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  1. My sweet baby girl was born 12 days ago. Not much sleep but loving it. My firstborn son loves his sister but sometimes he wants his mom doting only on him. Poor thing. It is going to take a while to transition.

  2. Wow! Just noticed that I joined soompi forums Dec 5, 2011, exactly 12 years ago.

    So much has changed in these 12 years.


    Well I will still be MIA. Just 1 month left in this pregnancy. Finally nearing the finish line, or I must say starting line lol.

    1. CarolynH


      I can't believe I've been around since Aug 2014!

    2. partyon


      I've been around officially since Nov 2014, peeps. :glasses: Lurker since 2012. :joy:

    3. gm4queen


      I've only joined the forum 5 years ago. Ha ha ha.. Feels like I am still a rookie among you guys.... :joy: And congratulations and good luck on your pregnancy, chingu! Hope everything will be alright soon. Sending virtual hugs!:heart1:


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