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[MANHWA] Chocolat Volume 8 (conclusion out in USA in December 2012!

Guest Izam.

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cutiek028 said:

I am looking forward to this too!

***The final volume of Chocolat will be published as an omnibus containing the last three volumes of the series!***

story and art by Shin JiSang and Geo

Coming December 2012 | ISBN: 978-0-316-22909-8 | $24.99 ($27.99) | 512 pages | 5.75″x 8.25″ | Teen

I am going to buy it :) I haven't read it in so long! Rereading Volumes 1-5 made me have such good memories. It was one of the first scanlations I found online (thanks to Izam)!

Does the storyline really get bad/boring :(

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Hahaha! That is understandable. Actually, if I really think about it is has been 6 years since I first read it too. And I have read SOO many shoujo mangas since then I am pretty much unphased by the reoccuring plot lines in all the stories.

But I am also going to buy the last volume just for old times sake :)

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I received the last volume today.  It is HUGE.  It seemed they bundled 8-10 together into one book.  I think the Korean version has 8-9-10 as 3 separate books.  In English they put it all as volume 8.  I need to read it later. 

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Wow I didn't know this manhwa eventually ended until I was doing some manga-shopping on ebay, and found this lot and seller said it was complete! I didn't buy this series before because I thought it'd be a waste to let it sit on my shelf knowing I'll never be able to complete it. Anyways, I remember how I used to like it alot back then, so I decided to buy right away, and boy did I not waste any cent! It's become one of my favourites. 'Till the very end, it was hilarious. I remember how I laughed out so loud reading the book, and when I reread it again, I still had the same LOL. The ending was soooo cute. I'm so glad my favourite couple ended up together. Although I'd say they lacked a lot of interaction before leading up to the confession part. 
Anyways totally recommended! I am a huge K-Pop fan, and this manhwa really did somehow open my eyes to how Korean fans dedicate their time, money, and effort for their Idols. 

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