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  1. Cant they air a. Special episode where all of them have good time eating dinner together getting married kinda thing.. M still not satisfied with the ending.
  2. M so in love with this drama. But i feel like the last episode is hella rushed with some unresolved issues. I dont think it will satisfy viewers with the ending. Also with jh mom. I wouldnt have problem with her if it happened after ep12 or something but only 1 ep left she still against it. She is bigger threat to their relationship than TG group trying to destory csh.
  3. Will they give the viewer a tragic end..lol.. I have gone crazy cause of this drama...lol...
  4. damn i shouldn't have come to this page. m fu***d. fml. how m supposed to watch the episode now?
  5. I think lmh said that back in 2009 after boys over flower. I also want them to work together in drama but chances are very low. Lmh will be coming back with a newproject in 3 months and i dont think shk will choose any new project for the next year or two.
  6. those csh and kjh pics are from ep 15 right cause i havent seen them before in those scene and same with jh mom amd dad
  7. There's this thing called media play, which he doesn't do. Lot of actor/actress reveal their project offer even though they are going to reject it.
  8. @willenette what do u want his next project to be?? I hope its a drama. And i also want to see him with han hyo joo or song hye kyo in future projects.
  9. Now that i think about in a cool mind the breakup wont happen or jh will not let it happen. Jh promised csh dad that he will not leave her alone. And jh mom also may realize that how much they both will suffer without eachother. Jh will definitely be crushed into pieces.
  10. I like number 4. Lol. And its a major possibility since jh mom was once very sick. So she might passes aways which will make csh to be with jh at those hard time.
  11. Just curious does anyone have the writer address?? Just want to give my greetings.
  12. i found this pic of him getting off work today in twitter. he looks hella fine even with the mask on..lol. is it me or his face has slim down a bit . his cheeks used to look bigger in previous pics.
  13. https://www.allkpop.com/article/2019/01/lee-tae-ri-reveals-the-producers-of-running-man-confused-him-with-lee-min-ho Poor him..lol
  14. if it follows traditional kdrama style then early breakup means happy ending. still 3 ep left so i'm still kinda hopeful they will have happy ending.
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