, wow ahahahah

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Guest f_ishie

they are so young..

i mean seriously....

well good luck to them.. im jealous, but i still think that they are too young

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Guest sweet_hunny

Aww man. SM is just becoming a circus now. It's getting more crazy and you know what's so unfair? Some of them were training for so long yet haven't made their debut but some of the others do. But I can't get over the fact that SuJu is a rotating group. I like the way it is but the rumoured '06 members are pretty cute oh but don't you notice some actually resembles to the current SuJu members? For the SuGirls, I know for a fact that Choi Soo Young was a former member of a jpop band.

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Guest meeshell

I saw that they were born in the 1990's and my heart stopped... THEY ARE SO FREAKIN YOUNG! I mean come on 1994! they like just turned teenagers... and if they have been training for years that mean they started when they were like 9 or 10... SM entertainment needs to give up... they will never have a second generation of Shinhwa, HOT, SES, Fly to the Sky, and etc... they can try, but it will never happen...

I have to admit that the some of the boys are cute and the girls are pretty, but come on... THIS IS CRAZY!

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Guest Avex

IM YOONAH << dude shes hot. (she's older than me by one year old)

and crud, YOON DO YEON is 11? man...

well, im like almost the age of some of these ppl (1990's). when they become singers, dont know what will happen

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Guest mizz_J

BAEK MIN HYUN kinda looks like Max for some reason. & YOO MIN HO looks like se7en in the first picture.

I know two of the girls.. Stephanie Hwang & Stella Kim. They're friends with Jessica H.O.

I wonder how they will do..

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Guest koori

han kyu wan in super junior '06?! woot!! haha hes so cute!! xD

but i rather no super junior rotations </3

some of the kids are so cute <33 looking forward to their debut~

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