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  1. Ah thanks @ahdrianaa! I'm flattered. Yes I thought the same thing about the Sulwhasoo US IG. It's not even that it doesn’t even share the same aesthetic as the Sulwhasoo brand, it just doesn't feel cohesive and is all over the place. I get that they're trying to appeal to the Western market but they're totally missing the boat on the fact that Kyo could totally help them leverage that. She may not be as well known in the States yet but her appeal, beauty and influence are universal. And she is totally aspirational unlike the influencers they've chosen to work with. I'm using more products from the brand because of her, not anyone else. Her Prada look last night was one of my favorites ever as well! The whole look was just so fashion forward and edgy. Her face is just so stunning that any kind of makeup will look amazing and she is an actress so she can transform herself at will. I'm always in awe of how fresh and pretty she looks next to other actresses who are younger than her.
  2. Sulwhasoo in the US is just a hot mess. So there is no actual Sulwhasoo store in NYC. It looks like Kyo visited the Sulwhasoo brand boutique inside the Bloomingdales department store. If the employees there are anything like the last time I shopped there, I knew more about the brand than they did but I can't believe that they didn't even recognize her considering her face on right there on their signage. Also they are in dire need of new PR representation in the US. The agency that reps them also reps a number of other brands so they're kind of scattered and the girls on the account are very young, not very bright and very Western shall we say. I sent them a few detailed messages about why they should do an event with Kyo in the US or NYC at least and never heard back so I just gave up. Judging by the vapid US influencers (barf!) they chose to work with, they are totally ignorant to and just don't understand the value of Kyo's immense global influence or her superstar status at all. Whatever their loss! It's no wonder the brand isn't gaining much traction in the US market. It's sunny and beautiful in NYC today. I hope she's having a great time! I blogged about her latest Suecomma Bonnie campaign earlier this week and at least my readers appreciate her beauty and talent.
  3. Sorry for the delayed reply. Been dealing with some personal matters. @dukesa1122 actually sent me note on IG to let me know about your post. Yes that's me. I saw that and they also follow me back on Insta now. I actually sent them a DM this morning since they featured Kyo in their stories about a new product launch. What an ideal opportunity for them to have her do promotions. First stop, Singapore, next stop the world...
  4. I think it might be but I'm not positive. I never heard back from my PR contact and I have a feeling she might not be with the agency anymore. However Sulwhasoo US IG account I did regram my photo so I'm going to see if I can send them a note on IG. I agree that Sulwhasoo is comparable to SK-II and I have to wonder what the terms of their contract with Kyo is because they really should be leveraging her image and popularity worldwide especially in developing markets. Whenever I have featured her on my blog, my readers are always stunned by her incredible beauty which is truly aspirational. I really believe that just her image alone would be enough to increase sales which is why I'm surprised why they don't use her in more promotions. And because everything is about influence these days - 9 million is plenty influential! That's just some bad marketing... I miss her so much already!
  5. So I scheduled my vacation for this week after calculating that Encounter would end last week. I did not anticipate that it would be pushed back. Thankfully our hotel has very strong WiFi and I was able to stream today’s episode which I’m not sure was such a good decision since I totally lost it during the scene in SH’s office which was beyond heartbreaking! My husband woke up to JH’s massive breakdown and was like who broke PBG. His mom does not understand her son at all. He is a remarkable person who should never have to settle for a simple life. I wouldn’t be able to look at her either if I were his dad. At least SH’s mom is coming around to the light again.That fierce look of determination on JH’s face gave me so much hope though.
  6. I’ve tried both lines and Sulwhasoo is superior because their product formulations incorporates both traditional Korean herbal medicine along with modern technology. They also use better ingredients. Laneige is more basic skincare by comparison. I would say Laneige is better suited for those in their 20’s and Sulwhasoo is appropriate for anyone in their 30’s and up. Having Kyo as their ambassador has really elevated the Sulwhasoo image IMO but their products are legitimately good. Pricey but worth it. As a blogger I get PR samples but this is a brand I would spend my own money on.
  7. The brand uses a PR agency in the US and they might be the ones running the account. They rep a bunch of different beauty brands which would explain why it’s all over the place. They really need someone dedicated to Sulwhasoo. I think this may account for their slow growth in the US market even though their products are actually really good. I wish they would do a promo with Hye Kyo in NYC. I would definitely go and promote it as well. Sulwhasoo invited me to a brand event in NYC last month but it was something hosted by these local bloggers and let’s just say they are from aspirational. I did not attend.
  8. Okay I mentioned her global influence, the success of Encounter and the fact that she's up to 9M on Insta in my note. I follow Sulwhasoo US on Insta and it's like they really should be leveraging her image more. I hope it gets back to the brand.
  9. Thanks for all the positive feedback on my last blog post on SHKs Vedi Vero campaign that I shared here!!! I just wrote a review on two Sulwhasoo products and talked about Hye Kyo's role as the brand ambassador and muse. She is truly aspirational in many ways and Sulwhasoo products are the real deal. I hope this is a partnership that continues for a long time. I really wish they would use her image more on promotions in the US. I'm going to see if my PR contact can pass a message along to the brand.
  10. Okay watching that preview felt like I was getting my heart ripped out of my chest. JH's breakdown and tears... wow PBG's acting! I'm just going to keep telling myself that things have to get worse before they can get better. There is seriously no way these two can stay away from each other for long and we better be getting a reunion of epic proportions complete with plenty of kisses to make up for lost time.
  11. Aw thanks @caileysmiley Actually if you do a search for Kyo on my blog you will find many posts. Yes I love her that much and I want my readers to know about her. I'm writing a feature now about her role as the Sulwhasoo ambassador and reviewing a few products. I will post the link here when it's up next Monday
  12. It went on Instagram thanks to you. It's kind of weird whenever I see it there but I'm glad other SHK feel the same way. Thanks so much for dropping by my blog! What name did you use to comment? You used to blog? What made you give it up? Btw how are you liking your CSH bangs? I have a bob with long side swept bangs and I want to get the CSH haircut but the only thing I'm not sure about is the bangs.
  13. I'm supposed to be finishing up a writing assignment and instead I have Encounter on my mind. Dear Cha Soo Hyun, You are worthy and you deserve to love and be loved by Kim Jin Hyuk. Trust in yourself and conquer your fears. Find the strength to go after what you want and be happy. Choose you and choose Kim Jin Hyuk and trust that everything else will work itself out. Love, Countless Encounter viewers P.S. Go live happily ever after... I've been thinking that the plan CSH's dad has set into motion will have a significant impact on what happens with pretty much everyone on the drama landscape going forward And I have the greatest hope that it plays a role in putting CSH on the path to her happiness. And I know JWS isn't a favorite for many of us here but I feel like that last conversation with CSH served to give them both some sense of closure. It may have also been that eye opening revelation he needs that she will never love him. Perhaps this will be a catalyst to his future actions - whether he will continue being his mother's pawn or he will do right by CSH/Donghwa and also free himself.
  14. Deep breath... this is a drama so there will be drama. It's not surprising that as we're nearing the end, everything is building up to a climax. Watching episode 14 was like a bad rollercoaster ride that I really wanted to get off of at times. What was most heart wrenching was the contrast between CSH crying and in pain and KJH blissfully unaware. He seemed to have a sense that something was off with her but no idea that his own mother was behind it. Well actions have consequences. There have been differing opinions on JH's mom and what she did. I have no issue with her not approving of her son's relationship with SH, what I found problematic is the way she went about trying to break them up. Yes he's her precious child, but SH is also someone's precious child and she could care less. The way she dumped on SH, backing her into a corner and put the entire burden on her was very unfair and cowardly. Did she not see SH's heartbroken face or her tears? This lady may seem nice on the surface but she's not as docile as she seems and she knew exactly what she was doing. If she was so sure that she's right she could've talked to JH or her husband about it first. Instead she snuck around everyone's backs. What makes it worse for me is that she overheard JH telling his dad how much he liked her and couldn't imagine living without her and decided to just blatantly ignore his feelings. She knows that SH is a decent person and was preying on her love for her son to get her to break up with him and break his heart and that is what makes it soooooo wrong for me. Oh yeah the fact that some of it may be motivated by a certain sense of possessiveness towards JH is messed up as well. So two people besides SH know about this. It really needs somehow to get back to JH that his mom went behind his back and asked SH to break up with him which caused her a world of pain. JH may love his mom but there is no flipping way he would ever be cool with that. It would honestly serve her right if this spurred him to move out and escalate his relationship with SH to the next level. "You and me against the world" attitude. C'mon kids you can do it! And I'm with JMJ that being too considerate of others can be a disease especially if means you suffer alone needlessly. That's such an Asian thing that is way overused in dramas. PBG and SHK have both been incredible this whole series but SHK in particular killed it these last two episodes. I don't know of any other actress who is so emotionally compelling that can make me cry along with her and it's no fair that she still looks stunning while doing so.
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