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  1. I know...no one is going to sub it? I'm going to have to ask the girls who video out Guardian...actually the peeps for Guardian if they're willing to take up S.C.I. It has a happier ending. Guardian has freaking killed me.
  2. You should pm the OP of this thread. She might be better help. This thread is kind of dead. However, since she was actually scouted she might be more help with a one on one conversation. I doubt that she visits this thread on the regular.
  3. Unlikely in Korea and probably not for another 5 yrs, maybe. Out of all the East Asian countries Korea is the most backwards and homophobic. People can say whatever they want about China and even the new laws in regards to China and the laws to gay rights in film/dramas. China is actually one of the most advance and progressive in regards to gay films and dramas and I thank them for it. Despite lack of laws (except in Taiwan for homosexuality) it doesn't stop the dramas/films. By culture the most growth: 1. Thailand - It helps that Thailand was never colonized. It's the countries that have never been colonized by missionaries that were the most advanced (who don't have the large number of Christians). African early peoples (and tribal nations today) follow homosexual practices and those that are living in modern societies find homosexual practices (due to Chrisitan influence) sinful. Thailand has 5 genders. In any event they are the most open. However, it's ONLY been in the last 8 years or so that they've had BL stories on television, I should know since I used to sub for them. I mentally remember the first drama I saw it in, I have to find the name. I'll find it and post the implied pairing--all they did was bump chests. 2. Japan - Their work used to be relegated to simply mangas. Hah, now it's all over movies and dramas. I would have given them the no.1 spot. But they don't have the breadth of work and aren't making them at the speed of work that Thailand is. Thailand has them in every drama and have independent dramas for them, not to mention films is in the same way. They even have it for crossdressers and trangenders (men-to-women and women-to-men). Japan is coming into that currently. 3. Taiwan (Chinese Taipei) - The first East Asian country to allow gay marriage. They have ChocoTV. They have the movies in succession. I've said, the movies or shows that have part twos that China had that they didn't complete (Heroine or A Round to Love) maybe Taiwan could pick up and remake because of the new ruling. They even have a huge gay parade. 4. China - They gave us Heroin (Addicted), A Round Trip to Love, Advance Bravely, etc. Yeah, I love Chinese films. I peronally don't need explicit scenes to know what's going on. Most people want explicit kiss scenes and beyond. I'm cool without it. Heroin was supposed to worse than it was. A Round Trip to Love was definitely explicit. Advance Bravely is actually like the book w/o the kissing & naked. But I mean--even in our dramas--do we EVER see the hetero couples naked?! EVER?! Nope. We see them kiss, but is it really make out sessions, really?! Sometimes, sometimes nope (most of the time, it's a no). So I'm like China is super progressive to allow so many dramas and movies, even if they don't really allow straight kissing in the dramas only. I can take eye-f***ing. In the movies, it's a free-for-all. At which point---anything and everything happens. 5. China (Hong Kong) - I really want to say Hong Kong was the first. Actually, they were before Thailand with the film Happy Together in 1997. Since I live and die for Wong Kar Wai. There were a lot of gay films coming out of Hong Kong. 6. Philippines - I don't know what happened that caused this to happen in Pinoy dramas, films sure, but not dramas. Honourable mention, Vietnam - they won an award for a short film they had and they have transgender models on international runways. I saw a drama out of Vietnam--or two and I was impressed by the quality and story. Brilliant work. Vietnam is one to keep an eye out for as far as dramas, but also I think for laws. I sense they might be the second country get things changed. ***Kdramas should have gay couples. They've implied them enough like Reply 199-something. Never liked it, so wasn't into it. But I know there was a gay guy. The bromances are strong and I tend to ship all the bromances; so they know how to writee those. All they have to do with a bromance is to take one step to a kiss and they have a romantic pairing. They just don't do it. Hence the reason I think they need about 5 more years to get there. 2-3 is not enough for them to include dramas. They don't have enough of a fujoshi audience and there are too many ajummas that own the drama ratings.
  4. Greenrings, I'm actually glad you didn't accept the contract. As a teacher, when I read your post. I had to read it twice because the first thing I asked myself was if you had finished your degree. I wouldn't have wanted you to join anything like this without getting your degree. It's not worth your time or your career. These things are fleeting at best, and debilitating and regretful at worst. Like most posters said, you might never debut; what's the point of joining if you never debut, but: 1. Learn struggle to learn a new language; 2. go through a tedious and gruesome physically and mentally work schedule; 3. deal with continous abuse and criticism; 4. possible jealousy or antagonism by your peers...etc. Sure, you might not face, the last, you'll definitely have the first three and then miss out on your degree. No, I'm not for that. I will always be a proponent of a degree. If you could manage all that and a degree that's something else. I know in Thailand - having a pop lifestyle around education can be managed. But it's not the same with Korea; which is very similar to the US.
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