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Moon So-ri 문소리

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Guest kdramafanusa

QUOTE CHOSUN Nov.17,2006 10:13 KST
Which Korean Stars Have the Greatest Pulling Power?

Who is the actor in Chungmuro today who can mobilize the greatest number of fans? And just how many tickets can be sold on the basis of that actor’s name alone? We asked a group of 12 producers and PR execs that know actors’ commercial value best who in Korea can “open” a movie and ranked the top 20 according to the result. It is the fourth survey of its kind and covers any actor who starred in at least one major film.

1. Song Kang-ho 송강호
2. Jang Dong-gun 장동건
3. Jo Seung-woo 조승우
4. Kang Dong-won 강동원
5. Jo In-sung 조인성
6. Hwang Jung-min 황정민
7. Jung Woo-sung 정우성
8. Cha Seung-won 차승원
9. Lee Byung-hun 이병헌
10. Seol Kyung-gu 설경구
11. Won Bin 원빈
12. Ryu Seung-beom 류승범
13. Kwon Sang-woo 권상우
14. Gam Woo-sung 감우성
15. Kim Soo-ro 김수로
16. Hyun Bin 현빈
17. Choi Min-sik 최민식
18. Kim Rae-won 김래원
19. Lee Joon-ki 이준기
20. Jung Joon-ho 정준호

1. Lee Young-ae 이영애
2. Jeon Do-yeon 전도연
3. Jeon Ji-hyun 전지현
4. Moon Geun-young 문근영
5. Son Ye-jin 손예진
6. Kim Sun-ah 김선아
7. Lee Na-young 이나영
8. Im Soo-jung 임수정
9. Uhm Jung-hwa 엄정화
10. Ha Ji-won 하지원
11. Kim Hye-soo 김혜수
12. Jang Jin-young 장진영
13. Kim Soo-mi 김수미
14. Song Hye-kyo 송혜교
15. Soo Ae 수애
16. Kim Ha-neul 김하늘
17. Moon So-ri 문소리
18. Kang Hye-jung 강혜정
19. Choi Kang-hee 최강희
20. Go Hyun-jung 고현정


Source: Chosun

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March 14, 2008

Actress Moon So-ri's "tent lecture"





Moon So-ri lectured about short films to a night class for the disabled on the 14th at Seoul Marronier Park.

It was the 73rd day of the night class in a tent on the street.

Because this school is not approved by the Seoul Education Office or Ministry of Education, it does not have a budget. Through the help of others, the "tent lectures" will be held in a new place.

Original article at kr.news.yahoo.com

English translation by hancinema.net

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Guest cparker

Does MSR have a friendster account?.

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Guest sinjue111

Dear all,

I'm sinjue111 from Thailand I would like to share a nice picture of Moon Sa ri

Hope who come in this web will be very happy to see this art work and gif file.








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Guest kdramafanusa

I'm sinjue111 from Thailand I would like to share a nice picture of Moon Sa ri

Hope who come in this web will be very happy to see this art work and gif file.

Hi Sinjue111, thanks for sharing these with us. :)


Credits: DC

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Guest liezle

just want to share with you guys this interview of MSR when she visited Japan with the cast of TWSSG. if you want to read the whole article you may click here.

original in japanese: Shukan Josei 7-15-08

scanned & posted by: miemi / byjgallery

translated into english: a sweet sister / bb's blog

Moon Sori,

“The Three of Them Protected Me From an Incident”


Moon Sori, the dramatic actress,

acclaimed by not only the Korean film industry but also internationally,

recently completed her first memorable TV drama, TWSSG.

“In film, the dialogue is already written until the final scene,

but dramas are different.

Not being able to see what is in front of you is like living not knowing your fate.”

She played Kajin in the mythical age

and Kiha, who was reborn as the guardian of the power of fire, Jujak.

Kiha and Damdeok, played by BYJ, were in love

but end up separated by destiny.

Did she keep her distance

since she would be playing a love interest opposite Yonsama?

“No. Off-camera we got along very well.

After the filming ended, we encouraged each other saying, 'You did well'.”

In her private life, BYJ was an acquaintance from before.

She married her director husband during filming

who was also a friend with Yonsama,

and they invited him to their new home shortly after getting married.

“Oh yes, the other day during the Osaka event,

when we were leaving the stage,

I almost fell down because my costume is too long.

Then Damdeok (Yonsama), Jumoochi, (Park Sung Woon), and Cheoro (Lee Philip)

came running to my aid just like during the drama filming.

So I acted like Kiha would and calmly went backstage.

Later YJ complimented me saying, 'That was a great performance'"


rest of the article has been omitted...

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Guest liezle

here's another translation [and video]. this one is from the NHK TWSSG Special in Japan that was held last 6.21.08. I've deleted major portion of byj, lee ji ah and kim jong hak's interview. if you want to read the whole translation click here.

btw, please take note that msr's reply to the emcee are the one in green.

NHK TWSSG Special 06.21.08

by makishi/byjgallery

part 1 part 2

part 3 part 4

and here's translation of the whole program huge huge thanks to bb for her tireless effort in translating this long interview to english :)


[Trans] NHK TWSSG special program

original in japanese: NHK TWSSG special 2008/06/21 27:00-17:59

translated into chinese: snowkin / loveyongjoon

translated into english: happiebb / bb's blog


PD kim - PD Kim Jong Hak

YJ - Bae Yong Joon

MSR - Moon So Ry

EJA - E Ji Ah

NHK emcees

emcee: Welcome, welcome....


emcee: Could you please invite MSR and EJA in?

YJ: Sure. Moon So Ry-ssi, E Ji Aj-ssi, please come in.

(bb: seems that wuri yong joon had commented laughingly that he felt like he was summoning his concubines into the studio... hee...)

emcee: MSR-ssi, you've cut your hair?

MSR: Yes. The filming for TWSSG has come to an end, that filming process took three years, I had wanted to say goodbye to Kiha, so I decided to cut my hair short.

emcee: From the perspective of work, your role was really quite difficult.

MSR: Both characters possessed the power of fire. Kajin was the goddess of fire, with the power to ignite fire. Kiha, on the other hand, seemed to store fire like latent energy, but could not ignite it. I kept struggling in two inner worlds penduluming between exploding and suppression. both worlds battling each other. It would be easier if I could just choose to explode or to suppress. My character was someone who was in intense pain and was crying even if she's just sitting there. This is my first time acting in a TV drama, and it had to be a role that's so tough.

emcee: Sujini's character was abit like a boy, she liked money and could really drink. But in reality, how did you feel when you're acting out this character?

EJA: To me, everything was difficult. But when I'm being mischievous, it's Sujini's expression, this part wass comparatively easier. But towards the second half, Sujini had gone through much experience dealt by fate, her heart had been hurt, and (the character) got increasingly darker and gray. And to express the mental pain experienced by a child so pure and innocent, this part was very difficult to act out. But, the mischievous look, the money-smelling gestures, the drinking and all that, these all suited me. But I do not drink like Sujini.

MSR: But you can't drink..

EJA: I can drink a little.

MSR: But you didn't used to...

EJA: In order to adapt to everyone, I'm trying my best to learn drinking.

MSR: When you saw me in Japan, you said, "I can drink more now!"

emcee: When the two of you were acting with BYJ, were there any scenes with Damdeok that left a deep impression?

MSR: There was such a scene in a holy hall. Damdeok said to Kiha, "It's over, I no longer have any longing for you."

(During this time, the screen was playing this clip... "I really had lingering feelings for you, that's why I've come to see you. But it's over, I no longer had any longing for you."

To say all these to me softly when he's just beside me, in a place as spacious as the holy hall... It felt much heavier than any stronger words. I felt as though I was being beaten by an iron rod, it was a very big and powerful blow. At that time, I was thinking, "Surely I must go and die..." I could not even sleep at night.

emcee: It didn't seem like acting, it felt as though you were really experiencing it...?

MSR: Yes, it felt that way in that scene.

emcee: Must have been a very big blow, ya?


MSR: Someone who's normally very gentle... Then and there, he felt so cold and distant.

emcee: It's surely not a small blow for a woman to hear a man tell her he no longer has any yearning for her.


emcee: MSR wore the white costume.

MSR: That's the costume that Kiha wore after she became the head priestess. To be tied by so many ribbons, the costume is trying to say she's being bounded by the heavens, she has no freedom. Although the costume is very light, but it gives the feeling of being tied down and bonded. Many of my costumes were made from transparent fabrics, it's very cold when we were shooting in winter.


MSR: Mine was white, I could not sit just anywhere, and I also could not step on the skirt.

EJA: I could sit anywhere I want.

MSR: I often had to watch out not to dirty the clothes when I was eating kimchi. I really envied Sujini for her clothes.

EJA: But they didn't allow me to wash my costumes even when they got dirty, it's very troublesome.

Making scenes

Introducing the famous lines in the drama

Hwan Woong:

It is the human beings who learn to make the impossible possible.


What I wish for is only one, and it's just that one man; is this too a big sin?


Is it really enough to win by spreading the seeds of revenge?


Pe-ha, there's a very nice smell on your back.

emcee: What are your favourite lines?


MSR: Before I played Kiha's role, the line that Kajin said just before she fell off from the cliff. "I was also a king once!"

Kiha had the heart and also the strength of a king. This line tells of such a woman. But after thousands of years, when she reincarnated into Kiha, she shouldered fate's sad burden of falling for the king. On the cliff, I portrayed the self-confidence of a king.


emcee: The two of you had been acting with BYJ, was there anything that you'd always wanted to ask, but couldn't ask?


MSR: Things that I couldn't ask? No, nothing, I would ask about anything.

YJ: We're more familiar with each other, her husband is like an elder brother to me.

MSR: I'll ask about anything, and I'll know everything. Which hospital he goes to for treatment, and I also know about him going to New York sometime back... Things that I wanted to ask...

YJ: You probably don't know my weight...?

MSR: Ah, I know... What do you think about MSR?

YJ: That's right. You've never asked this. In Korean, MSR is known as a top actress. But I've not seen her movies, but I know of her acting ability through working together this time. We can even say only she's can play the role of Kiha. Her abundant energy and her focus can bring out the acting in her co-actors, so I was able to immerse into my character. She is a fine actress.


MSR: I didn't mean for you to say these things when I asked that question. Sorry... Thank you. But this is really so embarrassing.

YJ: We didn't discuss about this beforehand.


Making scenes

Playing with the mini-fan


PD Kim entered the studio.


emcee: You must have had major headaches when you were doing the casting for such a grand-scale period TV drama. How did you decide on the actors and actresses?


Kiha is a character who possessed a destructive power innate in her weakness. After I've seen MSR's morives, I felt she has the sort of instantaneous, explosive power. I think only she is capable of portraying Kiha's explosive power and her sad and suppressed mental state of mind simultaneously. So I chose her for this role. This is her first time acting in a TV drama, it took me a very long time to convince her.


emcee: Are there plans to shoot Season 2?

PD Kim: When the shooting finished, I said "It's not over" when I hugged BYJ. That's because we have not completely expressed and portrayed the contents of this drama, so we feel sorry about it even up till now. When BYJ got his (MBC) award, he spoke of Season 2, that's to complete the wish. So let's get BYJ to answer this question.

YJ: Both the PD and I felt sorry and regretful about this, and we also talked about it when in Japan. If we're going to make Season 2, how about setting the stage in modern days? But there's no concrete story or contents yet, we're just considering if it's possible.

MSR: Please hurry up and make a decision. Or else I can't do my family planning.

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Guest cparker

MSR: Please hurry up and make a decision. Or else I can't do my family planning.

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Guest liezle

our endless thanks again to cloudnine for translating the long interview from AERA. Likewise to bb for sharing this in her blog.

again i've deleted portion of the interview of her other co-stars in twssg. but if you want to read the whole interview click here for part 1/2 and here for part 2/2.

[Trans] the bond betw YJ & the gods 2/2

original in japanese: AERA 2008/07/14

scanned & posted by: miemi / byjgallery

translated into english: cloudnine / bb's blog

The Bond between BYJ and ‘Four Gods’

Inside Story Revealed by the Co-stars of TWSSG


A strong actress who accepts the destiny


Sujini’s elder sister, Kiha is the reincarnation of Jujak and another heroine.

Moon Sori who played the role is one of the best actresses in Korea, who was often awarded in the international film festivals for the movie such as Oasis. Her first appearance in the drama drew people’s attention. PD Kim cast her because only she could play Kiha who secretly kept her passionate energy within her.

“Why do I have to endure such a sad fate? Only going to the shooting site, even if it was not a crying scene, I had tearful eyes. At the scene when I was robbed of my baby, I cried so hard for about eight minutes that I didn’t remember how I did it. People tend to think from my appearance that I hardly cry, but when the shooting was over that day, [We have never seen a person who cries like Moon Sori.]“

Kiha’s eyes are keen. I wonder if Moon Sori herself is a type who explodes her emotions.

“So is my family. So I had tried to restrain my emotions since my childhood, because I didn’t want to be such a type of person. But I think I have something in common in me. The job as an actress matches such feelings of mine. It might be fate that I became an actress.”

She is known in Korea that she actively makes social comments .

“Basically I think actors should be free, however, it is not a job to be accomplished by one person. Acting ‘a human’, it is connected with the society. A sound society is where we can exchange our views freely, and it was not allowed in Korea before. I only wish to speak my mind honestly as a citizen.“

During the shooting she got married to the movie director, Jang Ju Hwan.

Both of the wife and husband are very close to BYJ privately too.

“(In the drama) As Damdeok became cruel to Kiha, Yong Joon-ssi gave me compliments and he also sympathized with me. He encouraged me saying, [Poor Kiha] .”

Right after the shooting finished, she went to Cairo, where she was surprised to learn that BYJ was very popular because of ‘WLS boom’.

“At the hotel women with black veils came up to me and said, [Kiha-nim, we are Egyptian family (fans).] and they handed me their presents to BYJ!”

Again this time she recognized the great popularity of BYJ in Japan.

“It is quite rare even in the rest of the world that an actor is loved this much. When we think of the history between Japan and Korea, and its national characteristics and culture along with the Koreans living in Japan, this is just great. If we could lead this phenomenon towards a constructive direction, I think we should (be able to) promote mutual cultural exchange.”

BYJ also says that cultural exchange needs to transcend across borders. This idea is shared with others. The bond with ‘Four Gods’ is (indeed very) deep.

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Guest kdramafanusa

Source: HanCinema

Via: StarNews 08/06 08:49

Moon So-ri "Apology" released 4 years after final shoot


Movie star Moon So-ri is the main character in the movie "Apology" which will be released finally after 4 years.

It will be released on October 16th. "Apology" is about dating and marriage also starring Kim Tae-woo.

Many difficult situations have delayed the releasing of this movie that has been a hot topic 4 years ago as it was being filmed.

The final release of the film has brought much joy to the staff and actors of this movie.

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August 7, 2008

Sa-kwa aka Sorry Apple (w/ Moon So-ri) finally set for release Oct. 16th

Posted by luna6


After four very long years “Sa-kwa,” also known as “Sorry Apple” will finally get its theatrical release in South Korea on October 16th, 2008. The film initially had its premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2005, walking away with the FIPRESCI award. In 2006, the movie screened in Korea at the Busan International Film Festival. After the screening in Busan, main actress So-ri Moon walked on stage and spoke with the audience. She expressed excitement her excitement that the movie finally screened in Korea. Her excitement was then put on ice for another 2 years, but she should be smiling again very soon.

So-ri Moon stars in “Sa-kwa” as Hyun-jung. She’s somewhat your typical office worker that finds herself suddenly single again. Her boyfriend of seven years, Min-suk (Seon-gyun Lee), left her abruptly. She then receives flowers and attention from Sang-hoon (Tae-woo Kim) in attempt to get Hyun-jung to marry him. His plan works and they do get married. But everything isn’t bliss in their marriage and ironically, Min-suk reappears and confesses his love for her.

Source: lunapark6.com

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Guest kdramafanusa

Moon So-Ri's new weekend drama "Golden Age Of My Life" (50 episodes) will start on August 30th at 7:55pm on MBC.










주말 드라마[내 인생의 황.금.기.]문소리, 태국서 첫사랑 이태곤과 짜릿한 키스 씬으로 본격 촬영 돌입

2008-08-18 오후 4:24:30


방송 : 8월 30일 밤 7시 55분 첫 방송

오는 8월 30일 첫 방영하는 [천하일색 박정금] 후속의 [내인생의 황.금.기.](이정선 극본, 정세호 연출)의 주인공 문소리가 짜릿한 첫사랑과의 키스 씬으로 50부작 대장정의 본격적인 촬영 시작을 알렸다.

[내인생의 황.금.기.]에서 2녀 1남의 맏딸 이황으로 분하는 문소리는 이번 작품이 사전 제작 대작 [태왕사신기]를 제외하고는 첫 드라마 출연작이기도 하다. 문소리가 연기하는 이황은 북 디자이너. 결혼했음에도 때로는 자신을 더 사랑하는 이기적인 면모도 갖고 있다.

왕 내숭에 우아를 떨기도 하고 시어머니에게 할말 다하고 덤비는 왕 싸가지 면모도 갖고 있다. 문소리의 이번 드라마 첫 촬영은 지난 8일부터 태국 방콕과 파타야 일대에서 4박 5일간 이뤄졌다.

극중 이황은 북 디자이너 답게 태국 방콕에서 열리는 북 전시회겸 세미나에 참석하는 상황이다. 여기서 그는 자투리 밤 시간을 통해 첫사랑 동환(이태곤)을 만나 격정적인 밤을 보내게 된다. 이태곤은 정세호 PD의 전작 [겨울새]의 주인공으로 맺은 인연 때문에 문소리의 첫사랑 동환으로 우정출연했다.

이황 역 문소리의 첫사랑에 대한 과감하고 솔직한 감정은 키스에 먼저 대시하는 모습에서도 나타났다. 문소리와 이태곤의 첫 키스는 파타야 한 호텔에서 4시간 동안 이뤄졌고 서로 어색함을 무릅쓰고 간신히 성공을 했다는 제작진의 귀띔이다. 문소리와 이태곤은 방콕의 카오산 로드, 파타야 풀장 등 멋진 풍광속에서 데이트를 하는 모습을 시원스럽게 촬영했다.

문소리는 극중에서 아이가 한명 있는 유부녀이기에 이같은 원나잇 스탠드는 자칫 충격적일 수 있는 부분. 사실 극중에서 따지고 보면 남편 유태일(이종원)의 외도가 원인을 제공한 것이지만 결국 이같은 문소리의 외도는 향후 이혼이라는 파국을 맞는 결정적 계기가 돼 드라마 전개의 중요한 초반 포인트가 될 예정이다.

하지만 제작진은 방송 시간대가 주말 오후 가족 시간대인 8시대 인점을 감안, 적절한 수위조절을 할 계획이다. 한편 문소리는 이번 본격적인 드라마 출연을 통해 시청자들에게 친숙한 대중성을 얻고 싶은 의지도 내비치고 있다. 문소리 측 관계자는 “그동안 여러 영화를 통해 문소리라는 배우가 가진 작품성 위주의 캐릭터 연기에서 외연을 확대해 대중성을 얻고 싶은 의지가 강하다”면서 “이번 작품을 기대해 달라”고 전했다.

[내인생의 황.금.기.]는 부모와 자식, 형제와 자매, 사랑과 결혼, 이혼과 실직, 투병과 극복, 꿈과 좌절, 희망과 용기 등 한 가족이 겪는 다양한 경험들을 통해 시청자들에게 공감대를 주고 같이 고민해 보자는 화두를 던져줄 것이다. 8월 30일 첫 방송.

홍보 남궁성우 (789-2724)

Source: MBC

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Guest valley girl

i dunno much about moon soo ri a lot but i think she's a great actress.. she Got 2 Korean Movie awards as best aCtress two Years in Row Wow she's seems GReat

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Guest kdramafanusa

Source: Twitch Sep 17, 2008

Wow… They’re Really Releasing 사과 (Sakwa) After All

Posted by X at 10:43pm.

Posted in Trailer Alerts , Asia.


Good news. Or… is it? I’ve heard good words about Kang Yi-Gwan’s 사과 (Sakwa)—which in Korean can mean “apple” and “apology”—for what seems like an eternity and two thirds, but it could just be one of those quiet little films that make a blip on the radar and then disappear. Then again, maybe not. The reason is simply the cast: Moon So-Ri. That doesn’t need any follow up; Lee Seon-Gyun. Shouldn’t need one either, but in case you’re not familiar, he’s one of the most exciting new talents in the business, recently starring in the lovely 달콤한 나의 도시 (My Sweet Seoul). His last film was 우리 동네 (Our Town), and those in the know, ahem, know him as “The Voice.” You’ll find out why soon enough.

Film, which also stars Kim Tae-Woo and Kang Rae-Yeon, fell into one of those dangerous limbos where producers don’t want to waste the good cast on a pitiful release and disappear after two weeks, so they keep waiting for the right moment. That right moment has taken over three years, but it seems we’re finally there. October 16, the same day 미쓰 홍당무 (Crush and Blush) releases, but seems like a relatively decent spot. New poster? Check. New trailer? Check… it, below the break. Seems like they’re doing it for real this time.

Sakwa Trailer

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Guest kdramafanusa

Source: JavaBeans

The cast of “Sa-kwa” does the press whirl

September 24th, 2008 // by javabeans


The 24th was press preview day for the cast of upcoming movie Sa-kwa [사과, which could mean apple or apology], and while this doesn’t necessarily look like my cup of tea, I do like the actors involved: Moon Sori (Legend), Lee Seon-kyun (White Tower), and Kim Tae-woo (Woman on the Beach) .

The preview (below) also looks cute — in the film, directed by Kang Yi-kwan (A Smile), Moon Sori’s character is dumped by Lee Seon-kyun after seven years. She then marries Kim Tae-woo’s character, who’d long had feelings for her, but is confronted with doubt and worry when her first love returns.


The movie finally hits theaters after two years; since starting on the film in December 2006, Moon Sori has since married (to movie director Jang Joon-hwan). She joked, “Before I got married, I’d played mothers in a lot of roles, but now that I’m married, here comes my movie where I play a single woman.”

She also shared an anecdote about watching the film at the Pusan Film Festival with her then-fiancé, who’d turned to her afterward and said, “Marriage is starting to seem scary. It seems a lot more difficult and frightening than I’d thought.” (At least he wasn’t scared off completely.)

The movie releases October 16.

Via Hankyung.com







Stills from the film:












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