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Moon So-ri 문소리

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Congratulations to Moon Sori, who's now an omma! She gave birth to a 3.65kg baby girl at 12:35pm on August 4, 2011 [via http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CygjYcL8nHQ]. Not ashamed to say I got a little teary at this news; after her miscarriage last year, I'm so happy for her and her husband that she got pregnant again right away and that she and their baby are healthy. :)

Movieweek, July 2011

Cosmopolitan, July 2011

Vogue, August 2011

To celebrate their 15th anniversary, fashion magazine Vogue Korea revealed a special pictorial and interviews with 15 of the nation’s top actresses. Jang Mi Hee, Lee Mi Sook, Kim Hee Ae, Yum Jung Ah, Kim Yeo Jin, Song Yoon Ah, Ye Ji Won, Kim Yun Jin, Moon Sori, Uhm Ji Won, Kang Hye Jung, Kim Hyo Jin, Hwang Jung Eum, Han Hyo Joo, and Shin Se Kyung all participated in photoshoots that expressed strong, if not unique concepts. [...] In addition, each actress's honest and lively relay interviews will amuse readers, almost as if they were watching a film. Titled ‘Actresses 2′, the interviews will share personal stories of their pleasures and joys of being an average woman, even though they have the glamorous career of actresses. [...] And finally, Moon Sori shares how she coolly responded to criticisms like "Your depth is deep, but your width is narrow" from her director husband, Jang Joon Hwan. [via Allkpop]

More blessings: Leafie, a Hen Into the Wild just became the best-selling Korean animated film of all time, with over 2 million admissions [via 10Asia].

English subbed teaser [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wENxx-3jYnI] [YouTube]
Trailer 1 [YouTube] Trailer 2 [YouTube]
BTS 1 [YouTube] BTS 2 [YouTube] BTS 3 [YouTube] BTS 4 [YouTube] BTS 5 [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vyM462bRWwk]
Racing Clip [YouTube]
<MV> IU - Melody of the Wind [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I3iy_lYi2G8] [YouTube] [YouTube]

Movie stars reveal their cartoonish sides: Actors Choi Min-sik, Moon So-ri and Yoo Seungho pose with their characters in an upcoming local animation, “Leafie, a Hen Into the Wild,” in Seoul, Monday. Moon, who is expecting her first child in July, narrates the voice of Leafie the chicken which adopts a baby duck, played by Yoo. Choi, known for roles in hardboiled films such as “I Saw the Devil” and “Oldboy,” took part in the animation project for the first time. The movie is slated for release in Korea and China this summer. [via Korea Times, HeyManNews, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qAJCCuI24hU, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1C0NSxY24A8]

And aieeee!! Moon Sori will reunite onscreen with Seol Kyung-Gu in Mister K, a spy film to be directed by Lee Myung-Se(!!). According to Film Business Asia and HanCinema, it's about "a secret agent who gets involved in a big case that has the nation's destiny on the line and whose wife doesn't know his real identity" which 10Asia compares to James Bond (though it sounds more like True Lies to me -- which in that case, yay~). They start filming in December, for a 2012 release.

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January 26, 2013
With both beauty and experience! Return of Korean super actresses  Source: Innolife Korea
Missy stars with both beauty and experience are coming back to screen. Jeong Hye-Young, who has become the role model of all as good deed couple, has entered screen for the first time since her debut with movie ‘Shaman Good For Nothing’. In the movie, she appears as an attractive doctor that captivates Park Shin-Yang’s heart. Jeong Hye-Young made a debut in screen with absolute support from her husband Sean and become the leading part of movie drawing 3,000,000 audiences as the role of single mam taking care of a daughter. 
And next was the comeback of Oh Yeon-Soo. She appeared on movie in 15 years, and gained 8kg for the movie and took a role of mother and fighter ‘Ahn Bong-Hee’, who is strong even though she looks young, in movie ‘Run to South’. She acted a quiet, but strong mother with a nickname of ‘Ahn Darc’. In the screen, she is going to captivate the audiences with feminine and innocent attraction. 
Moon So-Ri, who has been concentrating on taking care of baby after giving birth, is coming back with two movies this year. The first movie she’s going to come back is ‘Ethics of Rage’, in which she is going to take the role of bad woman who gets to know about her husband’s affair after a death of a beautiful student. The new movie of Moon So-Ri is going to premiere in February.

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Guest kdramafanusa

reposted from http://blog.korea.net/?p=15303

KCC UK’s ‘Year of the 4 Actors’ – The Stars!

Written by Korean Class Massive on April 2, 2013

The Korean Cultural Centre in London has officially revealed their star studded line up for their 2013 Korean film programme, ‘The Year of the 4 Actors’. Although we’ve known since the beginning of the year that actress Moon So-ri would be coming over, up until now the rest of the actors have been kept under wraps. But now all is revealed! Joining Moon So-ri in the line up and paying the KCC UK a visit later on this year will be Choi Min-sik, Jeon Do-yeon and Ha Jung-woo! I think we can all agree that the KCC UK is spoiling us this year with this amazing set of talented actors!


Moon So-ri

The ‘Year of the 4 Actors’ kicks off with Moon So-ri, who will be coming for her Q&A next week on the 4th April after the screening of the film Hahaha. We’ve written about Moon So-ri in detail here, but to give you a quick low down about this talented actress: Moon So-ri is an experienced actress who’s played a wide array of roles in films of varying genres. Having always shown an interest in acting, she gained attention in her debut film Peppermint Candy, but it was her second film Oasis that gained her wider recognition and gained her the Marcello Mastroianni Award for Best New Young Actor or Actress at the 2002 Venice Film Festival. Moon is the only other Korean actor to win an award at the VFF, demonstrating just how remarkable her performance was to gain international recognition at such an early stage in her career.

She’s continued to show how versatile she can be throughout her career, showing many different facets of her acting ability and range, and has worked with some of the most influential Korean directors, such as Im Sang-soo and Hong Sang-soo.  Not only is Moon So-ri  an amazing actress, she’s also a skill violinist, gayageum player and familiar with the art of performing Pansori! She’s obviously a woman who is not afraid of a challenge, and she believes actresses should cope with various characters even if there are risks to their career, and her faith has made her grow into a versatile actress in comparatively few movies (source). About her role in Oasis, Moon So-ri said “When I was first offered the role in Oasis, director Lee Chang-dong told me that it might be my last movie and I might not get any more roles. But I just said ok” (source). With a positive attitude, and no fear of making bold moves with her role choices, she’s a great choice to open the ‘Year of the 4 Actors’ and is sure to entertain the audiences when she arrives.

Take a look at this trailer from the film Oasis in which she starred. It’s one of our favourite films of the Korean Cultural Centre’s Moon So-ri season and the film showcases her amazing talents as an actress.

Choi Min-sik

For anyone who’s not familiar with his name, I’m sure all I have to say is ‘the guy from Oldboy‘ and you’ll immediately know who I mean. Yes, Mr. Hammer Wielding Man himself will be coming over for a Q&A! Choi Min-sik is such an infamous actor that managing to snag this guy for ‘The Year of the 4 Actors’ is amazing. Starring in films such as I saw the Devil and Sympathy for Lady Vengeance has not only gained him huge recognition in Korea, but internationally too. Film4 often screensOldboy and due to the international success of many of his films, his name is one that many foreign film fans know right off the bat. In Korean cinema, Choi Min-sik is one of the biggest names about.

Having graduated with a degree in theatre, Choi Min-sik dabbled first in plays before heading into film and TV dramas. He gained recognition from roles in films such as Shiri, Happy End and Failan, but it was in Korean wonder film Oldboy where Choi Min-sik’s popularity really took off into the stratosphere. After a four year self-imposed acting exile, he came back to film and in 2010 won more acclaim for his portrayal of a serial killer in I saw the Devil. Over the years Choi Min-sik has won more ‘Best Actor’ awards than we’ve had hot meals, and his popularity doesn’t look set to diminish any time soon.

Choi Min-sik seems like a very cool guy with a clear and realistic outlook on things, but maintains his artistic sensibilities. In an interview with ComingSoon.net he said “I’m a professional actor so I make money with this but I’m still an artist so I need some feeling to choose movies when I first read the script. No matter how popular that film might be, it doesn’t really matter. I just need some sort of feeling when I first read the ideas” (source). It’s quotes such as this that show he’s a level headed man who understands the need for artistic integrity and balance in the life of an actor. He’s obviously very much concerned and involved with issues regarding the longevity of Korean cinema, as shown by his self imposed acting exile, prompted by the South Korean administration’s decision to reduce the Screen Quotas from 146 to 73 days as part of the Free Trade Agreement with the US. In the past, he’s also said that “to make the Korean film industry flourish more, of course we need more support in terms of policies from the government, economically, but eventually all the crews, including directors and actors should try harder and do their best to make the best films ever.  So that is the best thing to make the film industry succeed better. We should focus more on fundamental problems, especially when the circumstances are tough and complicated“ (source). Choi Min-sik is clearly a man with big ideas and big talent. I’m sure the cinema will be overflowing for his arrival in the UK and undoubtedly he’ll have some amazing insights to give us all.

If you have time, watch the trailer for heartbreaking film Failan, in which he stars.

Jeon Do-yeon

The second of the ladies visiting for this programme is Jeon Do-yeon. Jeon Do-yeon first found fame acting in TV dramas but really found her place in the public eye when she starred in The Contact. She’s known to be able to adapt to any role she’s given, and is even often referred to as a chameleon given her ability to accurately take on the character of any role she’s handed, no matter how varied they are. Because she’s able to slip into any role so easily, she’s had a great array of different types of characters to play, and she always manages to give a very impressive performance. In fact, Jeon Do-yeon was the first Korean ever to receive an acting award at Cannes for the film Secret Sunshine, winning ‘Best Actress’ in 2007. She’s also seen as a role model for younger actresses, showing that she’s greatly respected with her skills admired professionally. If you look at the awards she’s won, you’d be amazed. She may not be as internationally recognised as Choi Min-sik, but she’s one fine actress that can bag the prizes!

If you take a look at some of the interviews she’s done in the past, she seems like a very grounded woman with her head firmly screwed onto her shoulders – “At the end of the day, we’re all alone. Our job is about making our own choices, standing in front of the camera alone and bearing it alone” (source). She also clearly doesn’t give in to pressure from inside the film industry, or from the public – “I think I’m the type of person who wonders what I want rather than wondering what people want of me. Not to say that I ignore their thoughts but I pay more attention to my own demands” (source). With a clear outlook on life and as a woman who knows her own mind well, her Q&A will no doubt be a interesting one that we’re very much looking forward to!

Here’s the trailer for Secret Sunshine, which we’re sure the KCC UK will screen as part of her visit.

Ha Jung-woo

Last of the actors, but certainly not least, is Ha Jung-woo. Actor Ha Jung-woo comes from a family of actors, and was bitten by the acting bug from an early age. Appearing early on in his acting career in indie and art-house films like The Unforgiven and Time, he not only gained recognition in Korea, but over seas too. He also managed to win the hearts of quite a few female fans early on his acting career…. we can’t imagine why, obviously nothing to do with his dreamy looks. However, the point at which he really came into the foreground was when he played the rather psychotic murderer in awesome film The Chaser. He’s also showed audiences that he’s a versatile actor by going from serious and deadly characters, like that seen in The Chaser, to lovable but confused by life types as seen in Love Fiction. Not content with acting, he’s also stepping into the world of directing with his first film Roller coaster. He’s also published his own essays which contain his personal drawings! What a talented guy.

From reading his interviews, Ha Jung-woo seems like a very playful, mischievous and happy-go-lucky kind of guy. If you want to find out more about him as a person, I’d say read this self-interview he did, it gives you an interesting look at his life and his thoughts, you can read Part 1 here, Part 2 here and Part 3 here! We can’t wait to get to see him in the UK, he seems like a right laugh!

Here’s the trailer for personal favourite, The Chaser.

‘The Year of the 4 Actors’ will so doubt be a fantastic opportunity for Korean film fans in the UK to be able to get up close and personal with some of Korea’s premier actors and actresses. We can’t wait for all their visits and sure you all feel the same. Starting with Moon So-ri’s visit next week, bring on 2013! To keep up to date with all the current information from the KCC UK, check their website here. http://london.korean-culture.org/welcome.do


from KCCUK official site
Photo Gallery -> http://www.flickr.com/photos/kccuk/sets/72157633163954666/with/8619832553/
id="title_div" class="photo-title"Welcome to 'The Year of The 4 Actors'

Ready to welcome Moon So-ri, the first actress of the 'Year of 4 Actors' who will meet the UK audiences on Thursday, 4th April at BAFTA


The Korean Film Night is one of our longest running and most popular programmes. By offering a series of screenings by a particular figure within the Korean film industry before inviting that person to meet audiences in the UK we have made Korean film one of the most accessible genres in the UK.

To follow up on our incredibly successful 2012 programme ‘The Year of the 12 Directors’ our 2013 Korean Film Nights present ‘The Year of 4 Actors’. Over the next twelve months we will be showcasing the talents of four global superstar actors: Moon So-ri, Choi Min-shik, Jeon Do-yeon and Ha Jungwoo. With each actor there will be a series of free film screenings ending with a live Q&A Screening with the actor in question at the world famous Bafta cinema.

Actress Moon So-ri as the first actress of 'The Year of the 4 Actors'

Moon So-ri adds her print to the KCC's growing collection of stars' print soon to be displayed at our London Korean Film Archive.

Actress Moon So-ri at the Q&A with UK audiences after the screening of 'Ha Ha Ha' directed by Hong Sang-Soo.


Year of the 4 Actors – Moon So-ri’s visit and interview

Written by Korean Class Massive on April 8, 2013

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September 22, 2013
Actress Moon to judge at Tokyo film festival
Source: The Korea Times 04-05(0).jpg
Actress Moon So-ri will serve as a judge in the Tokyo International Film Festival that will be held from Oct. 17-25, her agency Saram Entertainment announced Friday.
Moon, 40, is an award-winning actress known for her roles in “Oasis” and “A Good Lawyer’s Wife” (2003). The Tokyo International Film Festival features and introduces works of young directors focusing on special genres or experimenting with new concepts.
Moon has previously served as a judge for several Korean and international film festivals including the Busan International Film Festival, Seoul Environmental Film Festival and Cairo International Festival and Serbian Film Festival.
Her latest work “Spy” in which she co-stars with Sul Kyung-gu and Daniel Henney is currently playing in theaters.

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Source: AsianWiki

August 4, 2013
Uhm Jung-hwa headlines rom-com about love sex and singledom
by girlfriday dramabeans.com

And she’s romancing a younger man to do it. Rawr. Uhm Jung-hwa’s next project is a rom-com about the friendships and love lives of three forty-something women, called Laws of Attraction. It promises a bold, frank portrayal of sex and singledom, and co-stars Jo Min-soo (Pieta, Goddess of Marriage) and Moon Sori (Ethics of Wrath, The Housemaid) as part of the trio of girlfriends. Setups like this will always sound like another Sex and the City, but hey, I’ll always welcome more films about women’s friendships and single lives.
Uhm Jung-hwa stars as a cable network executive in charge of variety programming, who breaks up with a long-term boyfriend and begins a relationship with a much younger man. Lee Jae-yoon of Heartless City will be the new love interest, with whom she has a fiery new romance. Jo Min-soo plays a divorcée who runs a bakery cafe, and dreams innocently of the day a new love will wander into her life. Cue Lee Kyung-young (Vampire Prosecutor 2). Aw, I bet their story will be super cute. The actors will be reuniting for the first time in 13 years since the drama Fireworks.
Moon Sori is the only married member of the trio, and she plays a mom who enjoys a second newlywed phase in her relationship the minute her son leaves the nest to go study abroad. Ha. She’ll be paired with Golden Time’s Lee Sung-min. The script, from a newbie writer, won the top prize at Lotte Entertainment’s open screenwriting contest, and directing is PD Kwon Chil-in of Wonderful Radio and Singles (essentially the thirty-something version of this story).
Laws of Attraction has begun shooting and is aiming for a release later this year.

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January 14, 2014
New movie 'The Law of Pleasures'

Actresses Um Jung-hwa, Jo Min-su and Moon So-ri, who star in the new movie "The Law of Pleasures," pose during a showcase at a theater in Seoul on Jan. 14., 2014. The comedy, which is a story about three lively women in their 40s, will be released on Feb. 13. (Yonhap) (END)

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January 14, 2014
'The Law Of Pleasures' To Held its Production Conference
Source: BNTNews
[by Sunghee Park] On January 14, new film ‘The Law of Pleasures’ held its production conference at Gwangjin gu Lotte Cinema, Seoul.
‘The Law of Pleasures’ follows the lives of women in their 40’s. The movie includes rich gold miss Shin Hye(Uhm Jung Hwa), provocative housewife Mi Yeon (Moon So Ri), single mom Hae Young (Jo Min Su).
Meanwhile, new film ‘The Law of Pleasures,’ staring Uhm Jung Hwa, Moon So Ri, Jo Min Su and others, will be hit the theater on February 13. (photo by bntnews DB) 

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January 17, 2014
Press Conference for Kwon Chil-in’s VENUS TALKMiddle-Aged Women Find Their Voice in Flood of Male Movies by Song Soon-jin KOFIC

The press conference for Venus Talk was held on the 14th of this month. Venus Talk, a story about the love and sex lives of three women in their 40s, was made by KWON Chil-in, who has depicted various stories about women in his previous movies Singles (2003) and Hellcats (2007).
 “I was glad when I read the script. It seemed that the story was something I could do well. I thought I would be able to be honest in this film,” the director said. The movie was based on a scenario that was awarded the Grand Prize at the 1st Lotte Entertainment Scenario Contest. Director KWON Chil-in mentioned that “Singles was released at a time when the presence of female moviegoers at theaters was not very high. Ten years later however, Venus Talk still seems like a unique film. I hope films like this can be produced more.” Concerning comparisons with the US TV series Sex and the City (1998-2004), “I really like both the TV Series and the movies. However, if viewers who remember the good things about Sex and the City watch Venus Talk with that in mind, they will see that it is a different movie,” he said. UHM Jeong-hwa, who played a single woman in Singles, plays a capable entertainment producer in Venus Talk. She said “Singles was a story of women in their early 30s. This time around, it was good to share the worries of people in their 40s, like me.” MOON So-ri of Oasis (2002) and A Good Lawyer’s Wife (2003) plays housewife Mi-yeon, who confidently expresses her libido. CHO Min-soo of Pieta (2012) plays single mom He-young. CHO said “There are not so many roles that actresses can take in Korean movies. At a time when men’s stories are dominant in the film industry, I hope that Venus Talk is successful so that more women’s stories can be made.” Venus Talk, funded and distributed by Lotte Entertainment, will be released in theaters on February 13th. 

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January 29, 2014
New movie 'The Law of Pleasures'

Moon So-ri, who stars in the new movie "The Law of Pleasures," answers reporters' questions during a preview at a Seoul theater on Jan. 28, 2014. The movie is a story about the sex lives and relationships of women in their 40s. (Yonhap) (END)

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February 2, 2014
Heavyweight actresses gather for ‘Venus Talk’Jo Min-soo, Uhm Jung-hwa, and Moon So-ri co-star in latest film, dealing with work and friendship of women in their 40s
By Claire Lee The Korea Herald

A scene from “Venus Talk.” (Myung Films)
Major local film house Myung Films’ latest project offers a rare opportunity to watch three of Korea’s most prominent actresses on the silver screen all at once: Uhm Jung-hwa (“Montage,” “Dancing Queen”), Moon So-ri (“HaHaHa,” “Oasis”) and Jo Min-soo (“Pieta”).
Titled “Venus Talk,” (a literal English translation of the Korean title is the Law of Sensuality) the film is a screen version of the grand prize winner of the 1st Lotte Entertainment Screenplay Contest. It deals with the love, sex and work lives of three different women in their 40s, who often struggle with their relationships and families. 
Uhm, who starred as the promiscuous party girl in director Kwon Chil-in’s 2003 hit romantic comedy “Singles,” (Kwon is also the director of “Venus Talk”) returns as capable single Shin-hye, who is a TV producer. She used to date her co-worker, the current chief of their TV network, but he left her for a younger woman who also happens to be Shin-hye’s junior colleague. 
Shin-hye has two best friends, Mi-yeon (played by Moon So-ri), a housewife who is not satisfied with her sex life with her rather docile husband, and Hae-young (played by Jo Min-soo), a simple, soft-hearted single mother who wants her grown daughter to move out so she can have more time with her boyfriend, Seong-jae (played by veteran actor Lee Gyeung-young).
The plot develops smoothly as Shin-hye starts to date another TV producer who is more than 10 years her junior and Hae-young’s daughter finally gets married upon her unexpected pregnancy and moves out. Things are good for the three friends until Hae-young is diagnosed with cancer, and Mi-yeon finds out her husband had an affair. 
But the film does not suddenly switch to a tearjerker. Even as he deals with the very serious personal matters of the characters by the end, Kwon manages to keep a lighthearted tone throughout the movie. 
The romance between Shin-hye and her younger lover seems rather stereotyped and predictable, while Hae-young’s life and her relationship with Sung-jae remain the most believable. 
Before getting married, Hae-young’s daughter (played by former child actress Jeon Hye-jin) refuses to move out, because living with her mother helps her save money. Hae-young wants to marry Sung-jae, but he is hesitant especially after losing his wife to a terminal illness. Her problems and desires ― a second marriage, a grown-up child and an illness ― are rarely touched themes which distinguish this movie as a film about “women in their 40s,” just as its promotional posters claim to be.
Jo Min-soo, who impressed the audience playing a vengeful mother in Kim Ki-duk’s Cannes award-winning morality tale “Pieta,” shows a convincing performance as Hae-young as she goes through a series of unexpected hardships. Moon So-ri is hilarious as the sexually provocative Mi-yeon, and Uhm brings energy and excitement to the movie. 
Pop singer BoA makes a surprising cameo appearance by the end of the film. 
A Lotte Entertainment release, “Venus Talk,” opens in theaters on Feb. 13. 

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Source: The Korea Herald
Venus Talk (Korea)
Opening Feb. 13
Comedy. Drama. Directed by Kwon Chil-in. Shin-hye (Uhm Jung-hwa) is a capable TV producer and a single woman in her 40s. She used to date her co-worker, the current chief of their TV network, but he left her for a younger woman who also happens to be Shin-hye’s junior colleague. She has two best friends, Mi-yeon (Moon So-ri), a housewife who is not satisfied with her sex life with her rather docile husband, and Hae-young (Jo Min-soo), a single mother who wants her grown daughter to move out so she can have more time with her boyfriend, Seong-jae (Lee Gyeung-young).

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Thought of posting this news video which has Moon Sori's new documentary-movie "Manshin" based on the real life female "shaman" Kim Deuk Hwa who is considered one of Korea's national living treasures.
3 actresses will be playing Kim Deuk Hwa - Kim Sae Ron (young), Ryu Hyun Kyung (teenage) and Moon Sori (adult).
This seems to be an exciting project:

Cr: News Korea

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July 3, 2014
Moon So Ri Leads 'Magic Eye' With Lee Hyo Ri
Source: BNTNews

[by Cho Suyoun / photo by Kim Gang Yoo] The press conference of 'Magic Eye' was held at SBS building in Seoul. The 'Magic Eye' will be led by three show hosts Lee Hyori, Moon Sori and Hong Jin Kyung. It's a talk show that deals with news that may sound confusing and indefinite.
The newly reformed 'Magic Eye' will begin to be aired on July 8.   

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Singer Lee Hyo-ri ® attends an event in Seoul on July 2, 2014, to promote the new SBS variety show "Magic Eye." Lee will co-host the women's talk show together with three others. From left are comedian Kim Gu-ra, model Hong Jin-kyung and actress Moon So-ri. (Yonhap) (END)

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