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[variety] 8 Vs 1 (대결 8대1)

Guest damifino

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Guest lotusmj

^ Hahaha Kim Chang Ryul is killing me with the comparisons he made. The list just gets longer and longer :lol: His experiences were quite brutal and scary though :mellow: But I couldn't help but laugh at his son headbutting him. He must've been feeling suppressed cos he couldn't bear scolding his son either :lol:

Oh, Solbi's mouth was ripped before?! That's ....:ph34r: too scary.

And the dude who answered, "anywhere you get hit hurts," LOL :lol: :lol: True !

Thanks for translating this :)

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Just found it...

OMG.... No wonder it's PG 15 (according to Muish) on the show..

Based on your description damifino, they talk about a lot of adult stuff in here...

I love how they all talk serious but end up mess up the story with a comment from one of the MC (well mostly SDY and Heechul that gives hilarious comment)

Tks for all the translation, it was nice and the guests every weeks seem to be shameless so it's good to hear they're story...

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Guest damifino

I didn't do translations for the entire episodes 1-4 like I did with episode 5. I just did the translations for the Heechul cuts before I opened this thread. They are located in my minihompy under the Board tab, in a folder called "Transcripts."

For translations of Heechul's minihompy, fan cafe, Iple, shows, news articles, schedule, and more...


direct link is embedded in the URL

As always, to read and scrap the original post AND to reply, check out Heechul's minihompy at


and his fan cafe KIseKI at


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i've never watched the show since this is a talk show(language barrier <_< ) THANX TO DAMIFINO,i just watched the show and the heechul cuts she translated..heechul always have a dorky or wierd answer to give :lol:

One of the 50 fighters who were surveyed answered, "anywhere you get hit hurts" :lol:

LOL at the answer..i was thinking the same way too as i was reading while watching..and at the end,somebody did answer it that way...i almost fell off my chair!~

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Guest SweetSerein

omg..this show sounds sooo interesting...and because my cutie heechulie is in here..he makes everything better!! :D love those promo pictures of my heechul!! he's super cute & funnie!!! i gotta watch it now!

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Guest damifino

Episode 6 (2/25/08)

Part 1: http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/yfntQOBkp0c/

Part 2: http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/NuxuwtLXgNs/

Part 3: http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/i2LmHs9m14Q

This episode was a lot less risque than usual episodes.

Jaejoong and Heechul talked about how they were almost in a group called Four Seasons together along with Kangin and U-Know Yunho.

Heechul mentioned the infamous Hamburger incident :)

I will translate in more detail later.

From the SuJu thread, posted by Ringy


Credit: sjmarket & tagged

From the DBSK thread, posted by dbsk_cyn











Credits to dnbn

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Guest strawberry78

I really wish I knew Korean so I could understand this show!

My vocabulary is so limited and doesn't really get me anywhere... but I hope it can expand someday.

I still like to watch though because their interactions are entertaining ^^

Anyways thanks damifino for the translations!

Also It may be just me, but the girl next to Heechul in the ep.5 from 2/18 (Solbi?) looks like she could be one of those girls from Laguna Beach or The Hills. :mellow:

And omg.... practicing choreography in the nude? :blink:


Guys are crazy.

That's just weird to imainge. >.<


@ Damifino - Didn't realize DBSK was going to be on there.... thanks for the links!

and thanks __`b4by for the clubbox link :]

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Guest damifino

Not the entire episode 6 with DBSK members, but all of Micky Yoochun, Hero Jaejoong, and Heechul are included...

Part 1: http://youtube.com/watch?v=s9O_J8658_Q

Part 2: http://youtube.com/watch?v=agUXkZbglUo

Part 3: http://youtube.com/watch?v=vPiK3n58OAM

Part 4: http://youtube.com/watch?v=7-MrH4eoavE

Part 5: http://youtube.com/watch?v=aNzeoaP8P1g

Part 6: http://youtube.com/watch?v=vJV7M6JfYkc

The summary that was included in the right column of yoochunsa64b's links on YouTube

[part 1]

MC Shin: challenge 8 vs. 1! Asia's #1 pretty boy, HJJ! Asia's #1 flower-like smile, MYC!


mc shim: JJ was chosen as asia's #1 pretty boy. Congratulations!

mc jung: until now, you were the pretty boy. Aren't you a bit nervous today?

HC: no, it's ok, since we're all at different levels. I have my own world. And JJ has his own world, and YC has his own world.

MC Shin: as the older guy (hyung), you always treat them well, right?

HC: um, I'm a bit sensitive about age. Since I can't change it...

JJ: with HC, before we debuted...

mc shim: I heard that you guys could have debuted in the same group.

MC Shin: HC & JJ could have been in the same group?

mc shim: that could have been a disaster!

JJ: at 1st, with YH and kangin, too.

HC: the 4 of us. And the group name was "four seasons". [lol!]

JJ: I was autumn.

HC: I think YH was spring. I was whatever that they didn't pick. Lol.


MC Shin: we have real congratulations in order. A bit ago, dbsk reached oricon chart #1.

ALL: congratulations!

MC Shin: as a foreign group, wasn't it the 1st?

JJ: and this time, it was a song composed by Yoo Young Jin. the MV was shot in korea, too. And produced in korea.

KJH: I went Tokyo recently, and when I went to a music shop, there was a big photo of dbsk up. I was so proud that I bought a cd, too. But there were so many! And a bit expensive...^^ so I only bought one.


Boom: I was in a band during high school, too.

JJ: weren't you in a dance group, too?

Boom: the name was "dutch pay with dad". [lol!] We chose that name, with the mindset that we should try to break some preconceptions in the world.


KJH: [talking about one of her songs] it's called "big-eyed frog". It's a sad song, right?

mc jung: not really...

MC Shin: if you sing the melody in a certain way, it could be sad [if you listen carefully, yoochun's singing it.^^]

KJH: when the members are with me, they'd do the harmony, and sing the "bbam bba bam" parts...

mc jung: oh, then we'll do that for you.

KJH: oh, thanks! But do it quieter than my voice. [lol!]

[aw, yoochun & jj are so cute doing "bbam bba bam"!]

HC: aw, there're too many smiles blooming in the studio now. [lol!]

[part 2]

MC Shin: with fresh guests, challenge 8 vs. 1! We're now ready to look at the survey of 50 people with certain similarities.

Narrator: we asked 50 "woot chat sa" [a popular Korean comedy show] comedians: once you became a comedian, what kind of things has your parents asked of you? There are 22 answers.


mc jung: the comedians may be famous, but their pay may not be that much.

Boom: when I saw "8 vs. 1," it was familiar to me. When I was in a dance group, "nuclear" the profit sharing was 8-to-1. I'd get 1, the company got 8, and the other 1 would go to for management. [lol!]

HC: actually, it's not been that long since JJ and I made up and became friends again.

Panel: didn't you say that you were gonna be in the same group?

HC: while we were preparing for that, I bought a hamburger once. But JJ ate it and just left a note!

Boom: at least he wrote a note!

Panel: what did it say?

HC: "oh, whose hamburger is this? I don't know whose, but I'll have some. JJ"

Panel: so cute!

HC: but hamburgers were so precious in those days! So I got mad and tried to call him, but he didn't have a cell then.

JJ: HC was really mad.

HC: since that was before dbsk debut (2004), and we made up only about when suju debuted (2005). [lol!]


KJH: [about her band] since one member is in "next" [a singing group], so we'd practice there.


MC Shin: let's see who answered the survey~ photos please!

ALL: wow. [they say that they probably know everyone of the 50 "woot chat sa" cast members.]

MC Shin: dbsk, when you were starting to do lots of tv appearances and stuff, were there things that your parents kinda wanted from you? Sub: things that parents wanted from dbsk?

YC: nothing directly from me. But since we're singers, things like tickets to our concerts. so that they can bring their friends. so, audience ticket?

mc Shim: oh, i think that could be in the answers.

mc Jung: so, for example, the parents would say, "bring me woot-chat-sa" tickets.

mc Shim: so, why don't you try this answer.

Boom: i think MYC's answer could be right.

YC: ok.

[look at his pants!! so cute!!!]

YC: do i just push this?

Panel: no, no! you sit and push the button.

mc Shim: wait, but the pants...

Panel: wait, MYC.

MC Shin: wait, dbsk in a look like this!

Boom: oh, it's very human.

MC Shin: why did you do this?

YC: um, this is a trend i'm pushing these days. [lol!! rofl!]

mc Jung: where? [look at Boom folding his pants. lol!]

YC: they ask for audience tickets. [there were 3 people with that answer! Yeah!]


[YC and JJ are laughing while they're talking about whether maybe KJH and mc jung's moms may have had a fight in a stir-fried rice-cake restaurant way back when. mc jung is talking to his mom on the phone to confirm the story. They didn't fight.^^]


JJ: during our recent vacation, I went home. My mom had never really said anything about something she needs before. but when I went this time, she started hitting the tv in the living room. And she said, "the tv doesn't work unless I hit it. wow, it's working now that you're here!" and she goes, "[in a dialect] even though my son is something, I don't go and spend money and stuff. It's ok. I'll just watch tv next door." [lol! His mom is so funny!] and what's funny is that my mom and dad use separate rooms -- my dad the master bedroom, and my mom the living room. And when I went to the master bedroom, there was a huge hd tv. So I asked her if that wasn't enough. And she said that she wanted her own tv. Cuz my dad likes shows, but she likes dramas.

HC: a car is not an appliance, right? Not that I'm bragging that I bought my parents a car... [lol!] I just don't know. A car isn't an appliance, right?

MC Shin: no. lol.

HC: oh, I was confused for a second. I wasn't trying to brag. [lol!]

[part 3]

MC Shin: [about HC buying his parents a car] did you get it for them, cuz they asked for it?

HC: no, not at all. I have a hard time saying, "I love you" to my parents, cuz it's embarrassing. So I was thinking of how to express it, and I decided on getting them a car. And when they called to say thanks, I was embarrassed then, too, so I'd hang up really fast and stuff.

MC Shin: for me, a while ago, my dad wanted to get a license, so I helped him with that. And I got him a car. And I even set him on a blind date! Cuz it's been a while that he's been alone. [aw... he's so nice.] so I set him up with a mother of a network producer.

Panel: did it work out?

MC Shin: well, I always thought that matters of parents and children, work and play, etc. could all be handled separately, but it didn't work out that time, and since then I haven't been contacted by that producer. [lol!]

Boom: I kinda wish that my dad wouldn't see this show. Cuz what he's been asking for is car, too. Every time he calls me, it's from a car service center. [lol!] I'd ask, "where are you calling from?" and he'd say, "an auto shop. The tires came off..." lol! How can the tires come off? So I say, "don't do that, dad." And he'd say, "but it's ok, boom, the engine still works." [lol!]

HC: I think a car would be an answer! Car! [oh, it was an answer!]

JJ: could they have meant tea? [lol! A "car" and "tea" are both "cha" in Korean! So he's playing with the words. Lol!] sorry...

HC: now that we're in the middle of the shoot, we're starting to see the personalities.^^


MC Shin: I hope that the viewers would know this. That no matter what the parents say, what they really want -- even shown in many surveys -- is cash. Even if you wanna get him a really expensive cell phone. It's better to get him a less expensive cell phone, and giving him the rest in cash. Cash is the best.

JJ: it's ok to send directly via bank acct transfer, too, right? [lol! JJ!!]

MC Shin: lol! Of course!

KJH: that's good for tax purposes, too. [lol!] ... and it's better because if you just give cash, when they get it, they say, "thanks," but then they forget about it. But if you send via bank acct transfer, then if you make a mistake or something, they'd look at that record, and forgive. There has to be that evidence! [lol!] it's also good for tax purposes. ... and the reason that cash is that... [sub: pay attention to her hand motion!]

Boom: wait! Don't do that with your hand! [lol!]

KJH: for me, my parents worked at a bank, so I'm used to doing this...

mc shim: but when we talk about cash, no one really does that with their hands...

MC Shin: even if we make this [coin] motion, it's a bit embarrassing, too, but if you do that... [lol!] ... ok, if no one gave this answer, then they lied. This has to be the most # of answers. Viewers, even if no one said this, pls remember that the best present for the parents is sometimes letters, and always cash.^^ [lol! He was right!]


MC Shin: how old is your mom?

mc jung: born in 1946.

MC Shin: my dad was born in 1936.

mc shim: my mom was born in 1944.

MC Shin: oh, and is she alone? / mc shim: yes.

MC Shin: oh, then we should all talk about setting them up. [lol!]

mc jung: but you have to know that my mom is the female version of me.

JJ: oh, my mom was born in 1946, too.

HC: but your dad is still living.

mc shim: we're talking about setting them up on blind dates.

Panel: she has your dad!! Your dad is still living!! [lol! jj!]

JJ: but they use separate rooms. [lol!! jj!!! rofl!]

MC Shin: just because they use separate rooms, you wanna set your mom on a blind date? When she has your dad? Lol!

JJ: if you buy a tv for her. [lol! funny guy jj!]

Boom: no, you can't do that...^^ / HC: don't do that~


mc shim: regardless of the source, all of my income goes directly into my mom's acct.

mc jung: since there are young comedians who did this survey, "bank acct" would be in the answer.

HC: YC, who's managing your accts?

YC: since my parents are overseas, I manage the accts myself, and I send them money regularly. [wow, so cool!]

mc jung: wow, so you send money them regularly. you must take out some, too.

YC: no, I invest a lot. But the funds haven't been doing well, so I'm worried about that a bit [whoa, he has mutual fund investments. That's really cool at such a young age!]

Panel: wow, funds...

mc shin: bank acct. [one person gave that answer.]

[part 4]

a short summary:

JJ: "be funny."

Boom: oh, I've had that happen, actually. I was sleeping, and I got a call from my dad. He was calling from a get together, and he asked me to say my catchphrase [over the phone] for his friends.

KJH: i've had some funny episodes during tv appearances before, but my mom kept saying that those weren't funny. Since she always heard me say those things.

Panel: go for it.

JJ: how should I say this. "be funnier." "be funnier at a gathering." [one of the answer was "come to the gathering." Wanting the comedian child to be at an event that the parents attend.]


[they continue talking about some comments that parents would say to them, in trying to figure out the survey answer.]

mc jung: yeah, my dad would say, "come to the gathering, and make me proud."

YC: "why didn't you speak more, instead of being in the back and just smiling?" [i know! I really wish he'd speak more on tv programs, too...] something like that.

MC Shin: "JJ's always talking blah blah, why don't you talk more, too?"

YC: for example, "say something!"

Boom: you should do "infinite challenge [the mbc show]"! they don't get that I can't do that, since I'm on "line up". but since my mom knows that a lot of ppl watch "infinite challenge" she asks me to do that.^^


YC: oh, I think this could be an answer. "a trip."

ALL: oh, yeah! "a trip"! let's go with that!

JJ: [lol! it was YC's idea, but he went up so fast!] "send me on a trip." "a tour." "let me try riding an airplane." [no one gave that answer]


JJ: I think "land". Since if the parents don't live in the same city, then they'd want to live closer.

YC: "let's live together."

mc jung: actually, there might be a big request like that, "buy me a house."

JJ: since they miss the children.

ALL: wait, we're still in the middle of discussion.

mc shim: "we don't have a house. Buy us a house." / YC: "we wanna live together." [2 ppl answered this,]


MC Shin: there are 14 answers left, and we have 9 chances. So even if we get all right, there will be 5 answers for the viewer participant to try to get. [one viewer participant gets 8 chances to answer at the end of the game. 1 answer is 1 million won each, up to 8 million won.]


mc jung: let's go with "be funnier on tv." [2 answered this.]

Panel: oh, they monitor the children's tv appearances.


KJH: whenever I'm on a drama, I give my dad the script. And since I do a daily drama, there's too much to record [to monitor later] he looks through to find my lines, and records only my lines. [lol!]


MC Shin: we have 7 chances now. Now for 30 seconds, we get to ask questions to try to get a hint. Go!

YC: does the answer have something to do with food? [no]

JJ: is there a request for a material thing? [yes]

HC: is it something negative? [no]

MC Shin: is there some kind of an advice for the child? [yes]

KJH: have we already talked about the answer but not declared as an answer? [yes]

Boom: is it something eccentric? Like... [time over.^^]


mc jung: so there's something material thing,

YC: "children"

JJ: "just have some kids"

YC: "granddaughter, grandson."

mc jung: "hurry up and get married."

MC Shin: oh, "grandchildren."

JJ: when I talk to my mom, she's always asking me to bring her children. [lol! jj!]

MC Shin: cuz he has 8 older sisters. [jj's the only son]

JJ: and she says I could even make children secretly [lol!], even if I don't get a daughter-in-law. [lol!! his mom is so funny!]

mc jung: hmm... the household is really mysterious. [lol!]

[part 5]

HC: what kind of a marriage would parents want?

MC Shin: oh, "marry another celebrity"?

KJH: oh, yeah, double income.

mc jung: "marry a nice celebrity."

MC Shin: or, since the parents don't know tv well, "marry a network tv producer."

Panel: oh, like you did? [^^]

MC Shin: but the truth is, after we got married, I haven't been on mbc that much at all, so I'm not getting much help from the situation. [lol!] ... or "marry a tv writer!"

mc jung: so basically, "marry someone in show business."

YC: "get married." or "start dating."

Boom: wait, since HC is an idol, when he comes up, he should at least give a cool performance or something.

HC: it's been a long time since I've been "dol-I" [instead of "idol". Lol!] "marry a professional, a writer or a producer, or a doctor." [1 person!]


mc shim: there's this, too. Someone I know, her parents were running a sushi restaurant, and it didn't do well, so it closed. But the person actually saved up money and helped the parents open up a new sushi restaurant.

HC: oh, so money to open a new business or store.

MC Shin: have you had that experience?

YC: yes, my mom had asked for help in opening an ice cream place [omg! YC's such a good son!]

Panel: oh, that's it! That's it! We should go with this!

mc shim: micky's.

HC: hankyung also helped his mom open up a dumpling place. [hankyung's such a good son, too!]

YC: "let's open a business."

mc shim: "business, store, investment, please." [yep!]


[now they discuss about some advice that parents may have said to the comedians in the survey]

YC: "be careful of scandals."

Panel: oh, yeah. "be careful of women." / YC: "be careful of women"

Panel: this could be in the answer.

MC Shin: since the parents know about them before debut, they can give this kind of advice.

mc shim: "stop drinking." Something like that.

MC Shin: or more specifically, "don't date married women." [lol!]

Boom: what? What mom would call her son and say, "be careful of married women." [lol!]

MC Shin: well, I'm just saying it's ok to date. Esp. when you're young. [aw...] JJ, what kind of advice did you get?

JJ: "let's have a drink." Even my first drink, I learned from my mom. She always said that I should learn from an adult. "let's have a drink," my mom would say.

MC Shin: oh, usually it's the dad who teaches how to drink.

JJ: my dad can't drink that well.

mc jung: that household is wrapped in a veil. Very mysterious.

mc shim: my mom says, "since drinks are food, too, stop drinking so much."

MC Shin: no... since drinks are food, too, you shouldn't be picky about what you drink. [lol!]

mc shim: so I drink a mix of everything. [lol!]

Boom: and at the end, "but please come home." [lol!]


HC: "be frugal"? "save money"?

Panel: oh yeah!

MC Shin: it's similar to that, but "don't lend money."

Panel/YC: "don't sign as a guarantor."

mc shim: [she keeps going up...] "be frugal." "don't spend too much money." [2 ppl]

[they got 18 out of 22 answers!]

[part 6]

mc shim: we haven't gotten that comedian's answer. I'm a fan of his. I wanna know his answer.

MC Shin: there are 4 answers left. If he gets it right, then he'll win 4 million won. Let's meet the viewer participant! Please introduce yourself.

Viewer: I'm preparing for a language studies. Temporarily in-between jobs for 3rd month.

Boom: if it's 3rd month, then you're becoming a permanent.

MC Shin: in that case, since you haven't started your career yet, trying to get the answers in this survey might be hard for you. What do you think?

Viewer: but I know they're anticipating this, and I've been thinking about this a lot, so I think I can get the answers.

MC Shin: then you'll have 8 chances to get the 4 answers remaining. Each answer is worth 1 million won. Let's begin.

Viewer: "let me be on your show."

MC Shin: some parents kinda really like that. [yep.] you've won 1 million won.

Viewer: "try getting an mc position."

MC Shin: since they're comedians. [no]

Viewer: "tell me about the show business scandals I hear." [no]

"tell me about the ending of a drama." [no]

"set me on a blind date."

MC Shin: oh, we talked about that. JJ even said that he wanted his mom to go on a blind date, even though she has his dad. Because they use separate rooms.

mc jung: and he also said his mom asked for him to bring kids.

MC Shin: is it one of the answers? [no]

Viewer: "be careful of scandals"

MC Shin: we talked about that before.

mc jung: But look at the people who are left on the screen.

Panel: wouldn't it be more like "make some scandal!" [no]

Viewer: "buy me some land" [no]

[last chance] "go to church regularly." [no]


MC Shin: you won 1 million won. Say something to your parents.

Viewer: mom & dad, I love you. Always be healthy. I'll try to bring home my 1st paycheck soon.

Panel: what's the last answer?

"take the dog." Lol! he must have had his parents babysit his dog.

I knew the DBSK parts would be translated fast, so I will just work on translating part 2 of the show :)

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Thank you so much for your hard work in this thread, damifino. I upped the lastest two episodes to megaupload.

For both you need to have HJ Split in order to join. You can get it here: HJ Split



I wasn't sure if anyone wanted the high quality version of the former episodes but if you ask I can up them up. =) Also if I find low quality for these two I will try to up them.

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Guest damifino

^ Thank you so much :) I posted the links on the first post.

I also updated the song list for episode 6 as well as adding online streaming links for Chinese subbed versions of the various episodes.


I noticed that the HQ download for episode 6 is just the DBSK cut and doesn't include question 2. Is there a complete version of the episode available?

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Guest silverwingz

thanks for starting this amazing thread damifino! i don't watch it, since i wouldn't understand it...

but i always enjoy reading your summaries and translations. Heechul and Shin Dong Yup are so funny ^^

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Guest damifino

^ Thank you so much for the download link. I've posted it on the first page.

I'm not sure if it is permanent or if it's just for this week, but it seems that Shim Eun Jin isn't in this week's episode. The 8 panelists for this week are the regular MCs Shin Dong Yup, Jung Chan Woo, and Kim Heechul along with Solbi, Hong Seo Bum, Jo Gap Kyung, Byun Jin Sup, and Mithra Jin. I'm not sure if Solbi has replaced Shim Eun Jin permanently or if Shim Eun Jin was just busy this week so Solbi was just filling in.

Also, it should be fun seeing Heechul and his best buddy Mithra Jin on the show together :)

I've posted the 2 question topics in Post #2


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