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[variety] 8 Vs 1 (대결 8대1)

Guest damifino

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Guest damifino

Here are some info about episodes 10-13... in terms of what questions were/are going to be asked with the new format. Episode 13 is the final episode that will air before a show takes its place.

Episode 10 (03/24/08)

Guests: Kim Ga Yeon, Lee Han Wui, Tae Jin Ah, Woo Seung Min

Star Straight Talk! GO? STOP!:

  • To Lee Han Wui who is getting married to a woman 19 years younger than him!! As a man, what is the thing that you want to say to Lee Han Wui.
  • Eternal rivals!! Reveal secret plans on how Tae Jin Ah can beat Song Dae Kwan!!

Survey Topics:

  • When you found out that your parents were going to have a baby after you've grown up, what your first reaction?

Episode 11 (03/31/08)

Guests: Shindong (subbing for Heechul), Noh Sa Yeon, Moon Hee Joon, Ha Choon Hwa, Kim Young Chul

Star Straight Talk! GO? STOP!:

  • What is the thing that comes to mind when the name Moon Hee Joon is mentioned?
  • What's the thing your parents remember regarding Ha Choon Hwa?

Survey Topics:

  • Couples who went on a vacation, only to hold hands while sleeping!! Why did they only hold hands?

Episode 12 (04/14/08)

Guests: Song Eun Ee, Oak Joo Hyun, Jang Nara, Geum Bora, Kim Jung Min

Star Straight Talk! GO? STOP!:

  • 50 men's reasons for wanting to date Jang Nara and Oak Joo Hyun?

Survey Topics:

  • Women who are older than their boyfriends or husbands, what is that you've put in your effort at while being with your significant other?

Episode 13 (04/21/08)

Guests: Song Eun Ee, Andy, Hwyobi, Park Sang Min, Kim Jung Min

Star Straight Talk! GO? STOP!:

  • What is the thing that is lacking in singer Hwyobi who is a good singer?
  • Cute guy Andy! In order to become more manly, do this!
  • Park Sang Min who has been a singer for 16 years! In order to last longer in show business, fix this!

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Guest silverwingz

It looks like SBS has officially decided to cancel 8 vs 1 for its Spring Reorganization... with all the MC problems and the new format of the show which just hasn't been working for me, I guess it's just as well.

A new show called "The Star Show" starring actor Choi Soo Jong and comedian Park Soo Hong (ex-MC of YSMM) will start airing on April 28.

aww.. it's always kinda sad to see a show end... but i hope the new show will be interesting.

and it's true, this show has been in luck with it's MCs... lol... better luck for the new show.

thanks sharing the news Eunice ^^

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Guest flower pot

13damifino... thanks so much for opening this thread...

I have not really been aware that this show exists but thank god i discovered this thread... too bad i might have discovered it too late... :(

Hope you can make an episode guide or synopsis for Monday's episode since i'm really a big Andy-Solbi fan from We Got Married... Thanks for all your efforts!

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Guest damifino


OK, I started a new endeavor. Well, I thought I'd start a clubbox to compile all of Heechul's dramas, game/variety show appearances (which includes 8 vs 1), radio programs, MV, CFs, etc.. But since depending on the status of the box, files get deleted within 30 days, I need you guys to download files... the tutorial thread said that in order to move to Gold status, you need at least 10 downloads of each file in the clubbox within 10 days.

I will try to post his latest stuff and some early stuff that is somewhat hard to find to begin with, or if you guys have a request of what files you guys are looking for, I'll try to upload them first (make the request in the Heechul Thread). Hopefully, I'll be able to upload everything so that all Heechul fans will be able to use it for reference, BUT YOU GUYS NEED TO HELP BY DOWNLOADING!!!

Just like my cyworld, the name of the clubbox is allaboutheenim


I've uploaded all 12 of the 8 vs 1 episodes that have currently aired and the original pilot for the show which aired back in 2006. I will upload episode 13 which airs tomorrow as soon as it becomes available.

P.S. If you don't know how to use clubbox, there is a tutorial thread


Foreigners can easily sign up AND you don't even need a Korean social security number to do it :) But what you do need is a PC or a mac with a virtual PC program that runs Windows such as Bootcamp or Parallel Desktop.

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Guest damifino

I uploaded the latest AND final episode of 8 vs 1 with Shin Dong Yup, Jung Chan Woo, Solbi, Song Eun Ee, Andy, Hwyobi, Park Sang Min, and Kim Jung Min. I think this might be the first talk show outside of "We Got Married" in which Solbi and Andy are on together since they started playing a fake married couple, that is.

–– 080421 SBS 8 vs 1 (Episode 13)

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Guest slightlychinita_kristene

hi..it's my first time posting here!!!!!

can someone..who has a good heart..hehehe..put translation in the episode where andy was there..also solbi...

please...please...or put eng. sub..please..thanks..i'm andy and solbi fan..hahaha..thanks!^_^

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i havenot EP.13

because i can't downlaod form clubbox....[so sad]

i want see andy oppa so mush ..... i havenot

help me link download [not clubbox]

thank you so mush.............

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Guest Vattenboll

TungTung fansubs

080128 8 vs 1 episode 2 (ENGLISH SUBBED)

With Heechul, Alex, Solbi, Han Young & Kim Saeng Min

The questions for this episode:

- 50 grandmas above the age of 70 were asked, "Say a line in English?"

- 50 newlyweds were asked, "What did you prepare to make your first night together more special?"

- 50 emergency rescue personnel were asked, "Where are the places that people normally get stuck in?"


Available in our clubbox:


For direct downloads, click HERE.


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