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*~♥the Official Junjin & Hwang Bo Thread!♥~*


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They are best friends could it be more...
Eversince watching these two on X-Man, Love Letter, other shows, they are super cute so I can't help but make a thread for them!






JunJin's Profile

Real name: Park Choong Jae

birthday: 8/19/1980

height: 182 cm

weight: 75 kg

blood type: B

team position: singer and rapper

favorite type of music: hip - hop and r&b and funky

idols: YooYoungJin

instruments: guitar, drums, saxophone(a little), triangle, tambourine

favorite song: energetic dancing music or quiet ballads

first impression: clean cut (?) ^^

talent: tumbling and dance

hobby: pool, games, drive

habbit : i sit down and stand up a lot because my waist isnt good

favorite color: bright colors

favorite sport: running, soccer (i like almost every sport)

favorite athlete: brazil's soccerplayer carlos

favorite actor: SongKangHo

favorite food: dwengjjang soup

favorite clothing style: casual (if its comfortable them ill like it)

credit: WE LOVES SHINHWA!! (ShinHwa Soompi Thread)

Hwang Bo's Profile

Real name: Hwang Bo Hye Jung

Stage name: Hwang Bo, 황보

Birthday: August 16, 1981

Family: parents, 1 brother

Height: 165cm (about 5'4")

Weight: 45kg (about 99lbs)

Blood type: A

Religion: Christian

Former member of: Chakra (rapper)

Education: SangBong Elementary --> JunNong Girls' Jr. High --> BaeSung High School --> SeoIll University, Performing Arts Major

Nicknames: "Bakkase" (the energy drink in the small brown bottle with a blue label) (Because when someone's tired, she makes them energized, like the drink), "General" (from some people in Xman. They call her that because she is a tomboy"

Childhood dream: Security guard, police officer, woman soldier, entertainer

Before debut: Rapper for the Bros., Tae-Kwon-Do

Hobbies: Listening to music, writing letters, taking photographs

Things she does well: Physical activities

Personality: Quick tempered, outgoing, tomboy

Habit: Plays around with her fingernails, talks fast

What she likes about herself: Tough and good(??)

Complex: Lower part of her body is skinny

First love: 2nd year of junior high, she had a crush on her Tae-Kwon-Do instructor. Real love...what kind of man...

Motto: "Think about it one more time."

Hope there is no bashing, I haven't came across anyone that didn't like them as friends, but opinion about them is very welcome!!

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Guest lavenderwingz

hahaha, i really love to see these two toghether. i love the friendship that they have. so cute during xman when he said that he went the other when he saw her wearing a skirt. haha, way too cute!

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Haha, I know.

There was this epi, where hwang bo said "did you see her" to Junjin, I guess his ex. JunJin was like "who, and swing his head."

Then hwang bo was like "remember you called me and we meet up to practice this? This is not going the way we planned it!"

Everyone start laughing and JunJin start holding his neck, like I am defeated, and Kang ho dong or the host was like did you practice that too?

and Jun Jin was like noding hahaha.

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Guest lavenderwingz

haha, i remember that moment as well. there was a time wher ei thought they actually dated. on a YSMM cut where junjin was on, he was describing how one of his ex use to hit him a lot during the relationship, and that she didnt realize her strength..haha, i thought it ws hwangbo, seeing how strong she is in general. but indeed, i love these two as friends, i bet they can joke around about anything

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Haha, I know I bet they talk about everything.

Did you saw the Infinite girl challenge, where she called Junjin asking him whether he would see her nake photoalbum if she did one.

It was so funny, Junjin was like how could I, and he was like she should have asked me before accepting it.

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Guest kassuma

my fave pair of best friends forever as a couple? i definitely support if it comes true. they make are compatible!!

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I know. I knew they were best friends, but it would be like a dream come true if they were together.

I heard someone said that hwang bo is best friends with all of Shinhwa, but Junjin the longest?

They went to high school together right? I think they mentioned that during their Of Course games.

Did you guys saw the Shinhwa wedding show?

I think she was paired up with Junjin in at least one part where they hit the bricks.

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Guest cherrie.7

haha well, i doubt there's anything more to their friendship

but if there is, yay!

junjin deserves a nice girl~

and judging on their friendship and on variety shows, hwangbo seems like a pretty cool person.

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hwang bo is definitely a cool person. she is really natural and has an outgoing personality. she's always friendly to everyone. so if anything does happen to them, i hope they are happy. i think junjin and hwang bo are a good fit together.

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OMG!! Jinnie and Hwang Bo are the best!! Waaaah, finally there's a thread for them!

Hehe, way before KHJ and HB were paired up for WGM, someone raised HB's name to be on the show and I just kept thinking if Junjin also goes on WGM as HB's groom. It would mostly be ruckus, lol, but it would be hella fun.

Here's some Jinnie/Hwang Bo stuff:

The Infamous skirt Danghyunaji

Hwang Bo cheering for Junjin

Junjin and Hwang Bo teaming up to break tiles

Hwang Bo prank called Junjin

The 'practice at home' Danghyunaji

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Guest incarnadine

omo omo omo JinBo!!!!

They have like, the coolest guy-girl friendship. I totally love these two. :w00t::wub:

imma post some JinBo clips within the week, hee hee hee

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Muize: haha, I there is no way I am leaving JoongBo right when things are heating up.

However, JunJin and Hwangbo are great friends and watching them is so funny.

deeta: At first I thought JunJin would be in there too, but I knew he was busy with his solo concert and stuff, so I knew the chances are low. It would have been super sweet if JJ and HB are together though. They know eachother so well, I bet they couldn't stop talking about eachother's stuff and shinhwa members etc.

Did you guys heard that Kimdongwan wants to be on WGM and be with Hwangbo, it might be a joke fans said.

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Guest Lighto_Yuchun

Do you know how much I love this couple and wanted them in We Just Married?

I love how Junjin teasing Hwangbo being boyish but she won't get angry :P

Thank you for this thread.

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Guest ultaeja


I love these two together<3

HwangBo is just sooo cool and if dreams do come true, these two should really date :]

but if they're just friends, ahhhh! They'd make a hel.la cute couple!

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seems like many people really like junjin with hwangbo. it isn't a surprise since they are the bestest friend. i think it is funny how many of you here like to have junjin paired up with hwangbo, while news are going around about dongwan wanted to take part in WGM too. it is funny, maybe later news will show that most of shinhwa members would like to appear along side with hwangbo.

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Guest mzchoccie

i never really saw them as a couple but as best friends...

it's so cool... having friends like them... uwaa~

but can't imagine them as a couple..in love....

JoongBo hwaiting!

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Guest jean_kkp

haha. i love the jinbo couple, because jin needs a girl like her to bring out his cute side, not just cool image. while hwang bo seems more comfortable, herself, and funny with jinnie.

oh how i wish all shinhwa are in WGM paired up with hwangbo. haha...

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