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F4 2nd Teaser Pg 96

Guest virvir111

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Guest sharry

I made some goodies of the episodes.



I made lost more stuff but to save some bandwidth i posted it on my blog. U guys are welcome to steal! Just click on my siggie.

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Guest JazzyMina

Ohh I love this drama 8)

I havent seen the other versions so i wont be comparing. Its a good story line so far though!

Dont understand how people can say hyun did a bad job cuz i thought he was pretty convincing 8) Hott!!~~

Anyways cant w8 for ep 3!!

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Guest juju<3.

this is drama is become the most anticipated drama im watching XD lmfao.

this is so good! :D i love ti so far ~ i love minho & kimbum<3 so hottttt, mang *dies*

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Guest andie39martinez

01/10 [news] “Wait F4! We’ll be going”…SS501 special appearance in ‘Boys Over Flowers’


SS501’s Kim HyungJoon, Kim KyuJong, Heo YoungSaeng will have a special appearance in KBS 2TV Mon-Tue drama ‘Boys Over Flowers’.

This is to express their support to leader Kim HyunJoong who turns into an actor with the role of F4 member ‘Yoon JiHoo’ in the drama.

They will appear as singers singing in a café for filming of the 4th episode on 11-Jan, singing ‘U R Man’ during their appearance.

Company’s representative explained “SS501 sang ‘I am stupid’ for ‘Boys over flowers’ OST, however the production of the OST is not done yet, so they had to sing ‘U R Man’ which is what they’re currently promoting.”

With regards to the meeting with member Kim HyunJoong in the drama, they said “The actual content has not been confirmed yet so seems like we will know it at the filming scene itself.”

SS501 special appearance in ‘Boys over flowers’ will be broadcasted on 13-Jan.

Credits : ljh423@cbs.co.kr (nocutnews) + SS601.com + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.com

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Finally, I just got done watching ep 1 & 2. In this version, they're following the manga version slowly and step by step but changes a few things around.. similar to Meteor Garden. So far so good and Jandi's character is really cute. Plus, Go Hye Sun's acting is not that bad as other people thinks. She's doing a great job and I can't wait to see ep 3. This drama is already addicting.

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Guest infinityyy

I'm waiting til a couple more episodes come out to watch it. I don't wanna go crazy waiting from the cliffhangers, so just waiting til a bunch of the episodes air and then I get to watch them all in one day. muahahaha.

Anyway, I am absolutelyyy loving this producer. The awesome, awesome cast, beautiful filming locations, theshinhwanameplasteredeverywhere :phew: <33, and now even a special scene with the rest of the SS501 members! this producer is absoluteee love<3

anyway, BOF hwaiting! :D

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Guest swtstar~

~ wah how exciting ! another version of F4 ~

i saw the first episode in korea, when i was just zapping around being bored in the hotel

and suddenly i saw "this guy playing violin"

seeing "this girl staring at him"

hmm..this is awesomely familiar..

woooooooow no it isnt !!

xD it's really cool ~ too bad i dont understand korean..

though i understood the big lines of it..since i saw the taiwanese and japanese F4 ^^;; =p

xD lol

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I wanna see the 3rd ep~!!!

It seems to me that I always see them three

and hyunjoong, I haven't seen the other guy lately.

ANWays Was hoping the 3rd and 4th ep came out.

So are they still filming, or are they done filming the

the whole drama?

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Guest kanako28

i've watched the two first episodes and it's so addicting. i couldn't wait to watch it after more episodes come out since that's what i usually do!

looking forward to SS501's guest appearance in episode 4! they're giving their support to leader. i didn't even notice Jihoo played the CD "U R MAN" in episode 1 until a member pointed it out. lol xD i mean, he put the CD into the player.

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My current obsession (: It's soooo good <3

Just finished up ep. 4...and it seriously gets better by each episode.

I love Junpyo x Jandi moments, xD The OST is lovely too <3

And I might be using one of sharry's avatars; I hope it's ok`! ^^* It's so cute.

Can't wait for next week (:

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Guest Ssaga_G

I love this drama (:

I haven't been this excited about a kdrama since... well since ever :D

go F4~

I love Goo Hye Sun so much! She is so awesome.

In most Kdramas the lead actress annoys me soooooooooooooooo much. I just want to smack them *slap* :crazy:

But I love Jandi (:

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Guest a_dreamer143


I just finished ep 4!!! @@@@@


yeah can't wait for ep 5 :D

-love the cast

i already can t wait for season 2 LOL!!i wonder how they'll make it :D

ahhhh excited for ep 5!

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Guest esoteric.

So at first a whole bunch of people have been badgering me about "Boys Over Flowers", they've been like "OMG HAVE YOU SEEN THAT NEW DRAMA YET?" and I hadn't until yesterday since I decided why not, I have nothing else to do. But wow. It has me hooked beyond explanation. At first I was a bit iffy on hearing that Lee Minho was the casting for Domoji (Joonpyo) but he fits the role pretty well. I was a bit disappointed in the developing of the scenes since they don't go more into depth then I think they should have. I mean, if you've read the manga then you pretty much know what's going on but if you didn't then it's all more of a blur really. I also think that Goo Hyesun's role as Makino (Jandi) is a bit overexaggerated and doesn't quiite fit the role to the T but it's better than what I would've expected.

and and and, Kim Bum basically has me head over heels in love with him, LOL!

I'm itching to watch episodes 5 & 6 <3

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