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Girls; Bra Sizes

Guest Come.again

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Guest soompiliciouss

height: 5'6-7

weight: 114

size: 32a <_< (goes up to a 34a when i'm on my period)

i hate being so tall with such small boobs :tongue2:

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Guest lady_muimui

I'm 5'2'', right now I'm 100 lbs, and my bra size is a 32A. Although I would like bigger boobs (like just one cup larger), I'm 21, and I know my boobs will no longer grow. As a matter of fact, I don't remember them ever growing.

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Guest Honey_Babee

Under the highly doubtful circumstances of posting on the internet, id like to see proof. each picture with a tag that says vincent :rolleyes:

hahah nice try buddie

^Feh. Just imagine if you had to shop in JUNIORS...they expect girls to have As or small Bs...and that's hard for a C-cup girl!

HAHAH exactly.

^ Really?

I always shop at junior stores like Forever 21, Wetseal, american eagle, Old Navy, their Medium size fit me perfectly fine.

Well, I always find the clothes with stretchy material, so they flatter my curves, instead of tight around the chest and baggy around mid-section.

i bought a dress from AF and thinking its gonna fit me fine so i bought a S, and guess what, its tight as F. i was soo mad :(

Not the "typical" chinese figure, yeah I'm hourglass and I LOVE IT

Height: 5ft 1 1/2 YES THE HALF IS IMPORTANT!! hehe

weight: on a bad day 120lbs

bra size: 32D/C depending on what bra shop

it annoys me that most bra shops have different sizing and sometimes I have to go up or down a size. Had to go up to a 32E once grr

I totally know where ~ BunnyliciouS ~ is coming from, try to buy clothes in Hong kong not good because I have boobage lol and their clothes were made for the "typical asian figure" and try to make yourself look good in the summer and not skanky is hard. I love wearing corests out to clubs as it defines my tiny waist and makes me look good but I feel as if I still have to wear a shrug, even a strappy top I feel a little "exposed"

I am proud of wearing kids jeans and skirts. They fit better on me and they are cheaper

HAHAH omg. you have no idea!!!!!!

i so agree with you. i love wearing corset cause i have tiny waist, but it makes me feel naked><


but arg, when i went to shanghai, shopping was ridiculous. nothing fits my boobs >< i had to get so many things altered =/

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...:D it isn't my fault!

5'4 1/2"

160-something...but I pack it well for my height


Yes, you are small. An A is small for anyone, really.

I feel kind of embarassed, so I'll just say this: I'm about the same as this person^

...I don't know. My mom just buys bras and I just wear them. o_____o!

*sigh* The same with me too. ahah. I think that my bra size is really bigger than what my mom gets for me, but I don't wanna teel her this because it's kind of awkward and I wouldn't know how to tell her in my language. lol.

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Guest puchaa

they say that 80% of women are wearing the wrong size bra and that's so true. Right now, i'm wearing 34-36B but i could be wrong

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Guest Chanellas

If you think you're wearing the wrong bra size, you could find out for yourself or by going to Victoria's Secret... I think they help you measure your size?!

Please find out if you don't know, your girls will thank you later in the future. :)


the previous guide was flawed, hope no one used it and bought bras in the wrong size ><

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