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Moon So-ri 문소리

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Guest kdramafanusa

Source: The Korea Herald 2008.09.26

Moon So-ri returns to her salad days

Moon So-ri, an award-winning Korean actress, was a single when she joined the cast for "Sa-kwa," a movie about relationships, marriage and reunion.

While the release date for the film, directed by Kang Yi-kwon, was put back again and again, Moon got married and her perspective about the movie also changed.

Because of the long delay, Moon expressed her special feelings about the film when she joined the press screening of "Sa-kwa" in Seoul on Wednesday.

"It's overwhelming," Moon said. "There are so many good memories and stories about this movie, but I felt a sense of helplessness when the release got delayed."

Moon said the much-awaited movie would bring back the younger image she had in her debut film "Peppermint Candy" (2000). "The image in 'Sa-kwa' is different from how I am today, and I felt as if I was watching myself from the days when I was in 'Peppermint Candy.' I was certainly not sophisticated back then," Moon said.

"Sa-kwa," whose Korean title can be interpreted as either "apology" or "apple," was originally scheduled to hit theaters in the spring of 2005, but instead entered a three-year period of and neglect.

Despite the delay, the movie earned high credentials by winning the FIPRESCI Award at the 2005 Toronto International Film Festival and the Best New Screenplay award at the 2005 San Sebastian International Film Festival.

Moon said that when she portrayed a troubled housewife in "Sa-kwa," she came away with the realization that marriage is highly demanding and difficult to manage. "When I watched the film at the 2006 Pusan International Film Festival, my husband said he was scared about marriage," she said.

Moon married Golden Raven winning filmmaker Jang Jun-hwan, director of "Save the Green Planet!" (2003).

"Sa-kwa" revolves around the relationship between Hyeong-jeong (Moon So-ri) and and Sang-hun (Kim Tae-woo). Hyeong-jeong, engaged in fashion industry, held a seven-year relationship with her first love (Lee Seon-gyun), only to be dumped in a heart-breaking way. She tries to recover from the breakup by quickly dating and marrying Sang-hun, but things get tricky when her old love comes into her life again.

Hyeong-jeong struggles to hold back her feelings toward her old boyfriend, considering divorce so that she can be reunited with Sang-hun. The movie uses the image of apple as a theme, along with the idea of apology, indicating a complex web of relationships involved in marriage.

"There is no royal road to a successful marriage, except for a willingness to accept your partner and try to improve your marriage together," Moon said. "But I don't think it's a good idea to meet with an old boyfriend in real life."

Moon's first major film roles came in Lee Chang-dong's "Peppermint Candy" and "Oasis," both played opposite Sol Kyung-gu.

Her detailed and moving portrayal of a woman with cerebral palsy in "Oasis" led to critical acclaim, including the Marcello Mastroianni Award as best new actress at the 2002 Venice Film Festival. Moon is currently only the second Korean to win a prize at the Venice festival, after Kang Soo-Yeon in 1985 for "The Surrogate Woman."

Moon added to her credentials by playing a housewife who has an affair with a teenage boy in Im Sang-soo's critically-acclaimed "A Good Lawyer's Wife," which led to her Best Actress at the Grand Bell Awards in 2004.

Thanks to rave reviews about her acting, she quickly emerged as a leading actress in Korean cinema, taking title roles for big movies in the past years, including "Bewitching Attraction" (2006), "Family Ties" (2006) and "Forever the Moment" (2008).

"Sa-kwa" will hit theaters nationwide on Oct. 16.

By Yang Sung-jin


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Guest mandalaywith


Yesterday I'm attented to 29th Blue Dragon Film Awards Readcarpet.

My take up some Photo is not clear.Only video is clear.

Moon So Ri,Uhm Tae Woong(엄태웅)29th Blue Dragon Film Awards Redcarpet Vod

credit- http://blog.daum.net/mandalaywith @ soompi

If you post another site,please write to credit.Respect to Owner

Vod is My daum blog in go to watch


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Guest huangsy

Credits KDRAMFANUSA at 2008 MBC Drama Awards thread.

~ 2008 MBC Drama Awards Winner List ~


Moon So-Ri (Golden Age Of My Life)

Han Ji-Hye (East Of Eden)




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Guest kdramafanusa

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

Jeonju Film Festival unveils lineup

11 features by notable Korean directors to compete

March 25, 2009

By Soo-mee Park

SEOUL -- Eleven feature films by Korean directors including Yim Sun-rye and Kim Eung-su have been chosen to compete at this year's Jeonju International Film Festival, which runs April 30-May 8.

Yim, director of "Forever the Moment," about South Korean national women's handball team, will compete in the section with her new effort "Fly Penguin."

The film, featuring award-winning actress Moon So-ri ("Oasis"), delves into the lives of contemporary Koreans who suffer from various prejudices in an increasingly competitive society.

Other features in the section include Kim Eung-su's "The Origin of Water," about a man who takes on a journey to find the scenery from the painting left by his mother; Sim Sang-ok's "Where is Ronny," a comedy about a Taekwondo master who wants to restore his pride after losing a match to a foreign amateur; and "Bandhobi" by Shin Dong-il, about a romance between a Bangladeshi man and a Korean high school girl.

Jeonju is noted for bringing young independent filmmakers into the mainstream. Ryu Seung-wan's debut feature "Die Bad" and Noh Young-seok's "Daytime Drinking" have been discovered through the festival.

Jeonju's feature competition section, previously named "Korean Cinema on the Move," introduces a lineup of arthouse Korean films and documentaries. The audiences and jury members will each select the JJ-Star Award and Audience Critics' Award, respectively, at the end of the festival.

Separately, Zhang Lu, the Korean-Chinese director of "Grain in Ear"; Despina Mouzaki, the Greek director of Thessaloniki Film Festival; and Giovanna Fulvi, the Asian cinema programr for the Toronto International Film Festival, have been named as final jury members for the Korean feature section.

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April 9, 2009

Yim Soon-rye Returns with New Feature

Korea’s top woman filmmaker YIM Soon-rye, director of 2008’s first local hit, Forever the Moment, is back in 2009 with her fourth feature, Fly, Penguin which will have its world premiere at the 10th Jeonju International Film Festival in the Korean Feature Competition section.

The feature stars award-winning actress MOON So-ri, along with PARK Won-sang, PARK In-hwan and JEONG Hye-sun – all of whom appeared in YIM’s previous film Forever the Moment. The new feature is the very first to be produced and sponsored by the National Human Rights Commission of Korea, known for its If You Were Me series of omnibus films.

Fly, Penguin is a human-rights themed tale that visits controversial sites in Korean society including the heavy burdens of private education on kids and their financially strapped parents, prejudices towards vegetarians, gender discrimination, and twilight divorce (divorce of couples in their 50s and 60s).

YIM emerged in the 90s with her award-winning short film Promenade in the Rain (1994), capturing prizes at the Seoul, Clermont-Ferrand, and Fribourg film festivals. Her feature debut Three Friends (1996) won the NETPEC award at the Pusan International Film Festival. Her second feature film, Waikiki Brothers (2001), played in major film festivals around the world. Her commercial breakthrough Forever the Moment obtained over 4 million admissions in just 37 days of theatrical release.

Credits: Nigel D'Sa (KOFIC)

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Guest kdramafanusa

Source: KBS

Stars Shoot to Promote Green Film Festival

[ 2009-04-23 ]


Film stars and a musician have joined efforts to make a short video themed on a "green" lifestyle.

According to the Seoul Green Film Festival organizer on April 20, “Family Ties” director Kim Tae-yong directed the video to be used to promote the 6th festival.

Singer Lee Sang-eun and actresses Park Jin-hee and Moon So-ri appeared in three episodes of the video -- each about power saving, cycling, and handkerchief use. Notably in Moon’s episode, her husband, director Jang Joon-hwan, made a cameo appearance.

The 6th Green Film Festival will run from May 21 to 27 at the CGV Sangam theater and World Cup Stadium in Sangam-dong, Seoul.

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Woot! :w00t:

Moon to star in Hong Sang-soo’s seventh film

5 June, 2009 | By Jean Noh, Screen Daily

Korean auteur Hong Sang-soo has cast Venice award-winning actress Moon So-ri (Oasis) and Hong regular Kim Sang-kyung in his upcoming seventh film.

The as-yet-untitled, low-budget film is due to start shooting in July. Hong declined to comment on details of the story, referring to his well-known mode of directing by which he continues to write and modify his scripts on set.

His recent Like You Know It All was in Cannes Directors’ Fortnight where it sold to CTV International for French-speaking territories.

This year, Hong also participated in the Jeonju Digital Project omnibus with Japanese director Naomi Kawase and Filipino director Lav Diaz.

Moon So-ri previously won the Venice best actress award for her role as a physically challenged woman in Lee Chang-dong’s Oasis. She also starred in films such as Im Sang-soo’s drama A Good Lawyer’s Wife and Yim Soon-rye’s women’s handball team hit Forever The Moment.

Although it is her first time appearing on-screen in a Hong Sang-soo film, Moon So-ri previously played the voice of a Seoul girlfriend in Like You Know It All.

Kim Sang-kyung, who also starred opposite Song Kang-ho in Bong Joon-ho’s thriller hit Memories Of Murder, has previously worked with Hong Sang-soo in his dramas A Tale Of Cinema and Turning Gate.

HONG Sangsoo casts MOON So-ri

Jun 12 2009 | By Yi Ch'ang-ho, KOFIC

2002 Venice Film Festival's Best actress winner MOON So-ri will challenge herself this time with a leading role in director HONG Sangsoo's next project. Details about HONG's film are sparse. The celebrated indie director is known for improvisation, writing and rewriting while filming.

KIM Sang-kyung has been cast in the male leading role. It will be KIM's third film with HONG after Turning Gate in 2002, and A Tale of Cinema in 2005. KIM also worked with directors like BONG Joon-ho (Memories of Murder) and KIM Ji-hoon (May 18).

HONG's latest feature film Like You Know it All was invited by Festival de Cannes. HONG's films are conveted by film festivals around the world. He garnered acclaim from his first films The Day a Pig Fell into a Well and The Power of Kangwon Province.

MOON So-ri is well known for her acting skills which attracted YIM Soon-rye (Forever the Moment) and KIM Tae-yong (Family Ties). She was first discovered by LEE Chang-dong who cast her first for Peppermint Candy and again in 2002 for Oasis, the film which earned her the Best actress award from the Venice Film Festival.

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June 3, 2010


Almost 4 years of marriage to film Director Jang Jun Hwan (40), actress Moon So Ri (36) is confirmed pregnant with their first child.


Source: innolife.net


November 30, 2006

Actress Moon to Wed Film Director

By Han Eun-jung, Staff Reporter

Actress Moon So-ri will tie the knot with film director Jang Joon-hwan on Christmas Eve. "Because Chang is currently in Japan, details will be worked out next week," Yonhap News Agency quoted a representative for Moon as saying. The spokesperson added that the wedding will be held in Kyonggi Province but released no further details. Both Sungkyunkwan University alumni, the two reportedly met on the set of a 2003 music video in which Moon was cast in the female lead and Jang was the director. Their professional relationship developed off set into a romance.

Moon, 32, is a promising young actress known for performances in "Peppermint Candy," "A Good Lawyer's Wife," and most recently "Family Ties." She garnered international acclaim when she won the Best Actress Award at the Venice Film Festival in 2002 for her portrayal of a polio survivor in the movie "Oasis." Chang's debut was as the assistant director of "Motel Cactus" in 1996. He also penned the script of the 1999 thriller "Phantom: the Submarine." In 2003, he directed "Save the Green Planet" for which he won the best new director award at both the Moscow International Film Festival and the Blue Dragon Film Awards.

Credits: ejh09@times.hankooki.com

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Congratulations to Moon Sori and Jang Joon-Hwan!! 2v33srt.gif

Actress Moon So-Ri is pregnant with her first child after 4 years of her marriage.

Moon So-Ri, who tied the knot with film director Jang Joon-Hwan in 2006, has been careful about choosing her next film due to her plans to have a baby, and instead, she has been pursuing her acting career in plays including ‘The Pitman Painters’ which was presented in May.

Her enjoyment of acting with others on the stage and practice of capoeira (Brazilian martial art) have been the first prenatal education of hers. Moon So-Ri was able to stay in good condition with the support of her husband while she starred in the play.

A concerned person of her agency, LH Media, said, “Everyone is being careful as she is in the seventh week of pregnancy. The two have been waiting for a baby, and they are very delighted. For a while, they will be focusing only on her prenatal education.

Source: SportsWorldi

Thanks for sharing the news rubie, they're among my favorite K-showbiz couples (:








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Guest nanou73horse

Hi Guys, Thank you for uploading some news and pictures about her ! So difficult to find...

I really like this actress, I discover her in 'The Legend' And Kiha is my favorite character...

So Now, I want to see all her movies, and I have seen 2 of them.

Thank you!

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Source: http://contents.innolife.net/news/list.php?ac_id=4&ai_id=117422

July 12, 2010

Heartbreaking news :(

It's reported today that actress Moon So Ri who was carrying her first child after 4 years of marriage had suffered a miscarriage.

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Guest mandalaywith

Moon So Ri 8th Korea Film Awards 2010 Redcarpet Video

upload by mandalaywith

Youtube link

Tudou Link http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/efaPGXeD6Ms/



8th Korea Film Awards 2010 Part 1 HQ Online Link

upload by mandalaywith

Tudou Link


8th Korea Film Awards 2010 Part 2 HQ Online Link

Tudou Link




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Source: http://contents.innolife.net/news/list.php?ac_id=4&ai_id=117422

July 12, 2010

Heartbreaking news :(

It's reported today that actress Moon So Ri who was carrying her first child after 4 years of marriage had suffered a miscarriage.

February 23, 2011

It's reported that actress Moon So Ri is pregnant again, she's already 4 months into the pregnancy and according to her agency, the actress is stopping acting activities to devote herself to prenatal care and resting at home.

Congratulations and Wishing all will go well for her!

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Hope the topic-starter would return to update the thread with infos and news of actress Moon So Ri

April 6, 2011

Korean full-length animation to premiere in China

Reporter: Heidi Kim heidikim @ Editor: Jessica Kim jesskim @ <Ⓒ 10Asia All rights reserved> news.nate.com 1 l 2


Korean animation "Leafie, A Hen Into The Wild" [Myung Film]

A local full-length animation will premiere in China this summer, notified the film's producer Myung Film on Wednesday.

An official at Myung Film confirmed with 10Asia that the local animation titled "Leafie, A Hen Into The Wild" (tentative title) will open simultaneously in Korean and Chinese theaters in a few months time.

The official added that the latest film, which will be the first Korean animation to be featured on the big screen in China, has secured over 1,000 theaters to be screened in throughout some 10 major cities on mainland China.

"Leafie, A Hen Into The Wild," helmed by director Oh Sung-yoon and co-produced by Myung Film and Odoltogi Studio, is about an adventure of a hen who leaves her chicken farm to realize her dream of hatching her own egg.

Originally based on a children's novel published in 2000, the story deals with the themes of life, death, and freedom.

Several well-recognized actors in Korea will lend their voices to the upcoming animation including actress Moon So-ri who will voice "Leafie" the hen, actor Yoo Seung-ho the orphaned baby mallard, actor Choi Min-sik the guardian mallard, and actor Park Chul-min the wild otter.

Moon is particularly well known for 2002 film "Oasis," Yoo for his 2002 film "The Way Home," Choi from 2003 film "Old Boy" and Park as a supporting actor on various roles in many major Korean films.

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