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The Future of SM Entertainment.

Guest cmy_185

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Guest thesarahchong

Kim Moonkyu; I remember him from Jinshil Game.

But I thought that they said he was 1990 or 1991. Hm..

I think he's cute though. (:

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Guest ahyoung


I know Im a little biased but I CANT STAND the way SM gather a lot of young good looking guys/gurls and then dont know what to do with those kids.

In my opinion, training them for such a long period means their basic talents are freakin bad.

actually;; some of their basic talents are amazing....

and training them for a long time doesn't mean they're talentless... some people are too young...

and it kinda gives a good image to the public that you've been training long.. cause that shows that you worked really hard to get to that spot!

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Guest clairdeluned

My gosh, they're so young >.< Except the older ones. They're...not young :lol:

It sucks that most likely not all of them will debut. SM has too many trainees to debut all of them.

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Guest this luallaby


han kyu wan is sooo cute!


most of the trainees are pretty darn goodlooking

i think kim hee soo is pretty...kinda reminds me of hyori...a younger version

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Guest Yoshi.

SM has choosen some very good ones for their future but i don't think some of them will do a good job. I think the first six guys are freaken adorable. :wub: Esp. Lee Tae Min, Kim Jung Hyun, Kim Sang Hoon and HAN KYU WAN. lol.

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Guest xlush

huh jessica jung and jaejoong rumours? can someone plz fill me in haaha.im rreally late with stuff lols

ehh cool. some of them are my age XD.

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Guest brizkee

im also late with Jaejoong and Jessica's "rumors" and now triangled with donghae?

oh my, that Jessica must be a real knock-out because of those who cuties around her, hmmmm... *jelous*

And one more thing ++

is the Stella Kim on that group is Shiwon of Super Junior's girlfriend?

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Guest clee

^the whole stella and siwon thing isn't true. someone just spread rumors on soompi but it was out of the blues when they said it too. don't believe everything you see on here.

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