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Guest meimei__KOUSEKI

[official] C H U N J A E (soulmates Forever)

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Guest meimei__KOUSEKI

I LOVE THEM <3 <3. My favorite Jaejoong-DBSK member pairing. (But for Yoochun, I can't decide cause I love him with Junsu, Yunho, and Changmin too XD.) And one of my favorite Dong Bang pairings overall ^^.

LOL OT5 is hot too :D I'm glad you like chunjae...they seriously need more love :D


Ellie my dear! Thanks for all the lovely pictures for our Jaechun.. ( you know that aren't you coz you are my dongseng..hehe)

There is no things in the entertainment world for me that is more real other then our soulmate friendship. I really loved them and really respect their friendship especially after listen to their soulmate talks.

I'm a hardcore fan of Jaechun supporters of course and I missed camping in Jaechun forum's.

LOL...that's my job unnie :D you should visit the forum sometime T_T we totally miss you there :D i hope chunjae made you happy today and i'm glad you didn't loose your hard core chunjae-ness :D

awww i completely love the first page

very nice!

LOL, i'm glad you love the first post :D i'll be reconstructing it again though.... when i have more time :D

in my opinion this pair is the SEXIEST pair out of DBSK:D *screams*

anyways these two just like whoa!

thanks for sharing the vids <3


i couldn't agree more. IMO they are the SEXIEST too :D

chunjae hwaiting!

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Just thought I'd share! Hope there aren't any doubles of anything from before >< Enjoi!!



Jae-"Sorry love, but Changmin was looking at you too long!"

Micky-"Oh, *laughs*" *thinks to himsef* I must be hotter than I think...


-sooo cute idk what to say except 'classic'-


Jae-"Yoochunnie! I can't stand being away from you!"

Micky-"NOOOO Joongie I'm here now!!"


Jae-"Oh no! Yoochunnie! They've caught us!"

Micky-"Omo omo omo! NOBODY TELL MY BROTHER!"


Micky-*talks into the mic mindlessly*

Jae-*thinks to himself* Wow Yoochun, you're so pretty!


Jae-"Catch me Micky!

I can't wait till later!


Micky-"Uh, Jae I don't think this is the best time..."

I'm sorry they were lame and crazy! ><



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Guest meimei__KOUSEKI


^ i just love that :D Jae jumping on the bed with Chunnie ^__^


^ Look at how Jaejoong immediately went for Yoochun's shoulder and Yoochun held Jaejoong's waist :D I just love the connection :D

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Guest zhuuzhuusoba

Whoa, so many pictures I've never seen before! Lol, thanks for sharing, guys.

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definitely one of my favorite DBSK pairings!!!

they're just so cute and funny together!

aish...i love the times when Jae rests his head on Yoochun's shoulder >__<

so cute!!!!

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I'm lovin this thread!

My favourite couple ever!!! :wub:

They are the two that I like most in dbsk.

I get excited whenever I see them.

Lol they are always fun to watch and so dorky!

Appearently Chunnie does everything with Jae right?

How shweeet! Soulmate ftw! :w00t:

Thanx for making this thread.

I shall be stalking it.

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^ i just love that :D Jae jumping on the bed with Chunnie ^__^

omfg lol Jae is such an adorable dork! How can you not love this guy....

but hey

mmmkay does anyone have the pic with Jae and Chun whereJaes at the piano and Chun looks like he's just walking in....

its from a sorta recent photoshoot

sorry but i LLOVE that pic to death

but i can't find it anymore.

pleaase n thnk u!

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it's been some time since I posted here...no, I didn't forget about our dear soulmates..how could I do...I was just to busy fangirling by myself on the

jae-chun forums XD

I thought I'll share some recent jaechun ^^....probably you already saw them..but it won't hurt to see it again ^^...






so cute ^^...is JJ getting shy a little?....


I guess this is a JaeChun custom ^^....love their smiles so much.....


JJ:"Hmm...I still believe Chun taste better then this".... :sweatingbullets:



is Chun about to cry again?....and JJ too?.... :tears: ....oh...JJ just give him a hug...don't let him wait ^^


Chun the magnet XD.....JJ I know you love Chun but you can't stay so close to him...move a bit to your left :ph34r: ...no one saw that....don't



what is he doing?...tring to seduce Chun XD....

@nabee<3suju: I have some jaechun piano moments but they aren't so recent...at least not from this year...

is this what are you looking for?


emh....that would be all for now

bye bye


credits: as tagged + baidu + naver + forums.jae-chun.net

there are thousands of reasons why I love them...still it's hard to describe.....I love them for their dorkiness, for their friendship, for their chemistry,

....I do enjoy other parings to but I'm totally into jaechun....what can I say they make me go crazy....I don't say they don't do fanservice at all but

you definitely can see more then that....I said this before: there is something about the way they look into each others eyes....you can see the

connection, the bound....some times you can feel there is no need for words between them, they are lost into their own world..... they just know each

other too well.....that's why they are soulmates <3.....and yes there are also the tattoos...even it micky's is not soulmate they still have matching

tattoos.....that's also a proof of their deep and close bound....how close they are the only one who know....we can only fantasize about it......and do I

have to talk about the fact that they share a room......that one gives room to more fantasizing.....*claps*

Anyway like I said love is hard to describe....always XD

And the latest news....the engagement ring :D....

*flies back to the pink skies of jaechun land*

Ellie dear the first page is absolute love....^^....

JAECHUN !! <3 <3 <3

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Guest meimei__KOUSEKI

^ UNNIE!! OMG *dies*

OMG is that really them? Playing chess? OMG jaejoong and yoochun playing chess? i bet they're betting on who's top tonight (bunk i mean, LOL that probably got you thinking of other "top" things XD) *dies*

thanks for the picspam unnie!! i can't log-in to the forum.... i'm having the same problem as i have with the a'st1 forum *dies* I CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT JAECHUN.. that would be the end of my life T_T

ps. i still can't over it. why are they playing chess...i really find it unusual...i guess they like playing chess coz it's not the first time i saw them playing chess OMG another similarity between yoochun and i.... i like playing chess too XD but i bet jaechun are so better than me LOL XD*dies* and i'm glad you like the first page :D

unnie, can you post up your jaechun graphics here too so we can have some graphics to share on the first post LOL, and the fics...i don't think my fics are allowed here on soompi XD maybe the fluff ones??

jaechun hwaiting!!

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yes you look beautiful together :blush:


dorky jaechun XD


omg....*dies*.what are you doing JJ XD


wasn't JJ the one he said he likes beautiful hands?....he must have been happy at when Chun hold his

...I mean Chun has beautiful hands <3


YC: "You can't escape me JaeJoong. I want to play!"

JJ: "You greedy one. Haven't we played enough last night" XD


pics like this just make me go gaga...XD...I wonder what are they thinking about? XD


one of the jaechun hugs....Lovers in Prague ^^...."YooChun-ah, I'm bored"...hardcore jaechun fans like

me know what I am talking about *grins*


hm...I would say something but I'll better won't XD.....I love the intense look JJ gives to Chun....

it makes me wonder XDXDXD



it looks like that slim waist is so temping for Chun


I called this "Love bite" moment XD....

Credits: as tagged + daum + naver + forums.jae-chun.net

yesterday I shared some new jaechun so I thought today I'm going to post some older ones ^^...I hope I don't they weren't posted till now...

@ellie: ellie you still have the same perverted mind XD...but I guess is jaechun's fault....who's on top tonight? XD...of course I thought of that...XD...

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