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Channel 7 won the Korean version of the famous ENCOUNTER "Park Bo Gum - Song Hye Kyo” on the Thai TV

Channel 7 won the Korean version of the famous ENCOUNTER "Park Bokom - Song Hyuk Yo" on the Thai TV
18 Jan 62 (15:13) 

Celebrity series that fans Looking for a long time, like the ENCOUNTER series,   which is a strong news from the launch of her magnetic level. Is going to have good news for Thai fans

The series that launched it since the first episode aired in Korea for a series of ENCOUNTER  orbital met during the pulses of wave came and Song Hye-kyo The highest ratings compared to the series. That aired at the same time Is about to broadcast on Channel 7 HD in 2019, without revealing the Thai language title

In this story, Park Bo Gum  raised the national husband's platform. From the Korean movie series Love us, the moon is the heart (LOVE IN THE MOONLIGHT) must come to play as Kim Jin Hyuk, an ordinary young man. That is bright optimistic Opposite the heroine  Song Hye-kyo from the legendary series Korean movie series Life for the nation This love for you(DESCENDENT OF THE SUN) plays the role of SooHyun, daughter of a famous politician. But must live in the framework of the family With a different status, they both faced many obstacles. And changed their lives forever

Kim Jin Hyuk (Park Bo Gum) A young man from an ordinary family Who want to live a teenage life to the fullest Before starting work life He decided to travel to Cuba. Made by chance, he met with tea Soo Hyun (Song Hye-kyo).Divorced woman And is the president of a large hotel chain She also came to negotiate business in Cuba as well. Although it was a short time, but they were impressed. And good feelings for each other. After returning to Korea, Kim Jin Hyuk joined the Dong Hwa Hotel, where Chusu Hyun was the president. Causing the two to meet again From good feelings, it continues to become love. Not long afterwards, their relationship was revealed. But different status Causing the relationship of the couple to encounter many obstacles Both from the disagreement of Ma Su Hyun's mother who wants her to reconcile with her old husband And former mother-in-law Waiting to investigate And persecuted for the fight against Dong Hoa Hotel from her, 

What will their love be? Do not forget to follow up on the 7HD channel soon.


Photo album of 13 images of Channel 7 won the Korean series "ENCOUNTER", "Park Bo Gum- Song Hye Ky” on the Thai TV screen.

encounter                                 Soure Credit @https://www.sanook.com/movie/84121/
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I think I’ll watch and re-watch this drama in the coming year until Kyo will get another porject haha

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Wanna drop comment here chingu..how have u been?

Encounter just around the corner to end..its very fast indeed.. we will have to prepare to miss SHK by then :heart:


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PicsArt_01-19-02.24.15.png?zoom=3&resize=360%2C240&ssl=1COLLAGE VIA HELLOKPOP MEDIA LIB


Hellokpop K-Drama Picks: A Tribute To Classic Korean Dramas That Never Lose Magic

By abbyinhallyuland | January 19, 2019.... 


With the internet aiding the prevalence of streaming K-Drama content through various online video platforms, the direction of the industry it belongs looks utterly auspicious. 

An offshoot of this thought ended up propelling our K-drama team to kick off this new segment of rounding up our own recommendations.

Trust us, drawing a preference list is hard. Although we can’t argue how recent Korean dramas keep on getting better, there are just quintessential Korean television series not to be missed.

On that note, since we have just recently begun a new year, our first recommendation list celebrates the K-Dramas which became forerunners of Hallyu.

We present our favorite classic Korean dramas. When we say classic, we mean it for dramas which aired between 2000 until 2010.

Note that we considered availability of video sources for this list since we want to celebrate our cherished picks with fellow K-Drama followers. 


The oldest drama that I saw was 1999’s Happy Together, the weep-fest series starring Lee Byung Hun, Kim Ha Neul, Song Seung Heon, Cha Tae Hyun and Jun Ji Hyun.

In early 2000, Korean dramas prevailing genre were melodramas. At that time, I was in constant bickering with my brother, who always complain about melodramas with heroines crying every episode. That appears to be true, my tear ducts were on a regular exercise during those years. Thankfully, period dramas and romantic comedies slowly joined the ruling drama roster so it provided alternative series to binge on.

Here are my favorite iconic dramas...


Full House


Aiding the boost to romantic-comedy stories, Rain and Song Hye Kyo’s starrer takes a cohabitation plot between a top star and a writer who eventually fall in love with each other. 


Korean Romance Dramas


Before the realistic romance stories in I Need Romance franchise, it was Worlds Within for me. The heartfelt traverse of a couple working in the drama production team portrayed by Hyun Bin and Song Hye Kyo is under-appreciated, but it is one that I first exclaimed, “Hey this story happens in real life!”


Autumn in My Heart (2000) 

Autumn in My Heart


The first installment of season-themed Endless Love series starring Song Seung Heon, Song Hye Kyo and Won Bin has a bittersweet love story and a tragic ending. I cried buckets of tears the first time I watched it, and whenever I feel like having a good cry, this is my go-to-drama.. 

No matter how many reruns you have made, there will always be those few special Korean dramas which never fails to make you happy.

We hope you enjoyed the nostalgic trip to these perennial classic Korean drama favorites. We share your sentiments of not wanting to be judged, because we still smile and feel excited no matter how many times we watched it.

How about you? Is there any classic K-drama (s) that would first come to your mind after reading our recommendation? We hope our piece may trigger one or two for you as a fellow K-drama fan, for it’s always those unforgettable feelings of moments that count in what we watch.....source credit @https://www.hellokpop.com/featured/hellokpop-picks-classic-korean-dramas/

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Screenshot_20190118-204446_Viu.jpg?zoom=3&resize=360%2C218&ssl=1SCREENCAPTURE FROM TVN


Key Moments In Episode 14 Of “Encounter”

By abbyinhallyuland | January 19, 2019


Looking back on Song Hye Kyo’s roles in melodramas, in a way, this particular episode of Encounter will make her loyal fans validate why she has secured a niche in the genre.

(All Screencaptures from tvN)

Viewers have all suffered and who knows even in the cusp of creating a drive for a movement to eliminate meddlesome-mothers, who want to decide what happiness is for their children after that episode 13 “please break up with my son” moment in Encounter.

So the honest talks that ensued after seem heading to the direction of resolving the love couple’s last standing road block.


Carrying the weight of the conversation with Jin Hyuk’s mother, Soo Hyun loses herself in space. Her only friend and secretary senses something wrong since Soo Hyun’s meet up with Jin Hyuk’s mother, so she tries to ask Dae Chan if he knows something.

In contrast to the disheartening talk between Soo Hyun and Jin Hyuk’s mother, Congressman Cha meets the man loved by his daughter to give his full blessing to him.




On a weekend’s night, Mi Jin meets Soo Hyun at a cart bar to wallow in soju, and discusses her woes about her relationship with Jin Hyuk.

Refusing to reveal Jin Hyuk’s mother’s request, Soo Hyun shares her inhibitions if she suits her boyfriend’s family. Being a true friend to Soo Hyun, Mi Jin faintly scolds Soo Hyun for worrying about things when all that matters is the two of them being happy in love.


Reminding Soo Hyun how her man is not the type to be worried of things that they can work on together as a couple, Soo Hyun faintly utters how she is the only one bothered about it.

n a breaking voice, Mi Jin stares at her best friend, and tells her that it is also her first time to love for the first time. Tears welled from Soo Hyun’s eyes matching the crying face of Mi Jin.

Soo Hyun burst into tears while desperately uttering how she does not want to break up with Jin Hyuk. Comforting her friend, she encourages her to be selfish, and goes for her one great love.

But Soo Hyun is resigned to the idea of how her complicated world just like what Jin Hyuk’s mother reiterated will only make the man she loves with all her heart suffers. Not knowing how to get past the agonizing emotions that drown her, Mi Jin reminds her that she can only be by her side, watching all the storms that will happen in her life. But Jin Hyuk will be a different story, since he will be there to embrace her, carry her, and be with her till the end.



Jin Hyuk drives Soo Hyun to the countryside to get some fresh air, and visits a gallery. A painting particularly catches Soo Hyun’s eyes, which gives the feel of a vague picture of a woman awash in suffocation.

Praising the neat design of employee’s welfare at Donghwa hotel, Jin Hyuk excitedly shares his vacation plans. He blabs about wanting to go for a vacation with her, but she remains listening.

Arriving at her empty place, Soo Hyun reaches for her bed to stare blankly at a glass window.


Finally getting a time to have a heart-to-heart talk with his mother, Jin Hyuk opens up about his mom’s thoughts on their relationship. Jin Hyuk’s mother honestly reveals how she is anxious of the different worlds they live in.

Looking at his mom’s eyes, Jin Hyuk tells her how he does not know love will hit him hard with Soo Hyun; when everything that led her to him is fated encounter between them. He tells his mother that he wishes for her to like the woman she loves, since she is a good person who has also made him a better person.



Soo Hyun finds herself meeting Ms. Lee for a tea time. Pouring out her thoughts about her relationship with Jin Hyuk after meeting his mother, Soo Hyun vulnerably shares her fears on giving up on the person who has become her world.

The next day, news breaks out about Congressman Cha’s merging with a political party, and stepping down of his initial presidency plans.

After work, on their way home, Jin Hyuk receives a call and rushes to Jin Myung’s aid, who engaged in a fight at a reunion meeting with his school friends. Badmouthing his hyung on his relationship with Soo Hyun, Jin Myung ends up in a police station because of the fight with his school mate.

Blaming herself for the reason of the fight, memories of what Jin Hyuk mother’s fears erupt in Soo Hyun’s thoughts. Meanwhile, the brothers rest in the neighborhood playground to talk about what happened.

Jin Hyuk praises his brother for doing a great job in protecting their family’s name. He tells Jin Myung to keep it as a secret from their parents.



Soo Hyun gets a surprise visit from the woman used by Woo Suk to severe his marriage with her back then, which led to their divorce.

Finally learning Woo Suk’s sacrifice, Soo Hyun thanks him for protecting her in his own way, however, that cannot change anything anymore.

Finishing a gift he prepares for his girlfriend, Jin Hyuk calls Soo Hyun, and requests for a date the next day. Obliging to Jin Hyuk’s dream date, the two go out to eat at a crowded place, before moving to a book store to kill time.

While paying for the book Jin Hyuk bought for Soo Hyun, Jin Hyuk smiles. In his thoughts, he promises to go wherever Soo Hyun will be.

Soo Hyun, on the other side, stares back with tears, wanting to escape her eyes, as she silently says goodbye to him.



Something unsettling was already hinted in the last 10 minutes of this episode that I literally dreaded to see the dying minutes.

Just how am I emotionally affected by Jin Hyuk and Soo Hyun’s love story? My thoughts are running wild out of worry for them that I barely sleep. Yet my thoughts remain active in the past few days.

I am at a desperate point where I can be okay if Soo Hyun suddenly gets an amnesia so she can go out of her masochistic nature and relents to the idea of letting someone protect her. 


There are a lot to process on how the finale episodes will conclude the story. This week is beautiful and painful. Encounter began on a magical note. That’s why if you are a faithful follower, you want to question why it had to thread on the reality biting pain that ensued after the refreshing romance which happened between the main leads.

Passing the halfway mark of the narrative, we know it would be hard. For that reason, we can only hope for that agonizing last stretch to be worth it.

Will Jin Hyuk have one last trust-me convincing moment to change Soo Hyun’s mind? Will we ever get to see a neat conflict resolution between Soo Hyun and Taegyeong?

Don’t miss Encounter’s finale on tvN and tvN Asia next week!

Source Credit @https://www.hellokpop.com/kdrama/encounter-episode-14-recap/

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January Brand Reputation Rankings For Drama Actors Revealed

January Brand Reputation Rankings For Drama Actors Revealed

Jan 20, 2019
by E. Cha

The Korean Business Research Institute has announced this month’s brand reputation rankings for drama actors!

The rankings were determined through a data analysis of the media coverage, participation, interaction, and community indexes of 100 actors who appeared in dramas that aired between December 18 and January 19.

Yum Jung Ah, who is currently starring in JTBC’s hit drama “SKY Castle,” topped this month’s list with a brand reputation index of 9,962,269.

High-ranking phrases in the actress’s keyword analysis included “SKY Castle,” “Jung Joon Ho,” and “Kim Seo Hyung,” while her highest-ranking related terms included “good acting,” “convincing,” and “envious.” Yum Jung Ah’s positivity-negativity analysis also revealed a score of 63.89 percent positive reactions.

Hyun Bin, who is starring in tvN’s “Memories of the Alhambra,” took second place for the month with a brand reputation index of 9,611,504.

Song Hye Kyo and Park Bo Gum, the stars of tvN’s “Encounter,” followed close behind at third and fourth places respectively.

Finally, Uee, whose KBS drama “My Only One” recently surpassed 40 percent in viewership ratings, rounded out the top five for January.

Check out the top 30 for this month below!

  1. Yum Jung Ah
  2. Hyun Bin
  3. Song Hye Kyo
  4. Park Bo Gum
  5. Uee
  6. Jo Bo Ah
  7. Park Shin Hye
  8. Wang Suk Hyun
  9. Jang Nara
  10. Yoo Seung Ho
  11. Oh Na Ra
  12. Yeo Jin Goo
  13. Kim Yoo Jung
  14. Kim Seo Hyung
  15. Yoon Se Ah
  16. Lee Si Young
  17. Shin Sung Rok
  18. Kim Sun Ah
  19. EXO’s Chanyeol
  20. Choi Jin Hyuk
  21. Jung Joon Ho
  22. Lee Tae Ri
  23. Yang Se Jong
  24. Yoo Yeon Seok
  25. Jun So Min
  26. Lee Seol
  27. Lee Se Young
  28. Go Hyun Jung
  29. Lee Tae Ran
  30. Kim Jin Woo....source credit @https://www.soompi.com/article/1295475wpp/1295475

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"A rare case where the hotel itself stands out" Lotte "Boyfriend Marketing" hit

Article Approval 2019.01.20 14:57:30   

The movie "Fairytale Hotel Lotte Hotel =" # 1 image imprinted ... PPL Maximizer 
Lotte Hotel Resort also talk ... netizens' mandatory visit to Sokcho Course crowned 
industry "sponsored handful might be talked about marketing ... a success story that"

The South Korean friends, Song Heegyo, Park Sword. Photo = market economy newspaper DB

The TVN drama 'Boyfriend' depicts the sweet romance of Cha Soo-hyun (Song Hye-kyo) and Kim Jin-hyuk (Park Sword) in the background of Donghwa Hotel. Song Hye Kyo and Park Sookmyung have already attracted a lot of attention before the first broadcast, and the first broadcast rate also recorded a record high of 9.4%. In addition, the spot where the Donghwa Hotel is filmed is known as 'Lotte Hotel' and is called as a place where lovers must go between the netizens.

◇ Newly renovated 'Lotte Executive Tower', interior of luxury interior

The first appearance of Donghwa Hotel begins in Seoul. The main character, Suhyun, is the daughter of a big politician who became the ruling party after going through Seoul mayor. Suhyun's mother married her daughter Suhyun to a jaebeomed Taekyung group to make her father the president, but she eventually divorced. It is the 'Donghwa Hotel' where the divorce was received as a monument.

Suhyun runs the Donghwa Hotel and has made it the number one company in four years. The Donghwa Hotel Seoul, which appears at the very beginning, is the 'Lotte Hotel Executive Tower', commonly known as Sogong-dong Lotte Hotel headquarters. Through the drama, you can see the luxurious interior view of the Executive Tower, renovated last year. 

Lotte Hotel Seoul Executive Tower Royal Suite Room View. Photos = Lotte Hotel

Suhyun's room was the Lotte Executive Tower Royal Suite. The Presidential Suite is the place where Suhyeon's father is meeting. The Charlotte suite comes to the room where the parents of Jinhyeok stayed. In addition, the hotel's restaurants LaShee, Momoyama, Dorim and Pierre Gagnier have also appeared.

Jinhyuk and Suhyun will reunite in Donghwa Hotel Seoul after meeting Cuba. We looked at each other and smiled the youth in the scene. However, Donghwa Hotel sends Jinhyuk to Sokcho Branch in order to drop the two in the influence of Tae Kyung group where Suhyun is divorced. 

◇ Lotte Hotel Sokcho Resort, Nuruk Sokcho Essential Visit Course

The stage turns into Sokcho, and the drama becomes a new turning point. Donghwa Hotel Sokcho is Lotte Hotel Sokcho Resort. The scenery that spreads out on the cliff and ocean view of all guest rooms are the background of natural beauty of nature. In the picturesque landscape, their love story has become a romanization of women in particular. The netizens emphasize that when they go Sokcho, it is necessary to take a look at the shooting location of their boyfriend. 

Lotte Hotel Sokcho Resort. Photos = Lotte Hotel

As a result of analyzing the Lotte Hotel Sokcho Big Data through the social mattress, the market economy newspaper reported 4088 cases online from August 1 to January 8 last year, 70% of which were revealed through INSTA. The reference volume has risen for a while since the opening, and has been gradually increasing since December after the airing of 'Boyfriend'.

Starting on November 28th, a lot of netizens have started a tour of 'Boyfriend' s location shooting 'through the community since December. INSTA HASH Tag, Sokcho Travel, Lotte Hotel, etc. 'Pak Bo Sung ♥ Song Hye Kyo starring # drama # Boyfriend shooting location Actually # Lotte Resort Sokcho # Sokcho Lotte Resort Song Hye Kyo stayed in #

On December 21, last year, Money S commented on the article 'Where is my boyfriend' s place, Gulden Field + Playground + Hotel ',' I would like to send you applause for the place hunting ',' As well as comments such as  

In the drama, Jinhyuk's promenade is Sokcho's 'Sea Scent'. The place where Suhyeon was invited to Sokcho to see him again, and reconfirmed his mind, is 'Loop Top 9' located on the 9th floor of Lotte Hotel Sokcho Resort. These two places are emerging as a date course on the east coast after the broadcast.

Lee Jun Young ljy@meconomynews.com

<Copyright Owners © Market Economy Newspaper | Mekon News reprint and redistribution prohibited>.....source credit @http://m.meconomynews.com/news/articleView.html?idxno=19872

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I miss old days when we watch K drama without thinking about comparing ratings, this drama n that drama,this actor or that actor,this actress n that actress..when social media not very hype like this time,its very peaceful I think..there is no war between fandom (or there is?)

I'm practically new when it comes to forum like this,I even join IG 2/3years ago,so when I knew there is something called 'war' between fandom,I asked to myself?why?why can't just we enjoy our actress or actor or singer craft..its more peaceful like that..


Just my rant today..hahaha

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PLS VOTE FOR SONG HYE KYO THE MOST BEAUTIFUL WOMAN IN THE WORLD 2018 SHE IS CURRENTLY IN THE 12TH PLACE PLS VOTE GUYS .. THE LINK: http://thebestpoll.com/the-most-beautiful-women-in-the-world-2018/         ___________________________________________________        liketccasia SONG HYE KYO  Official Nominee for The Most Beautiful Asia Faces of 2018 - PLEAS VISIT://instagram.com/p/Br8j2fyH4Hd/ TO NOMINATE #liketccasia#tccandler#100mostbeautifulasiafaces2018....

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Actors Who Make Viewers Experience Major Second Lead Syndrome With Their Unrequited Love


Actors Who Make Viewers Experience Major Second Lead Syndrome With Their UnrequitedLove

Jan 12, 2019
by L. Kim

Second lead syndrome is when you wish the female lead of a drama would choose the second male lead although it’s obvious that she’ll end up choosing the other guy.

Their one-sided love brings tears to our eyes and breaks our hearts with the fact that they will never end up with the lead actress.

Here are seven second leads of recent dramas who have induced symptoms of second lead syndrome within all of us:..

. Jang Seung Jo


If you’re looking for a really heart-rending second lead syndrome, then Jang Seung Jo is the one for you. In the drama “Encounter,” he portrays Jung Woo Seok, the ex-husband of Cha Soo Hyun (Song Hye Kyo) and heir to a major conglomerate. Although Jung Woo Seok is deeply in love with Cha Soo Hyun, he divorces her on purpose because of his mother’s mistreatment towards her. Despite the fact that it may be too late, Jung Woo Seok starts fighting against Kim Jin Hyuk (Park Bo Gum)  to win his ex-wife’s heart.

Watch the most recent episode below:...source credit@https://www.soompi.com/article/1291419wpp/actors-make-viewers-experience-major-second-lead-syndrome-unrequited-love

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REPOST ONLY:Lee Minho wants to work with Song Hye Kyo for future project... CREDIT @koreadramatv & copyright @youtube...https://youtu.be/loFPxfSD_Z0

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2 days left 'Boyfriend' Song Hye Kyo ♥ ︎ Park sword, happy ending .. Last watch points 4

OSEN = Park Jin-young] TVN 'Boyfriend' (play Yoo Young-ae / director Park Shin-woo / production studio dragon, Bong-yun factory) is making a poetic dialogue with a delicate actor and sensitivity, Leaving only two times. So, I have looked at four points of observation that will add loneliness to the remaining "boyfriend".


# 1 Suhyun - Jinhyuk, a loving romance that started in different directions! Ending?

There is interest in the end of romance that Suhyun (Song Hye-kyo) and Jinhyuk (박 보 검) will reach. In the 14th session, Suhyun repeatedly tears repeatedly begging for her mother, Jinhyuk, who asked her to leave with Jinhyuk. Furthermore, when Jin-hyeong's younger brother Ji-myeong (Ji-hoon Kwon) fought with friends who had a low opinion about Suhyeon and went to the police box, Suhyun thought that Jinhuk family's life was breaking down. On the other hand, Jinhyeok, who does not know the mind of Suhyeon, told Suhyeon father Cha Jonghyun (Moon Sung Geun) to promise to keep Suhyeon side, and asked Jinhyeotmo, who worries about Suhyun, to acknowledge him. 

So Suhyun and Jinhyeok began to head for each other in a different direction. Especially, Where is the end of your world. I'm sure there is me there. "With a narration called" Jinhyuk, I'm separated from you now "with a bright smile, and a sad smile with a tear, I crossed the heart of viewers. I was crazy. So, I wonder if the ending of Suhyun and Jinhyeok will come to a conclusion.


# 2 Kim, Jae-hyun - Furious at the unexpected counterattack of Cha Jonghyun! Do you want revenge?

Kim Chae-jang (Cha-hyeon-yeon) pulled down Suhyun from Donghwa Hotel and tried to build Woosuk (Jangseung Jo) as a sole representative. However, Suhyun revealed that there was Choi, Choi (Park Sung-Keun) behind the incident that attempted to dismiss the completion of the Cuban hotel. Furthermore, Suhyun expressed his complete back to Kim by not attending the anniversary of the Taekyung Group president.

In the meantime, Cha Jong - hyun also hit back with Kim. Kim sent the tea ceremony party, Cha Jonghyun, to Cheong Wa Dae with ambition to raise Taekyung Group and held his family in his hand, but Cha Jonghyun declared his support for other party and other candidates, I started to step on. As Kim Hyun-soo, who is furious in the counterattack of Cha Jong-hyun's daughter, has been portrayed, she is interested in preparing revenge for the two.

# 3 Cha Jong-hyun started moving for Suhyun! Cha Jonghyun - Suhyun What is your mother's move?

The car began to move for his daughter Suhyun. Cha Jong - hyun, who is the ruling party 's cultural leader, rejected Kim' s proposal and proceeded to build his own route by pursuing a party with other parties. Above all, Cha Jonghyun asked Suhyeon to try to do something he could not have met Jinhyeok, and he left a meaningful reminder that he would soon be unable to hear the voices of the deputy chairman (Ko-chang Seok) and Kim Bu-jang . I am curious about what kind of car Mr. Hyun will follow.

At the same time, Cha Hyun - hyun 's choice has led to his actions. He was on the knees in front of Kim, and he had the ambition to become the First Lady by sending Cha Jonghyun to the Blue House. However, Suhyun-moo is shocked by the choice of Cho Hyun and Cha Jong-hyun, who are different from their own, and have been chased after a long time. I am curious to know what action Mr. Su-hyun will take.

# 4 Talk about the importance of ordinary happiness

'Boyfriend' has talked about the preciousness of ordinary happiness through the suhyeon who never lived the life he chose, and the romance of Jinhyeok who lived his life with happiness and preciousness. In particular, Suhyeon felt that life of Jinhyeok and Jinhyeok family was collapsing because of himself, and he was ready to parting, and Cha Jonghyun began to move his daughter Suhyeon to want to regain his ordinary life. In the second part of the remarks, expectations about how the preciousness of ordinary happiness will be drawn and how each person will move in the process will increase.

As a result, there is a growing interest in the ending of 'Boyfriend', which captures the viewers through the story that reminds me of the precious romance that makes the heart of Suhyeon and Jinhyeok and the preciousness of ordinary happiness. /parkjy@osen.co.kr

[Photo] 'Boyfriend'....source credit @http://mosen.mt.co.kr/article/G1111068313#imadnews

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6 hours ago, gigivillaceran said:

REPOST ONLY:Lee Minho wants to work with Song Hye Kyo for future project... CREDIT @koreadramatv & copyright @youtube...https://youtu.be/loFPxfSD_Z0

I think lmh said that back in 2009 after boys over flower. I also want them to work together in drama but chances are very low. Lmh will be coming back with a newproject in 3 months and i dont think shk will choose any new project for the next year or two.

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