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Girls; Bra Sizes

Guest Come.again

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Guest miyomi


Weight: 146 ( I used to be 110 oh my lord don't want to be that skinny ever again)

Bra Size: 38D (I hate how big they are. Anyone who is a B be happy!)





its impossible to find shirts that fit my waist but that dont pretty much leave my boobs hanging out=_='', have to buy size m or even l now =[ if i was a B i would be jumping up and down and dancing around my house thats how annoying D's are, esp. when im running a lot and playing sports... :tears:

plus ewww think about the sag in ten years or so! :ph34r:

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Guest Whateva

5'3/5'4, 110lbs, 32B

I love my boobs, they're small and light; they don't weigh me down. YAY FOR SMALL BOOBS!

&& When I'm 50, they won't be hanging down to my kneecaps. :lol:

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Guest Kittykitt129


To the person that said that about the humiliation of girls comparing their boobs:

What's it to ya? We do what we want, you do it too. Evidently, mods get a kick out of it, or don't care, so it's not a big deal. Also, if guys did that, it'd be sorta TMI. But, evidently someone wanted to know, and they aren't that personal when it's pretty much accepted in society of the world for people to do that. It's a little less invasive to just tell someone your boobs size than to tell someone your ---- size. That's like telling someone what size your...stuff...is. And, I reiterate, evidently it isn't a big deal. So, let it go. It doesn't bother others, it shouldn't bother you.

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This may sound weird but I'm starting to save for surgery. They can't stay up forever haha sooner or later their weight is gonna cause them to saaaag :crazy:

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Guest auburn_autumn

Height: 5'8.5

Weight: 127

Bra size: 32D (kind of hard to find in stores so I usually have to buy a 34C)

I like my size, though. I think if I were bigger up top I'd look fat.

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Guest thankscupcake

h: 5'4"

w: 145

bra size: 36 D

I hate my giant boobs. I have always wanted to be a B cup. To me, it is just so much nicer to look at. And clothes always fit little boobs. I can't wear button downs at all.

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Guest ephemeral.

Lmfao, awkward topic.

Height: 5'2 & 3/4

Weight: 92lbs

Bra size: 34 AA (it fits me?)

I don't bother to get mine measured.


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Guest ima_robot

Height: 4'11

Weight: around 87 @____@

Bra Size: 34 B

i freekin love my boobs

i got measured at victoria's secret the other day. i was a 34 A but she told me i was wearing the wrong size & that ima cup bigger O: so yeah,

Ladies, GET YOURSELF MEASURED CORRECTLY =D you might be a bigger cup size.

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