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Underrated/Overrated Dramas

Guest trulime

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Guest ForeverPi


Boys over flower

Full house

secret garden

Lie to me - watched up to ep 8 (?) just to give it a chance. It was unbelievable boring and finally gave up. never understood why everyone was so hyped up about it.

Currently Overrated:

Heartstrings - the plot and everything is so typical and every time i hear "the Stupids" i cring. --; the reason why its so popular is because of the 2 members in CN blue. the only thing i enjoy about it is how they incoporated traditional and modern music in it.

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Guest sprezzatura

OverratedSungkyunkwan Scandal 


Boys Over Flowers


Stairway to Heaven

Winter's Sonata

East of Eden



Flowers for My Life

Bottom of the 9th with 2 Outs

Que Sera Sera

White Tower

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Guest disfunktional.


Boys over Flowers - After watching both parts of BOF, the Japanese version, I thought the Korean one was way too cheesy, fake and draggy -the acting appeared childish. This is probably just personal but I didn't even think the two main were a good pairing, the 'So-Eul' couple were better. I had to force myself to watch this drama up to episode eight when I finally quit because I couldn't stand the boorishness. I then had to re-watch Japan's BOF to remind myself how much i loved the drama. In HYD, F4 actually looked like they owned what they had.

Goong- I finished and fell in love with the couple by the end but overall, it wasn't as worth the hype everyone gave it. The last 6 episodes was hell, I was forcing myself starting there.

Brilliant Legacy- 28 episodes? Unnecessarily long! After episode 18, i was so bored. I only looked forward to the couple moments and the rest was just dull. Throughout the whole thing I kept on wondering how she stayed so calm with her brother missing for almost or over a year? (I forgot.)

You're Beautiful- Literally all of my friends were crazy over this. I gave it a try and watched 3 episodes, I couldn't stand the acting of PSH here and it just pissed me off how many holes the plot had so I just left it at 3 episodes.


Romance - people probably haven't even heard of it. It starred Kim Jae Won and Kim Ha Nuel. I watched it like 6 years ago and told my friends, nobody knew what i was talking about lol. The drama was really cute and it was the first Korean drama I watched that wasn't draggy.

Cinderella's Sister- The acting here was superb although it got draggy (but after looking over my overrated list, it seems most Korean dramas are sinful for being draggy). This was a tear-jerker for me and the part that made me shed the most tears had nothing to do with romance but when the father died. He played his role so well ): All the actors and actresses in here did really well, even the annoying character Seo Woo played lol. The storyline was good and had me dying with emotional roller coasters -that's when I consider a drama good.

Gumiho - The acting wasn't superb but the plot was really entertaining and the drama kept me interested. It was randomly funny lol.

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Guest NinjaRain

Boys Over Flowers is really overrated but I admit, I LOVED it.

I think it was cute and just fun to watch. Made me cry at some parts.

That's just my opinion though, haha. (:

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Guest JadeMurasame

BOF is so overrated. It's annoying shizz over and over again. Personally, I enjoyed the Japanese drama cause it actually had comedy >_<!

Alot of these Korean dramas are just the same plot over again. Personal Taste was so boring and I died watched it. D>

Your Beautiful was just ........... an overplayed plot .. BLAH.

I can't think of any underrated stuff as of now :o

(SG wasn't overrated for me.Though SG did have that rich guy / poor girl plot, the characters were unique.)

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Guest Keiko_BB5


IRIS, Secret Garden, City Hunter. Agreed that BOF was also overrated but I LOVE it. blush.gif Entertaining with lots of beautiful boys. What else should I ask for in an K-drama, really? lol


Coffee House: funny, unpredictable, and still very logical. The acting is awesome, and I love the romance in the film. 

Hong Gildong: The ending was wierd, but other than that the whole drama was captivating. 

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Full House: The plot is a bit repetitive.. I loved it at first but then the interest fizzled out.
BOF: I don't know. I've never really watched it. My friends watched BOF first and they were crazy about it, whereas I started watching it after watching You're beautiful, goong, coffee prince, etc; So I felt it was the same kind of story again.
Goong: Last few episodes dragged too much.
You're beautiful: ...

Bad family: I loved that show. The plot was different. Yep again there were triangles but the main story was based on something else.
My Girlfriend is Gumiho... I loved everything in that series...

I usually go and watch what people say are underrated! They are way better :D

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Guest eracorpuz09

Annyeong, Yeorobeun!! Just want to share my opinion.
I agree with someone's definition earlier
overrated : every drama over 20%
underrated : every drama under 20%
Most of drama that got over 20% viewers rating in Korea will be airing in my country.
IMHO, Some of them are really deserve the attention and the buzz, but most of them are totally overrated.
Truth is, I am not so sure about my overrated drama list. From my top 10 overrated drama below, the top 3 are drama that get so much "overrated" title, I agree with that, but they are also on my Best-Korean Drama-Ever list (for some reason, they really deserve the attention and the buzz), so the rest are the real Totally overrated drama for me :
1. Princess Hours :)
2. My girl :)
3. Coffee prince :)
4. Sassy Girl, Chun Hyang
5. Full house
6. Stairway to heaven
7. Winter sonata
8. Autumn in my heart
9. Secret garden
10. Boys Before Flower

is totally the most underrated Korean drama all the time.
the devil
9 ends 2 out

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