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  1. Movie 'Feng Shui' open talk - today (9/17) Live on https://www.instagram.com/megabox_plus_m/ at 7:30 PM KST
  2. "If I'm married and have a family, I wants to build a house to live in the future. I'd like to plant fruit trees, vegetable that I can eat at home. There will be goats and other animals. I love watching animals play . I'd like to live in such a house. Preferably in the countryside. I'm a homebody, hence I can look after the household." "Its not that I don't want to act in a romance drama. I haven't come across any good ones. Love is expressed too straightforward. I think it can be slightly different. There are many ways to express it."
  3. Wow! You know all the kissing JSW did onscreen. You're right about the chemistry with Lee Yo Won. Personally I'd like him to act with Son Ye Jin again or Ha Ji Won. Or Signal 2 with Kim Hye Soo (his costar in Tazza).
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