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Guest kdramafanusa

Source: JoongAng Daily

[TALK OF THE TOWN] Cho Seung-woo keeps army date quiet to avoid public attention

December 17, 2008


Cho Seung-woo

Sometimes saying nothing draws more attention. It’s the case for actor Cho Seung-woo, who appeared at the army training camp in Nonsan, South Chungcheong, last Monday.

Many fans were surprised that he suddenly joined the army. According to PL Entertainment, Cho wanted to avert public attention and the date of his enlistment wasn’t announced in advance.

After five weeks of training in Nonsan, he will be stationed at an army camp, but the location hasn’t been decided yet. His service ends on Oct. 23, 2010.

Meanwhile, Cho finished shooting “Like Fireworks, like Butterflies” last month, a film directed by Kim Yong-gyun.

Additional news i read : at the training centre , he was sitting down and eating with friends and colleuege who went to send him off . One of his follow musical actor said .when driving down to the centre with seung woo , they were listening to music and joking together . Before going into the centre .cho seung woo said to them to meet again after the 100th day leave .

fans had been to his website to leave message for him ..asking him to return healthly ..and they will always support him

i think they say now he look like cho won in Marathon with his new crewcut hair .^his last movie before army enlistment Like Fire like Butterfly, they had finished up the poster shooting .and the movie is scheduled to be release in early 2009

if they post up the clip at the LG Art Center , then i will repost it here .

hope he return well and healthly too after two years ...

Thanks for the updates. :)

Will miss him...Hope he'll return healthy. Might not have to wait 2 years, I think we should be able to see his pictures during his 100th day leave. :)

I saw Marathon again recently. :tears: Repeated The Classic too.

Looking forward to seeing Go Go 70 on DVD, don't know when we'll get to see Like Fire Like Butterfly.

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Guest valley girl

one of the Young promising Actors Wow he is So Great,,!!

something about him that is

his dad and his sis is an actor too no wonder who give the talent into him

he Got most awards amongs 1980's

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Guest kdramafanusa

Gogo 70 DVD

Release date: 2009-01-13







source: madmad

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Guest lOveKorea

Thanks for the news kdramafanusa^^

Didnt know that he already finished his new movie, I cant wait for it!

''His service ends on Oct. 23, 2010.'' Will definitely miss him :(

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Guest kdramafanusa

Source: Tom at KoreanFilm.org

GoGo 70s (2008)

1st February 2009

I have been waiting for the chance to see this movie since I heard it was being filmed. Unfortunately, when it was released in October, I was not in Korea and unable to see it. However, it has now been released on DVD and I can happily say that it was worth the wait. I have sometimes had the experience of having high expectations of a movie only to be disappointed after watching it. This was not the situation with director Choi Ho’s film GoGo 70s. It combines an interesting story, good acting, and lively rock performances with a critical look at the censorship and hard-line policies of the military government of Korea in the 1970s. What’s more, this film is based on the true story of a band called the Devils which formed at the beginning of the 1970s and broke up in 1980. The ten years that they were actively performing and recording were filled with challenges as they had to overcome curfews, censorship and police crackdowns.

The Devil’s story is interesting to watch on screen as they defy the strict social laws, endure beatings, jail and torture, and overcome internal strife in order to hold on to their dreams and their passion for music. Of course, the movie does take some liberties with their story and add a bit of drama and some interesting characters. One of these is the character of Mimi who, in the film went on to form the accompanying vocal/dance team Mimi and the Wildcats.

The title of Mimi’s group was a tip of the hat to another Korean band The Wildcats (who debuted in the late 70’s). And the names of characters Mimi and her friend and fellow wildcat Yeong-ja may have been taken from the well-known films Yeong-ja’s Heyday (1975) and The Springtime of Mimi and Cheol-su (1987).

This is an excellent movie that is both enjoyable and offers and interesting depiction of the times as well as some very catchy tunes. Watch this film!!

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Guest kdramafanusa

"Sword With No Name" is the English title of Jo Seung-Woo's movie "Like Fireworks, Like Butterflies".

Source: SCREEN

Korea’s Showbox bucks pre-sales trend on Sword With No Name

20 May, 2009 | By Liz Shackleton


Bucking the trend for buyers to wait for completed product, Korea’s Showbox has pre-sold big-budget martial arts epic The Sword With No Name to the UK and Germany.

Splendid Films has taken the film for German-speaking Europe and Benelux, while UK rights have gone to Showbox Media Group. Turkey’s Horizon International and Taiwan’s Catchplay have also acquired the film.

Directed by Kim Yong-kyun, The Sword With No Name stars Cho Seung-woo (Tazza:The High Rollers) as a Joseon dynasty headhunter who falls in love with an aristocrat and is forced to become her bodyguard when she marries the king. The film is currently in post-production and scheduled for delivery this autumn.

Showbox has also sold crime drama The Scam, produced by Bidangil Pictures which has credits including The Chaser, to Melting Culture for mainland China, Catchplay for Taiwan, Hwa Yea Multimedia for Malaysia & Brunei and Horizon International for Turkey.

More Than Blue, starring Kwon Sang-woo, has been sold to a raft of Asian distributors including H.G.C. Entertainment (mainland China), Intercontinental (Hong Kong), Catchplay (Taiwan), Hwa Yea Multimedia (Malaysia & Brunei), BHD (Vietnam) and Way Rich Source Asia (Mongolia).

Catchplay bought a package of 21 titles also including upcoming Australia-set adventure thriller A Million, scheduled to be released in Korea this July. The UK’s Showbox Mediagroup also picked up hardcore thriller Missing.

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Guest kdramafanusa

Source: Twitch Aug 10, 2009

New teaser poster and trailer for Korean action romance ‘The Sword with No Name’

Posted by Andrew Mack at 5:20pm.

Posted in Trailer Alerts , Thriller, Martial Arts, Drama, Action, Asia.

The next film from the director of the Korean horror film Red Shoes, Kim Yong-gyoon, will be a action/romance/period piece set in the Chosun era, The Sword with No Name. The film will be about the relationship between Empress Myeongseong, considered a national heroine in South Korea, and her bodyguard, Moo-myoung. There is no indication if the film leads up to the event known as The Eulmi Incident, the day the Empress was assassinated by Japanese agents in collaboration with Pro-Japanese supporters.

Moo-myoung is a Joseon dynasty headhunter who tracks down fugitives and lives off their rewards. On one of his missions, he encounters a beautiful noble lady, Ja-young, and falls in love with her. A few years later, Ja-young enters the royal palace as the next queen of Joseon. Lovesick Moo-myoung becomes the personal guard to the queen in order to be closer to Ja-young. After attaining the title of queen, Ja-young tries to modernize the dynasty by allying with foreign nations but becomes turmoiled into a political power struggle. Moo-myoung must fend off devastating threats from the foreign army in order to protect Ja-young from harm. Korean Film Council

With a new poster available showcasing the Empress’ liking of Western fashion and is indicative of her desire to modernize Korea at the time of her reign is seemed a good a time as any to also include the teaser trailer. A release date has been set for October. In regards to the trailer it would appear to romanticize parts of her story and the relationship between the empress and her bodyguard but the production values are high and the action sequences look good. And sometimes there is nothing like a good chunk of melodrama and unrequited love to spruce up your day.

Related Links

via HanCinema and Nate.com

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Guest kdramafanusa

Source: JoongAng Daily

Another side to Empress Myeongseong

Film focuses on her possible love affair

August 27, 2009


Kim Mi-hee, the producer of the upcoming film “The Sword with No Name,” leading actress Suae and director Kim Yong-gyun attend a press conference held Tuesday at the Megabox Dongdaemun. Provided by the organizer

Empress Myeongseong of the Joseon Dynasty is one of the most talked-about figures in Korean history due to her extraordinary life, which was highlighted by political ambition and tragic death.

So it’s no wonder that she’s been at the center of various productions such as the acclaimed musical “The Last Empress” and the 2001 hit TV series “Empress Myeongseong.”

A new film to be released late next month is tackling her story again, with a twist.

The movie, called “The Sword with No Name,” examines the life of the empress through the lens of a love affair between her and a bodyguard.

“The productions depicting the life of Empress Myeongseong so far have shown the charismatic side of her, but I think there must have been a soft side to her, because she was a woman after all,” Kim Mi-hee, the producer of the film, said during a press conference Tuesday.

“In the film, we focused on the more personal aspects of the life of the empress, focusing on her relationship with her secret lover.”

The movie takes some liberties with the story of the love affair, which isn’t part of the historical records but could have indeed happened, the film’s director Kim Yong-gyun said.

“There was a general by the name of Hong Gye-hun, who historical records say stood by the empress all the time and died while protecting her when she was murdered by Japanese assassins,” the director said.

Accordingly, the two main characters in the film are named Min Ja-yeong - which is assumed to be the empress’s real name - and Moomyeong, literally meaning “no name.” The producer and director said those names emphasize the movie’s focus on the private relationship between the two.

Director Kim chose Cho Seung-woo and Suae to play the lead roles.

“When I was offered the role of Empress Myeongseong, I didn’t hesitate to take it because it was one of the roles I always dreamed of playing,” Suae told the press.

Suae, who rose to fame after appearing in the 2004 hit TV drama “Haeshin,” made her film debut the same year with “A Family” and secured a foothold as a leading lady in the 2008 film “Sunny,” which was directed by Lee Joon-ik.

Regarding the harmony with her co-star Cho, Suae said she felt “like we were actually in a relationship during the shoot.”

“While I have so far mostly performed with senior actors, it was one of the few times that I have been in a film with someone my age,” she said.

Cho is a leading screen actor, starring in films such as “Marathon,” “Tazza” and “Go Go 70s.” He has also branched out into the musical field to perform in notable pieces like “Jekyll and Hyde” and “Rent.”

The Sword with No Name is the last work he was involved in before joining the army last December.

The movie generated some early buzz when it was revealed that Yi Hong, a great-granddaughter of Myeongseong’s husband King Gojong - the 26th king of the Joseon Dynasty and the first emperor of the Korean Empire - participated in the project by playing a court lady.

“The movie not only has a gripping story but also boasts spectacular scenes including a reproduction of Gyeongbok Palace, which took up a big part of the 9.2 billion won [$7.4 million] budget,” the producer said.

The Sword with No Name is scheduled to be released in local theaters on Sept. 24.

By Park Sun-young [spark0320@joongang.co.kr]

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Guest piano_lady

Jo Seung-woo makes stealthy exit from military service            

by javabeans | October 24, 2010 |



Two years ago, Jo Seung-woo made a quiet entry into military service, and he made an equally quiet discharge on October 22. In fact, he took particular pains to effect a stealth exit, as he was initially scheduled to make his official discharge the next day. However, he was able to use unclaimed leave days to move up his discharge by a day.

A rep from his side explained his reasoning for the move, saying that it’s because “He feels that he hasn’t done anything special in going to the army because it’s something all men must do. He wanted to do it as others do.” To make up for his secret departure, he will hold a press conference on the 25th, where he’ll answer questions about his service and acting comeback plans.

Speaking of which, Jo has announced that his comeback project will be in the stage musical Jekyll and Hyde, which is a role he has played before, to great acclaim. (Watch the video clip of his performance, singing the production’s most popular number. He really does have a remarkable singing voice.) He has also acted in stage productions of Hedwig and Rent.

His last film project prior to enlistment was the period piece Sword With No Name with Su Ae, which performed disappointingly. He’s perhaps best known for his role in gambling film Tazza (which spun off the 2008 drama series), though he has a long list of films under his belt, like 2003′s The Classic with Sohn Ye-jin, 2006′s Love Phobia with Kang Hye-jung, and 2008′s Go Go 70s with Shin Mina.

Jo plans to join rehearsals for Jekyll and Hyde soon, and it will raise the curtain on its first performance on November 30 at Seoul’s Lotte Theater.


Press Conference today:





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Guest kdramafanusa



CHO Seung-woo


Master director [iM Kwon-taek] discovered CHO Seung-woo, who grew up to  be the most prominent actors in the Korean film industry, in  <Chunhyang>, a new interpretation of the classic Korean love  story. CHO’s acting was mature beyond his age from the beginning. He got  a voice and he could sing. His talent was not wasted as he was starred  in the blockbuster musicals such as <The Last Empress> and  <Jekyll and Hyde>. His on-screen acting resume has continued to  expand as well. He appeared mainly in the sensitive on-screen melodrama  movies such as <Wanee and Junah>, <Who Are You?> and <The  Classic> during the early days of his acting career. It was huge  success of <The Classic> that earned him fame all over Asia. His  masculine charisma burst out of the screen when he played a tough  gangster in <Low Life> directed by [iM Kwon-taek]. CHO proved his  acting talent appearing in <MARATHON> and <Tazza: The High  Rollers>. In <MARATHON>, CHO successfully portrayed Cho-won,  the autistic boy functioning at a five-year old’s intellectual level but  was a gifted marathoner. He had another breakthrough in <Tazza>  on his realistic portrayal of Go-ni, an addicted gambler living a life  in despair. In <The Sword with No Name>, a historical film based  on a true story, he played a solider secretly adoring Korea’s Last  Empress Myeongseong, murdered by Japanese assassins.




Cho Seung Woo: 'I Want to Break Record of Other Baseball Movies'


Actor Cho Seung Woo, who has the nickname of "Cho Jekyll" as a  musical star, made a comeback after a two-year break with the movie  "Perfect Game" which is about baseball, and he said during an interview  about his new movie on December 15, "I basically prefer musical works  than movies, but I hope that 'Perfect Game' can break the record of  other baseball movies." He came back after a two-year break since his  last movie "The Sword with No Name" that was directed by Kim Yong Kyun  in 2009.


"Perfect  Game" is about the real story of the last competition between the  famous baseball players Choi Dong Won (belonging to Lotte) and Sun Dong  Ryeol (belonging to Haetae). The two teams played until the 15th inning  with a tie score of two to two, without deciding the winner. Cho Seung  Woo played the legendary pitcher of the team Lotte Giants, Choi Dong  Won, who devoted himself to become the top pitcher with his ceaseless  practicing, which was different from the genius pitcher Sun Dong Ryeol  (Yang Dong Geun). Cho Seung Woo revealed that he was attracted to the  script. He said, "I usually like a story with a clear message. And  'Perfect Game' seemed to have a distinct message in it. I could even  feel that it could give a blow to this society." He also talked about  his old dream. He had reportedly wanted to become a pitcher until he was  a middle school student, so he had always wanted to appear in a movie  about baseball. When he played his role, there was a huge difficulty of  speaking the dialect, but he thought that he might be able to overcome  the difficulty if he could learn how to speak the dialect from the actor  Kim Yoon Seok, who appeared in the movie "The War of Flower" (2006)  together.


When  Cho Seung Woo read the script at first, he naturally thought of his  friend and actor Yang Dong Geun for the role of Sun Dong Ryeol. He asked  the director to cast Yang for the part and he received a favorable  response from the director. Even though they have known each other for a  long time as close friends, they have never worked together before.  Asked about the acting competition between them, Cho answered, "Acting  is not like a competition, it is creating a harmony." He explained that  Yang Dong Geun was excellent at presenting natural acting. Cho Seung Woo  said, "Yang Dong Geun's acting was not like acting, but like presenting  ordinary behavior. There is no other actor who can present the perfect  natural acting like Yang Dong Geun. He has been acting for twenty five  years, and I can clearly understand that his acting experience can tell  everything. He is such an expert in natural acting."


Cho  Seung Woo was provided with the 600 pages of research about Choi Dong  Won from the director Park Hee Gon when they began filming the movie.  Cho said, "According the information, Choi Dong Won was a kind person  full of affection inside. He became a completely different person after  wearing his uniform as a baseball player. I think that we have something  in common because I also become a completely different person after  coming up on to the stage." Cho successfully presented every detailed  behavior of Choi Dong Won in the movie, but he could not see Choi Dong  Won in person (Choi Dong Won, who was the coach of the team Han Hwa,  passed away last September). Cho Seung Woo said, "I had thought that I  would invite him to the preview event to have his praise about my acting  and I wanted to learn how to hold a ball from him directly, but I could  not. When I heard that he passed away, I felt really devastated. But  the director met him before, and Choi Dong Won reportedly said to Park  Hee Gon to produce the best movie that could be recorded as the great  movie in the history of Korean movies."


Cho  Seung Woo changed the topic of conversation from the movie to a musical  work. He is actually regarded as having the Midas touch in the musical  industry. He made the musical "Jekyll and Hyde" the most successful  musical in Korea and he came to have the nickname of "Cho Jekyll." Asked  which one he likes more, he instantly answered, “I prefer standing on  the stage. Ever since I saw a musical work when I was a middle school  student, I dreamed of standing on the stage. I can completely focus on  my acting on the stage, but it sometimes becomes very hard to  concentrate on my acting due to the camera when I film a movie. I have  to present artificial acting in front of the camera. The filming order  is also one of the problems. When I filmed this movie, I filmed the  scene of high school days as the last scene. Acting by ascending against  the flow of the story is very difficult.” But he revealed that he has  been trying to change his mind about this perspective. He said, “I think  that standing before the camera is like standing on the stage. The  first audience of my acting will be the staff members. But still I  prefer musicals (laugh).”

Cho Seung Woo, who has been an actor for thirteen years, talked about  the most important virtue as an actor by saying, “I learned from a long  time ago that an actor who comes to the practice room first and leaves  the room last will become successful. So I have a habit of coming to the  practice room early. And when I have to appear in the musical at 8 pm, I  arrive at the stage before 2 pm to be prepared for my performance.” He  emphasized that for junior actors who want to become musical actors,  “Practice makes perfect.”

In addition, asked about the turning point of his life, he answered  by comparing his life story with a baseball game. He said, “I went to  first base when I watched my first musical work as a middle school  student, I arrived at second base when I met my teacher named Nam Kyung  Eup at my art high school. When I had come to appear in the movie  'Chunhyang' directed by Im Kwon Taek, I went to third base, and then I  came home when I appeared in the musical ‘Jekyll and Hyde.’ I could gain  wealth and fame, but my personality became corrupted greatly. I think  that I had experienced good and bad at the same time at that time.” He  revealed that he came to the batter’s box for the second time after  completing the first round. He said, “My musical works all became  successful, but only three of my movies including ‘The War of Flower,'  'Marathon,' and 'Classic' gained popularity. I have appeared in ten  movies, and thirty percent of them became successful. It is like batting  300. I am satisfied with the result. But I hope that ‘Perfect Game’ can  achieve another huge success and break the record as a baseball movie. I  also hope that another Korean movie ‘My Way’ that will be released at  the same time can become successful as well.” The most successful Korean  movie about baseball was “Glove” (1.9 million tickets sold) directed by  Kang Woo Seok. For the last question asking the meaning of acting, he  answered, “I might be able to answer the question after thirty years.”


10Asia PHOTO



[iNTERVIEW] Actor Cho Seung-woo - Part 1


Reporter : Lee Ji-Hye.

Photographer : Lee Jin-hyuk.

Editor :  Jessica Kim.        


Cho Seung-woo [Lee Jin-hyuk/10Asia]

He pretended to whine that he has a harder time  trying to cry when acting since getting a so-called tear-provoking mole  taken out and said that to appear in projects in the genre of romance,  he would now imagine himself going to the military. Hence, although Cho  Seung-woo seemed worn out from the interviews he had carried out since  early in the day, he produced answers that made people laugh. He even  went as far as to lay on the table he was sitting at when telling a  joke. Yet this actor who can be defined purely by movies and musicals  was serious when talking about his sense of responsibility as the one  with the name with the strongest ticket power in the musical industry  and the time he spent to become a baseball player, for his role in film  "Perfect Game," which has made him good enough to join an actual  baseball team. Below are excerpts from the interview with Cho who made a  moment more perfect than the perfect game from that day in 1987 in  "Perfect Game."

q.gif You look tired. As if you're pitcher Choi Dong-won after a 'perfect game' on the mound.

Cho Seung-woo: I feel like dying. I'm really not myself right  now. I'm having an even harder time than when I was shooting the movie  because I'm doing a movie and musical at the same time, like I did for  musical "Jekyll & Hyde" and movie "Malaton." I've been doing  interviews since 10 in the morning but I've been saying the same things  so much that what I said at first has changed now. [laughs]

q.gif  But the reaction to the film hasn't been bad and there's rumor that  you'd been satisfied with the movie since the moment you started  shooting it.

Cho: There are usually two reasons that I'll say, "I think this  movie will come out well. Things are going well, it's been shot well."  And it's that it really is good or I'm hoping it will be. In the case of  "Perfect Game," we used special equipment and it was moving because it  had a strong scenario so I was confident it would go down in baseball  film history.

q.gif And how does the finished product look to you?

Cho: When I first saw it at the press preview, I became extremely  depressed. I was just sort of in a daze because I couldn't laugh and  just didn't know what sort of expression I should put on. It was a  project I liked so much and had become my everyday life that it felt  similar to having put on the last show for a musical I had worked on for  five to six months. I was thinking, 'Do I really have to let go of this  movie now?' 'Do I have to forget about it now that it's out in the  world?'


Cho Seung-woo [Lee Jin-hyuk/10Asia]

 q.gif  How was having to train for your role? Even the late Choi Dong-won's  family said that your pitching form was similar to Choi's from when he  was a player.

Cho: I had liked baseball since I was young. I played catch a lot  and I'd been a pitcher as well. And my balls had always been fast but I  didn't have good control. That's why when I was getting trained this  time around, I was determined to become good enough to become a pitcher  for the league for adults. That's also why when I joined in on the first  training session, I had high expectations but all they made me do was  exercise my lower body. And I almost cried because they made me exercise  my lower body so much. I also wasn't allowed to throw balls. My coach  would wrap a towel around my hand and make me do 100 shadow motions a  day. Then I'd scowl at him and ask when I'd get to throw balls. And even  when I started throwing balls, he taught me bit by bit, in a very  teasing way. I honestly got annoyed a bit as well because if the posture  to my lower body went wrong, he made me do shadow motions and lower  body exercises all over again. [laughs]

q.gif Didn't you feel a sense of rivalry with Yang Dong-geun who in the movie, played your character's rival Sun Dong-yeol?

Cho: Yang Dong-geun has danced a lot, is well built, and was  already in good shape physically. He is stocky and flexible as well. But  he'd never thrown a ball before whereas although I lacked in the  physical sense, I had thrown a ball before so we had different strengths  and weaknesses. I can throw my balls at a speed of about 104 kilometers  an hour now. And I can throw curveballs, half forkballs and sinkers. I  think about 30 percent of my balls go in the direction I want them to  now. About three out of every ten balls go into the strike zone.  [laughs]

q.gif Then I'm sure you must be a pretty threatening presence to your batters in the adult league.

Cho: I've played in about three games now because I joined late  but I only have two losses so far. Two losses with an opposite home run,  a deadball and lots of hits. [laughs] But I've also thrown about  ten-something strikeouts including the ones at practice games. And this  comes out in the movie but I like the sound of when a ball pierces into  the catcher's mitt. People who know how to grip balls properly and have  thrown them before know the sound of where their balls are going.  Pitchers say that sound is exhilarating. And with it, one can tell  whether a pitcher's ball is slow or fast. When I hear that sound when I  throw it, man, it's thrilling.

q.gif Is there a reason you play in the ordinary adults league when you could join the league with celebrities?

Cho: Because I'm an outsider. [laughs] I don't have that many  close celebrity friends. And it's fun playing in the adults league.  There's one guy who runs a restaurant in Chunggye Mountain, another guy  who sells clothes in Dongdaemun and another guy who sells phones. It's  really a lot of fun. I go to church every Sundays and then go to play  baseball every two weeks. I think baseball will be the only thing I do  once I'm done with musical "Zorro."

[iNTERVIEW] Actor Cho Seung-woo - Part 2

Reporter : Lee Ji-Hye.

Photographer : Lee Jin-hyuk.

Editor :  Jessica Kim.


Cho Seung-woo [Lee Jin-hyuk/10Asia]

q.gif  This movie has had so much of an influence on you that you've fallen in  love with baseball so I think that player Choi Dong-won must hold a  different sort of significance to you.

Cho Seung-woo: I had actually only heard of his name before  shooting the movie. But through the various material that I looked up on  him while preparing for the movie, I realized that he's a very humane  person. So I wish the movie hadn't ended up editing out so many of the  scenes that showed that.

q.gif  "Perfect Game" will be your big screen comeback excluding "Peach Tree"  which has yet to be released in theaters. Has anything changed from  before you went to the military?

Cho: Before going to the army, I usually did one movie and then  one musical. That's just about all I had time for in a year. But I've  worked on four projects since being discharged from the military. It's  great getting to work on so many projects. After starting with "Jekyll  & Hyde," I shot "Peach Tree" and "Perfect Game," and now I'm working  on musical "Zorro" and although my body is exhausted, I feel good in  mind. To the point that it's become a habit for me to say, "Wow, I'm  really happy." I have so much fun when I'm working. And what's more fun  is the interesting sights I'm seeing after my military discharge.  [laughs] Whether I'm on a movie set or musical rehearsal studio,  everyone calls me their senior. Even the assistant director for "Perfect  Game" did. I don't think I should be called it yet but it was  interesting to see and it also made me proud of the fact that I've come a  long way too. That's why whether it's an independent film or not, as  long as I have time to, I'm going to try to do whatever makes my heart  beat. I'm not young anymore and there are a lot of new talents entering  the musical industry as well.

q.gif A lot of idol stars are expanding their careers into musicals and threatening your ticket power as well. [laugh]

Cho: They're better than me. There are so many kids that are  good. Xiah Junsu appeared like a comet. [laughs] But it makes me happy.  As long as they have the right mindset. And they'll be successful as  long as they don't miss out on rehearsals.


Cho Seung-woo [Lee Jin-hyuk/10Asia]

q.gif  I think you're showing a lot of new sides to you through "Zorro." It's  funnier than any other project you've worked on and in it, you show your  funny side to you with a lot of freedom.

Cho: I'm actually quite goofy. So it's great that I'm playing  Diego. "Zorro" contains all of the things I know how to do right now. I  have danced since high school, the magic was what I did when helping the  magician officer when in the army, I learned the martial arts skills  when doing "The Sword with No Name" and the kicking and martial arts are  what I'd done since "Raging Years." And comedy is a form of acting I've  always enjoyed.

q.gif  You said you're goofy but the Cho Seung-woo that the public knows of is  an actor who is very serious and acts well. They don't know too much  about your personal life.

Cho: People say that they think I'd be very quiet and composed.  But I'm really goofy, not cold at all, kind and I talk well to people as  well. A lot of people say they think I'd be quiet like Park Hae-il but  he's actually really funny as well and a great drinker. Yu Hae-jin is  rather the graceful type. People think that he'd be the type that would  drink soju at some bar but he takes photographs when he goes on trips  alone and drinks wine at home. I went to his house once and it's in the  Provence style with white furniture... You shouldn't judge people by  their looks. [laughs] My interests these days are vintage stereo  systems, baseball, animal companions and "Zorro."

q.gif  I noticed that you complimented actor Yang Dong-geun a lot while doing  your interviews for "Perfect Game." You even said he's a genius when it  comes to acting.

Cho: I think he's the type of actor that would work in any  market, whether it be Europe or the U.S. or Asia. That's how a wide a  variety of images he has and he has this great smile when he laughs  while being chatty.

q.gif  I think the age 30 has a special meaning for everyone since it's when  there's a lot to think about because you're neither young nor old. Hence  I think you must have a lot of things to think about as well.

Cho: I actually had a lot of thoughts when I was in my twenties.  And the military was what put fetters on my life during that time. I  debuted when I was 20 and went to the military just days before I turned  30. So for nine years, I'd lived a nightmare. After I got my physical  examination to go to the military, I couldn't get a passport and wasn't  allowed to go overseas, treated as if I was a criminal. So after I  turned 28, the military was constantly my biggest concern and I did a  lot of invaluable thinking about my life. I acted like a grown up  because it's the age that you just want to be like that. Not that I'm  any different now but it was worse back then. So I feel much freer after  getting the military off my back. I'm happy that now, everything is  starting anew including my acting career, my life, and everything that  is fun. That is why I took on so many projects as soon as I was done  with the military and I've been happy since. Oh, there are moments that  I'm not happy. When I have to go for reserve forces training. [laughs]  That's why until the day I get married, I'm going to continue to be  childish. They say that when women get married, they feel like they're  raising two kids including the husband so all I need to do is meet a  woman who will accept my childish ways. I'm going to try to live with a  younger mindset because I've been living like a grown up since I was in  my teens.

q.gif And until what age do you plan to be childish?

Cho: Until I meet a wise woman who tells me "That's enough." [laughs]

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