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F4 2nd Teaser Pg 96

Guest virvir111

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Talent Jung Eui Chul joins new KBS drama, ‘Boys Over Flowers.’

Jung Eui Chul creates a tense atmosphere in the drama, starring in a double role for the first time as Lee Min Ha and model Ha Je (Originally known as Junpei) and he is slated to make his appearance halfway through the drama.

Playing the part of Lee Min Ha, he appears at the prestigious private school that Geum Jan Di attends as a transfer student. Students who are provoked by the F4 cause a commotion on the school’s roof where Lee Min Ha is saved by Jan Di’s hand.

As a new student Ha Je is naive and innocent, but after class is dismissed he becomes active as a popular model. Gradually, the connection with Lee Min Ha and utilizing Jan Di for his revenge against the F4 is revealed.

Handsome and at 186cm, Jung Eui Chul made his debut in the entertainment world as a model. Afterward progressing as an actor in the sitcom ‘Rainbow Romance,’ drama ‘Biscuit Teacher And Star Candy,’ movie ‘Doremifasolasido,’ and movie ‘Romantic Island’ among others.

source: seoulfull

credit: Hankyung

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Guest gg3500

Interviewer: What brings you all the way here?

GHS: I think the Island is Jun Pyo's-

Guys: Yea, Junpyo's

LMH: Yep, it's all mine. There's nothing else here but my resort.

Interviewer: Can I live here for a month?

LMH: I'm sorry..


Interviewer: Hye Sun, you must be happy surrounded by people like this (F4)

Guys: Ahem!

GHS: Oh yes, I like it.


KHJ: Every time we shoot, my heart flutters. Yesterday for instance, I shot a kiss scene. And in our first shoot I had a hugging scene with HCY. I think the director really likes me.


GHS: When they said we were shooting overseas, I thought we would shoot scenes and then get to play in the afternoon. But we've been shooting without sleep for four night now. If there was one thing I've always wanted to do, it's to get plenty of sleep in New Caledonia .

Interviewer: Oh, Then look at the camera and tell the director-

GHS: Director, please let us sleep! Give us rice! Give us rice instead of sandwiches.

KHJ: After eating sandwiches for four days...you start to swear.


Interviewer: What are the qualities of a kkotminam(pretty boy??)?

KB: Power?

LMH: Height?

KHJ: First of all, your body has to radiate brilliance?

Interviewer: Do you think of yourself as a kkotminam?

KHJ: Yes, well it is boys over flowers, so i always think of myself as a flower while shooting

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Guest curlyhairedteen

Ahh couple more hours well I have to wait until someone uploads it :(

I been waiting for such a long time, ahh the anticipation and the waiting is killing me!!!

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Guest phenomenon

Hi everyone,

I would like to know how can i watch this drama online?

Can someone let me know the website?

There are many Thai's fans would like to watch this online.

If you can advise would be helpful

Thank in advance.

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Guest andie39martinez

01/04 [News] Hyun Joong, hang in there


SS501 recorded the soundtrack for the KBS2 drama KPN. The song, yet to be titled, will be used as the theme song for the drama starring Hyun Joong who takes on the role of Yoon Ji Hoo. A representative from DSP said that the members decided to participate in the recording of the song for the drama as a way of cheering for their member who has taken up the challenge of acting. They have recorded two versions of the song; one ballad and one dance version. All five members will be recording the ballad version, whereas only Kyu Jong, Yong Saeng and Hyung Joon will be recording the dance version.

The five SS boys have been pursuing individual activities lately; Hyun Joong with his drama, Jung Min with his musical and the other three (Kyu Jong, Yong Saeng and Hyung Joon) with the release of their project 'UR Man'. They will be working separately till May and plan on releasing an album together in June.

source: allseouldout

credit: Empas News


SS501 recorded a dance version? it makes me think that they're gonna promote it :rolleyes:

theme song? is it the opening of the show? i'm confused :blink:

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Guest kiwi1430261477

the first episode was really good and went beyond my expectations! i was a little iffy on how goo hyesun's acting would turn out after watching some of the previews but she fit the character perfectly(well actually, i'm not quite sure...because i didn't read the manga ^^""). hyunjoong's acting was border lining a tad...but who can blame him, he's still kinda new to acting =D also, i really liked the ss501 song at the end! it sounded nice. the three means girls were so funny, especially the girl named ginger(very pretty too). question: was she trying to speak english in a british accent? haha. overall, great first episode and can't wait to watch the next one!

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Guest crashandburn

it is actually

without subs understandbly...

just search for..

boys over flowers ep 1

more accurately

2009.01.05 Kkotboda Namja [꽃보다 남자] Ep.1



have fun with it..(((:

it's really good...!!!

even with my lack of krn knowledge


the link to the first part

it's high quali too:D

Thanks! at first i thought i was watching the news... :sweatingbullets: still watching the first part.

Will edit this once i've watched it all -screams-

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Just finished watching episode 1!! I really like how things are going and I can't wait for tomorrow's episode! The preview looks promising

One thing that bothers me though is the soundtrack music. I prefer the F4 theme in the japanese version. This one sounds kinda cheesy...

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