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Guest Mugen

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Guest redmoon123

^ Yup it is.

Gah. I don't like Blood+ to go Hollywood.

It's an awesome anime and I don't want Hollywood to ruin it...T______T

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^^ true its Blood the last vampire. Not Blood +, it would be cool though. But the anime is really really good. The first few eps were rather a bore later it grew interesting and I was hooked. Lots of sad moments though. HAted that Riku died that way. I almost cried on that one. But yeah Haji and Saya are :) and Solomon is quite a looker too.

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Guest Keyla

OMG! am late!!! i didn't know that there's a thread for this anime... Am so glad!

I love love love this anime!

So, it's going to be a movie... that's great!

When it's going to be filmed?

hope it's soon!

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Guest amydien

I have a question, is there another series that's similar to something like this? I just can't stand watching any other anime after watching this when it first came out... T_T Help m33hhh

But seriously this is my all time FAVE!

Vampire Knight? But it's still an ongoing series. Currently up to episode 6. Reeaaally good. I recommend reading the manga too :D

Blood+ is awesome. The ending was kinda blah for me though. I was hoping to see Haji atleast, but oh well. Great story plot! :D

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Guest XJShinoda

I've just finished the anime~~~~!!!!

Wow.. It's good!!!

Haji and Solomon are my favourite... Just love the way how they protect Saya... <333

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Guest dlsgp_ckdalsx3

I'm so hooked on this... I started this ... not even a week ago? and I'm on the 4th (and last season)

it's so good! anyone else think that Stephanie Meyer ripped off Blood+? LOL i'm half joking

I'm thinking of watching ghost in the shell after this

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