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[official] C H U N J A E (soulmates Forever)

Guest meimei__KOUSEKI

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Guest s3rene

Hahah I was gonna post those TVXQ World pics but you beat me to it. I love Chunjae couple. They are so cute together. I actually love their chemistry.

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Guest fiimfiimz

I love this couple


haha ... I think when they come to

Thailand Solumate are sweet ^^

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Guest x__h a ll e n`

Aww JaeChun <3

Their really cute together (:

HAHAHA. I can't help but look at Yunho & Junsu whenever there is Jaechun interaction xD

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Guest 1S0ULL

AHHH Soulmate couple <3

They are sooo adorkable and sweet (:

Everytime I see Jae wiping Chun's tears from those award shows, it's like LOOOVE ♥♥♥

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Guest akirahana
jcsm5oi0.jpg:D Before this i am the jaeho fans then lately i can see yunho seems like to avoid jaejoong. I can see lots of jaechun(soulmate couple) lately. I love this couple, they looks so happy and such a lovely couple.
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Guest Le Bebe

My beloved pairs from DongBangShinKi.....I hope their friendship will last till the end....hwaiting JaeChun....

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Guest akirahana

I see the new 23rd single pv making, jae gives chun a ring for his birthday. So cute, love them, jaechun forever soulmate................. :rolleyes:

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Guest meimei__KOUSEKI


credits: as tagged



aww...jae gave a ring to chunnie ♥

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Guest orange08

I LOVE THEM <3 <3. My favorite Jaejoong-DBSK member pairing. (But for Yoochun, I can't decide cause I love him with Junsu, Yunho, and Changmin too XD.) And one of my favorite Dong Bang pairings overall ^^.

(I don't get worried about the Yunho or Junsu reactions cause Hosu is my absolute favorite pairing lololol.)




I really really love this one *___*. Jae's so cute hiding behind Yoochun. Yoochun has such a cute smile <3333.










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Ellie my dear! Thanks for all the lovely pictures for our Jaechun.. ( you know that aren't you coz you are my dongseng..hehe)

There is no things in the entertainment world for me that is more real other then our soulmate friendship. I really loved them and really respect their friendship especially after listen to their soulmate talks.

I'm a hardcore fan of Jaechun supporters of course and I missed camping in Jaechun forum's.

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