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Jo Seung Woo 조승우 | Drama 2021 : Sisyphus the myth 시지프스

the girl who!

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Name: 조승우 / Cho Seung Woo (Jo Seung Wu)Profession: Actor, musical actorBirthdate: 1980-Feb-12Birthplace: South KoreaHeight: 173cmWeight: 63kgStar sign: AquariusBlood type: BFamily: Mother , Sister / Musical actress Cho Seo Yon , Father / Singer Cho Kyung Soo
God's Gift - 14 Days (SBS, 2014)Drama Festival - Lee Sang That Lee Sang (MBC, 2013)Horse Doctor (MBC, 2012)
The Peach Tree (2012)Perfect Game (2011)The Sword With No Name (2009)Go Go 70 (2008)Tazza (2006)Love Phobia (2006)Marathon/Running Boy (2005)Low Life/Raging Years (2004)The Classic (2003)H (2002)YMCA Baseball Team (2002)Who Are You? (2002)Wanee & Junah (2001)Chunhyang (2000)
2000 Blood Brothers 2000 The Last Empress2001 Subway Line 1 2002 The Sorrows of Young Werther2003 Carmen2004 Jekyll & Hyde2005 Jekyll & Hyde 2005 Hedwig and the Angry Inch2006 Subway Line 1 2006 Jekyll & Hyde2007 Hedwig and the Angry Inch2007 Rent2007 Man of La Mancha2008 Hedwig and the Angry Inch Hedwig2008 I Am Sam2010 - 2011 Jekyll & Hyde2011 - 2012 Zorro2012 Doctor Zhivago 2013 Hedwig and the Angry Inch Hedwig2013 - 2014 Man of La Mancha 2014 Hedwig and the Angry Inch
2002 Korea Musical Awards - Best New Actor ( The Sorrows of Young Werther )2004 Korea Musical Awards - Best Actor ( Jekyll & Hyde  )2004 Moscow Intl Love Film Festival - Best Couple Award with Son Ye Jin ( The Classic )2005 Baeksang Arts Awards - Best Actor ( Marathon )2005 Grand Bell Awards - Best Actor ( Marathon )2005 Grand Bell Awards - Popularity Award ( Marathon )2005 Premiere Rising Star Award - Best Actor ( Marathon )2005 Pusan Film Critics Awards - Best Actor ( Marathon )2005 China Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers Film Festival - Best Actor, International Film Category ( Marathon )2005 Blue Dragon Film Awards - Popularity Award ( Marathon )2005 Korea Advertisers Association - Good Model Award2005 Golden Ticket Awards - Best Musical Actor ( Jekyll & Hyde )2006 University Film Festival of Korea - Man of The Year ( Tazza )2007 Korea Movie Star Awards - Best Actor ( Tazza )2007 Newport Beach Film Festival - Jury Award Best Actor ( Tazza )2007 Korea Musical Awards - Popularity Award ( Jekyll & Hyde Won )2007 Golden Ticket Awards - Best Musical Actor ( Man of La Mancha )2008 The Musical Awards - Best Actor ( Man of La Mancha )2011 The Musical Awards - Best Actor ( Jekyll & Hyde )2011 Golden Ticket Awards - Best Musical Actor ( Jekyll & Hyde )2012 The Musical Awards - Best Actor ( Doctor Zhivago )2012 Korean Popular Culture & Art Awards - Prime Minister's Citation2012 MBC Drama Awards - Daesang/Grand Prize ( Horse Doctor )2012 MBC Drama Awards -Top Excellence Award, Actor in a Special Project  ( Horse Doctor )2013 Korea Musical Awards - Popularity Award ( Hedwig and the Angry Inch )
2002 Crencia2003 Maxwell House2004 Korea Post2004 - 2005 Cambridge's The Suit House2005 KT&G2005 Haitai Green Tea2005 Hi-Car Insurance2005 Baskin-Robbins2005 Cyworld2005 Maru Casual2005 - 2006 Hankook Tires2005 - 2006 Oral-B2006 Hanjin Heavy Industries Haemoro2007 The One Card2007 Baekseju2007 Vonin2007 Us and Them2007 Digital Cable TV (DV)2008 Hyundai Card2012 NIX Korea
Official WebsiteDC GalleryBaidu Bar Daum Cafe 

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Guest xjaneeex

He's a GREAT actor. I first liked him in "Classic" because he looked like Minwoo.

I want to see his musical, the one where he had the role of a transgender, but too bad I don't live in Korea.

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Guest thesarahchong

I first saw him on "Classic" as well.. it's quite strange actually, because he looks quite old on that movie, and the more I see him-- the skinnier he looks and more child-like. Haha.

I really liked "Who Are You" as well.. Lee Nayoung is a great actress, and I absolutely adored the singing scene in that movie. Y'know I just recently realized the fact that the movie was based on internet relations, blogs, stuff like that-- and he advertises for Cyworld. Did he advertise for Cyworld before he filmed the movie?

He's got a great smile and he is definitely one great actor.

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AH~~~ .i was wondering if a thread been started ..^___________^ ..that old thread i started is all gone and the data i stored it somewhere will paste it here later.! ..i been a fan of his acting ~~ .since ..like when i first saw his movie .who are you two or three years back ..~~ and been following his movies .ever since ^^

....he such a natural ..talent and i believe that will be more from him in future !! .to me i think he is the bright new hope of kmovies .!! i am really thrill to see him ..making waves now with his talent ...! ^^

he was voted as the rising star of 2005 and the awards was given out at PIFF ^^



source http://tvnews.media.daum.net/part/entertv/.../v10432123.html

and he also won the best actor for 2005 ThePusan Film Critics Award


Best actress Kang Hye-Jung ~~ for performance in movie Rules of Dating ~~ ..


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previously a news article on his coming movie project ^^ ..which he will be co staring with Kang Hye-Jung ^^


Chungmuro sweethearts show off 'power of love'

Psychologists often say that when it comes to love, opposites attract. But the rule may not apply to actor Cho Seung-woo and actress Gang Hye-jung, often dubbed as the "twin-like sweethearts" of Chungmuro, Korea's tinseltown.

As Cannes Grand Prize-winning director Park Chan-wook once said in an interview with a local movie magazine, the two young sweethearts greatly resemble each other when it comes to their acting careers.

By strictly keeping to the principle, "Be actors, not celebrities," Cho and Gang managed to sweep up more than 5 million audiences each, in the two major box-office hits of 2005, "Running Boy" and "Welcome to Dongmakgol," respectively.

Unlike many young actors and actresses, Cho and Gang did not rely on their "pretty faces" or the so-called "star-making system," in becoming the rising stars of Chungmuro.

Now regarded as the two most promising actors of the Korean screen, Cho and Gang are also building up a solid powerbase as a pair.

While revealing their relationship to the public last year, Cho said Gang was not only a girlfriend, but also a trustworthy supporter to help him secure his career goals of becoming a "real" actor.

Although Cho and Gang are both attractive enough, and are still in their early 20s, they did not use their good looks or overrated publicity to grasp immediate fame.

The "grungy" roles that the two landed in their past movies are what most young stars of their age would gladly avoid. And for this, directors regard both Cho and Gang as reliable actors and crave the chance to work with them.

In Running Boy, Cho played the role of an autistic man while Gang acted as a mad girl in Welcome to Dongmakgol.

With no renowned directors or popular leading actors, no one had presumed the two movies would be box-office hits. But Cho and Gang proved that renowned directors and popular actors could no longer automatically lure audiences to the cinema, and that only well-made movies with hardworking actors leads to the success of a movie.

Both Cho and Gang took ample time and effort to achieve their goals. Rather than relying on their management agencies to make them hot celebrities, they chose to build up their acting skills first by testing themselves in difficult roles.

Cho, 25, made his debut as Mong-ryong, a young pansori-singing son of a local governor in the world renowned director Im Kwon-teak's 2000 film "Chunhyang."

With his successful debut, and his prince-like delicate features, Cho could have chosen to become Korea's heartthrob by taking roles of "Prince Charming" in chick-flicks.

But Cho chose instead to broaden the scope of his acting by taking versatile roles not just in movies but also in plays and musicals. Cho's choice made people praise him as an impressive actor rather than a typical celebrity with a pretty face.

Director Chung Yoon-chul of Running Boy said in an interview that Cho was "not like a trendy young star but more like an old man who knows what he should expect in his life."

"What I trust the most about Cho, is that he knows his delicate appearance could both be a merit and a demerit to his acting career, and he tries to overcome the demerits by taking all kinds of different roles," Chung added.

Gang, 23, made her debut in a TV drama, in which she did not receive much of a warm welcome by viewers, possibly because Gang does not have a typical doll-like face.

Realizing her narrow chance of success in the standardized TV world, Gang chose to broaden her scope of acting by taking bold and daring roles in movies.

In director Park Chan-wook's 2003 "Old Boy" which won the Grand Prize of the Jury at the Cannes Film Festival, Gang played a daughter who becomes a victim of incest with her own father.

With this role, Gang succeeded in leaving a strong image to audiences, and soon she was regarded as a starlet of Chungmuro. From then on, Gang has been forming a solid grounding in domestic films by taking diverse roles.

Director Park Gwang-hyun of Welcome to Dongmakgol said, "Gang is a rare actress who is clever enough to know when to step forward and when to step back."

Cho and Gang are more loved by the public for their openness in revealing their relationship unlike other furtive celebrity couples. The two also keep to the policy never to use their relationship as a tool to sweep up public interest, seldom exposing their dating scenes or private lives to the public.


Cho and Gang recently announced that they would be appearing together in a new movie "Lizard."

In Hollywood, movies with real celebrity couples often left pitiful box-office records and poor audience response.

Should the movie escape the bad omen and be another hit, Cho and Gang will once again prove the power of love, bringing another major wave to the nation's movie land.


By Shin Hae-in


Credits: The Korea Herald

Source: http://www.koreaherald.co.kr/SITE/data/htm...00509090018.asp

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cho seung woo will again take up the role in the musical Jekyll & Hyde , he has accepted the invitation by Odentertainment to perform next year 2006 on 24 Janaury onwards . but this time Cho seung woo ask that the muscial be accompanined by an orchestra which is different from his previous perforamnce where there is no live orchestra

=>sigh**i thihnk i wont get to see this ...the tix are snapped up i bet ..




Odentertainment公司代表申春秀(音)表示:“在藝術殿堂的公演中,將動用20人組成的管弦樂隊,佈景效果也將大幅增強。”不僅是《傑克與海德》,《赫德韋格》等趙承佑出演的音樂劇的情況大都是“趙承佑出演的部分,門票一天就售光”、“在拍賣網站上票價上漲 2~3倍”等,反響異常火爆。

記者 朴敦圭 coeur@chosun.com

this is an old article when he first perform Jekyll & Hyde'


Cho Seung-woo Shines in `Jekyll & Hyde'


By Lee Yong-sung

Staff Reporter

Among a countless number of star actors, not many seem to have been able to successfully play contrasting characters throughout their acting career. What if, then, an actor has done this more than successfully in a single theatrical production?

Cho Seung-woo, who is only 24, proved his versatile talents in his performance of the recent musical ``Jekyll & Hyde.’’

Adapted from Robert Louis Stevenson's 1886 novella ``The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde,’’ the musical was originally produced back in 1990 at Houston's Tony Award-winning Alley Theater. The production requires an actor who can play the role of the ideal, well-mannered Dr. Jekyll and the violent, hideous Mr. Hyde as his purely wicked, spited ego. However, only a few have been successful.

Cho was definitely among the very few, if not the best, when he performed different voices, personalities and seemingly almost different bodies for the double role at the COEX Auditorium in southern Seoul last Monday. The only outside help he received was from the gruesome, ominous green light effectively used while he played Mr. Hyde. The rest was the result of his brilliant acting and singing skills.

For those who remember him best as Mongryong, a young, pansori-singing son of a local governor in director Im Kwon-taek's 2000 film ``Chunhyang,’’ which is based on a centuries-old romantic folktale, Cho’s charismatic transformation must have been beyond surprising.

Frequent noise disturbances during scene changes and a seat formation in the oversized theater that was not audience-friendly detracted from the show. However, it did not seem to bother audiences much when Cho sang ``Final Transformation,’’ in which he manipulated his two totally different selves, alternating the two witih amazing control and balance.

The super energy-laden acting and singing of Mr. Hyde turned into soft, self-agonizing monologues of Dr. Jekyll all of sudden. The shift looked so seamless that it almost seemed like there were two different actors on the stage. Audiences went wild at the end of it for the birth of a new, young ruler of the musical stage.

Pop diva Sonya who played Lucy Harris the prostitute also used her gifted voice well. The 24-year-old singer, who has been revealing her nude photos through mobile services from early this month, seemed to have something more to show on stage. Her somewhat seductive clothing and poses were another eye-catcher for musical fans.

Kim So-hyun, on the other hand, showed only a narrow scope of her talents in playing the stereotypically nice, young noble lady Emma. Additionally, her classic operatic voice color didn’t seem to go very well with Cho’s, when they sang duets. However, her ``Once Upon a Dream’’ was just beautiful, and her duet with Sonya, ``In His Eyes’’ was in good harmony.

David Swan’s stage direction was like that of a classical opera except for the three dimensional use of the stage sets. It seemed rather static for musical production, but overall gave a sense of stability.

The battle between good and evil is the theme of the original story, but the musical version uses it more as inspiration than as an accurate rendering, elaborating on a love theme, making the sinister ramifications of man attempting to play God look less important. If that doesn’t bother you much, all the fun and thrills of the show will be yours.

`Jekyll & Hyde'

When: From July 24 through Aug. 21

Where: COEX Auditorium near Samsong Station on subway line 2

How much: 50,000 to 90,000 won (30-percent discount for daytime performances on Wednesdays)

Info: (02) 556-8556, www.JekyllnHyde.co.kr


08-01-2004 19:04

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Guest adikkeluangman

He is such a great actor. I've first see him in Marathon. Oh man, at first I though maybe they took real autism boy to do the act. After read the review. Wow... n then I watch The Classic. First coz of Jo In Sung, I did not realize he in the movie also. After that, I watch it for JSW.

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Guest sandy k

wow this thread is nice & small =] i love it~ makes me wanna be more dedicated to it since i have no 3000+ pages of catching up to do.

i have the most gorgeous jo seung woo picture and i will definitely upload it when i find it~

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Finally i found a thread for such a great actor. I like a lot of the young korean actors but i must say he leads them all acting-wise. He is just too talented considering he's also a theater actor. He knows how to choose roles that really showcases his acting range.

Too bad he didn't win best actor in this year's blue dragon awards, but he will definitely win one in the future. He's still young and I bet he has loads of opportunities. He won almost all the awards he's been nominated in this year. KUDOS to you Seung Woo!

This is his profile in arirang and popcornfor2:

Name: Cho Seung-woo

Date of Birth: Feb. 21, 1980

Body: 173cm/63kg

Title: Actor

Debut: 1999



SBS : Onair (2001)


Running Boy (2005)

Raging Years (2004)

The Classic (2003)

H (2002)

YMCA Baseball Team (2002)

Who Are You? (2002)

Wanee & Junah (2001)

Chunhyang (2000)


Blood Brothers (2000)

The Last Emperor (2000)

Line 1 (2001)

The Sorrows of Young Werther (2002)

Carmen (2003)

Jekyll & Hyde (2004)

Awards: Grand Bell (Daejong) Awards, Best Actor (2005)

Busan Film Critics Association Awards, Best Actor (2005)

26th Blue Dragon Film Awards, Most Popular Actors (with Kang Dong Won) (2005)

Jinji Baihuajiang (ÑÑͮÛÝü£íá) Film Festival, Best Actor, Overseas Film Div. (2005)

41th Baek Sang Art Awards, Best Actor (2005)

*** All awards are for his role in Marathon/Running Boy

From musicals to movies, actor Jo Seung-woo proves he's got more than just that boyish charm.

Having just wrapped up filming his latest, 'Marathon,' a tired-but-happy looking Jo got us caught up at the movie's release.

"Marathon, heartwarming film about a 20-year-old autistic young man with the mental capacity of a 5 year old, challenged Jo to make his performance as authentic as possible. He prepared mentally and physically for the role of Chowon, which entailed endless running scenes. He spent time with autistic men and women to understand their lives.

Jo debuted in 1999 with the movie, "Chunhyang. It wasn't an easy role to land, but he caught the eye of director Lim Kwon-taek. He has since played both tough guys and the more tender type ?and of course, we can't forget his work in musicals.

Oh, and his nickname? Colleagues say he is called 'Old man,' a title indicative of his maturity and considerate nature.


Full of JSW cfs -> http://www.popcornfor2.com/stars/ChoSeungWoo.php

Cho Seung-woo Wins Best Actor Award at Film Festival in China 11/15/05

Actor Cho Seung-woo has won an award for the first time at an international film festival for his realistic portrayal of an autistic marathoner in the film "Marathon" (2005), directed by Chung Yoon-chul.

According to CineLine-Two, the production company of "Marathon," on Nov. 14, Cho won the Best Actor Award in the Overseas Film Division at the "Jinji Baihuajiang (ÑÑͮÛÝü£íá) Film Festival" held in Sanya, Hainan Province, China on Nov. 9-13.

Marking the 14th anniversary of its founding this year, the "Jinji Baihuajiang Film Festival" is China's largest film festival, consisting of the Art Film Division (Jinjijiang) and Pop Film Division (Baihuajiang). It also invites movies produced in Chinese-speaking regions such as Hong Kong and Taiwan. The film festival opened the Overseas Film Division for the first time this year, to which about 20 foreign films were invited.

Cho was the only winner selected from the Asian region in this division. He was unable to attend the award ceremony because of the busy shooting schedule of his new film "Lizard."

"Marathon" was screened at the film festival on the morning of Nov. 11. It won high acclaim from the audience, who filled the seats despite the early morning showtime. Officials of the film festival reportedly expressed great interest in the actors and actress of the film.

Jackie Chan won the Jinji Baihuajiang Best Actor Award for the first time as an actor from Hong Kong for his role in "New Police Story."


Interview: [Teen Times] `I'm Not a Superstar...' Cho Seung-woo

Cho Seung-woo, who captivated musical fans with his charismatic dual role in "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Áöų¹ڻç¿Í ÇÏÀ̵å," is this time inviting movie fans to the world of the marathon. In his new film "Marathon ¸»¾ÆÅæ," he played Cho-won, a 20-year old autistic marathon runner. Cho, who made his film debut in the Korean traditional drama of "Chunhyang ÃáÇⵯ" in 2000, has established himself as one of Korea's most prominent actors through various movies and musicals. He always expected to play a disabled person sometime in the future and the opportunity arose in the form of a 20-year old marathoner who suffers from autism. And he delivered a stunning performance that will no doubt satisfy movie fans. Here, he talks more about his new film.

Question: You have just watched the film for the first time. How do you feel?

Cho: I feel as if I just passed the finish line in a marathon. The film only took about three months to shoot. Everything went so fast. Now, having finished it, I feel really good. It's a touching story and a really good movie, not only because I am part of it (laughs).

Q: What's your favorite scene? Could you pick the most touching scene in the film?

Cho: I love every single scene. Watching the film is like taking out valuables from a treasure chest.

Q: The film is based on the true story of Bae Hyung-jin, who suffers from autism but was able to complete a full marathon. Did you get any help from Hyung-Jin while making the film?

Cho: Meeting Hyung-Jin and watching him talk and move definitely helped me a lot. It felt like going on an exploration. I watched him closely and studied his facial expressions, the way he walked and even the way he blinked his eyes. But I stopped visiting him once we started making the film because I wanted to be Cho-won and not Hyung-jin. I was afraid that I might just copy him.

Q: You had to run a lot in this film and you play an autistic character. What was the most difficult aspect of playing Cho-won?

Cho: The running wasn't that hard; I enjoyed it, actually. The difficult part was running during the cold winter while wearing just a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. My mouth got numb in the cold. But the hardest thing was that while playing Cho-won, I couldn't look at people directly. Autistic patients have difficulties in communicating and they lack social skills. So they don't look at other people carefully. At the end of the day, when I realized that I hadn't looked at someone's eyes the whole day, I felt lonely and sad.

Q: In the movie, Cho-won often plays with his fingers. Why is that?

Cho: I was also curious about that and asked Hyung-jin's mother. She told me that he plays with his fingers when he is excited, thrilled or nervous. But what made it even more interesting is that he also does it even when he isn't feeing those emotions.

Q: Your popularity has soared during the past year especially due to the musical "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde." The tickets sold out very quickly and you received a standing ovation after every performance. Do you feel you are a big star?

Cho: Of course, I realize that I've become popular when more and more people recognize me in the streets and when the audience gets enthusiastic about my performance. But that doesn't necessary mean that I am a superstar. I just try my best at every moment.


For other JSW articles -> http://www.hancinema.net/korean_Jo_Seung-woo.php

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Update : Dec 9, 2005 KST 17:44

Cho Seung-woo joins ranks of hallyu stars

Posted by rubie in [News Thread] Dramas, Movies, Actors, Actresses


Top star Cho Seung-woo, well-known for his role in the movie "Marathon," held his first official press conference in Tokyo, Japan, reported the Nikan Sports on Dec. 9. Next year, Cho will perform in front of Japanese audiences in the Korean musical "Jekyll & Hyde."

"I will continue doing my best as both a movie and musical actor," said Cho, adding that he wants to express the distinction between good and evil in a more exquisite and subtle way in "Jekyll & Hyde," which portrays the dualism of human nature.

After the musical's domestic performance from Jan. 25 through Feb. 4, 2006 at the Opera Theater of the Seoul Arts Center, the actor will embark on a tour around Japan. He will appear in "Jekyll & Hyde" in Tokyo March 13-19 and in Osaka March 22-24.

Cho received a favorable response from audiences in July and December of last year for his portrayal of "Dr. Jekyll" and "Hyde" in the musical.

Source: KBS Global


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Guest jujubee

ahhh, i love cho seung woo! he is such a great actor! I also first saw him in CLASSIC and was so impressed by his acting. he just outshone everyone in that film, i thought.

i also wanted to add some more pics of him!



he reminds me of yoo ji tae when he smiles, which is nothing but pluses in my book!!

all credits to yahoo korea

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Cho received a favorable response from audiences in July and December of last year for his portrayal of "Dr. Jekyll" and "Hyde" in the musical.

i am sure cho seung woo will be able to impress with his talent ~~^ !!

any chance anyone has his year2000 chunhyang movie? dying to catch some of his older stuff

i have it but er ..not in any dl form ~~ ^ it is available in DVD now .it was just released with its DVD kversion ^




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cho seung woo 's CF ~!

cyworld CF (i really like this series of CF ^^) -

mms://cyad.cyworld.nate.com/cyad1/event.wmv ( 4 min )


Hi Car Insurance


Koreapost CF


Baskin and Robbins





Drink CF (tea)



making of the CF (tea)


Maxwell house CF _ this one of his eariler CF


respot from koreanwind.net

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he's one of the best actors in Korea. :)


haha seldom i see u in actors thread ~! yup ~~ he is ~really one of the best in the inidustry !~ !!


another old article this year on cho seung woo

Cho Seung-woo syndrome sweeping musical scene


Cho Seung-woo, a rising icon of the Korean entertainment industry, is setting a new standard with his captivating acting in a transgender musical "Headwig and the Angry Inch," sparking what is called "Cho Seung-woo syndrome."

"Headwig," which is being performed at the Live Theater in Seoul, features three other actors for the title role on a rotational basis, but the tickets for Cho's show are the most popular, some of the sold-out tickets circulating at twice the original price on an online auction site.

Some fans arrive at the theater three hours ahead of the official schedule and spend time talking about the show. Thanks to Cho's popularity, more than 80 percent of the tickets for the early weeks of May have been sold.

Cho takes on the role of a transsexual rock singer in the Korean version of the popular Off-Broadway musical - a demanding job since it involves high-powered rock music and a drastic change of persona for the actor.

Cho Seung-woo in the Korean version of a transgender musical "Headwig and the Angry Inch"

The main character, an East German man, undergoes a sex change operation in a bid to marry an American solider but gets ditched by him and becomes a rock singer.

Of course, a portion of people who watch Cho's shows are familiar with not only the critically acclaimed musical but also the silver screen version which was released in August 2002. The film, marking directorial debut of John Cameron Mitchell, has spawned a host of Korean fan clubs.

Music-wise, "Headwig" does not allow the main character to relax even for a minute. "Unlike other rock musicals, 'Headwig' features real rock music and it's quite difficult to get it right," said Song Yong-jin, one of four actors for the musical and a vocalist of rock band Sigolband.

When Cho sang major scores like "Tear Me Down," "Sugar Daddy," "Angry Inch" and "Wig in a Box," fans - many of them are women in their 20s - did not hide their excitement, reacting enthusiastically in the 200-seat theater.

Cho's ability to dominate the stage was also impressive. He made the audience laugh out loud by shouting like a lady who gets embarrassed about her hair in front of a mirror. He drew attention to his (or her) body by saying "My body lines are a real art," exuding his feminine mannerisms and behavior.

Before the audience knew it, however, Cho changed the gear swiftly and accentuated the theme of the musical through a long tearful monologue. With Cho's charisma shining throughout the 110-minute show, there was no time to think about anything else except for the musical's portrayal of anguish and yearning for the origin of love.

Toward the end of the show, Cho, dripping with sweat, did not confine himself to the stage; he jumped down to the audience area, interacting with people in a peculiar way that explores the theme of rediscovering the lost identity.

The highlight came with the ending that symbolically involves two tomatoes - a prop for turning Cho into a perfect woman - and the audience got another boost as Cho and the Angry Inch Band sang the main songs again.

Cho's transformation in "Headwig," however, is hardly surprising. In "Running Boy" ('Marathon' in Korean) - a film based on a true story about an autistic young man who communicates with the world through a marathon - showcased Cho's versatility.

His superb acting in the film won praise from critics, and "Running Boy" sold more than 5 million tickets, becoming one of the two major Korean hit films together with "Public Enemy 2" amid a dearth of Korean blockbusters in recent months.

Critics are quick to point out that Cho's popularity is solidly based on his serious efforts to refine and perfect his acting. He also won the Best Leading Actor award last year at the 10th annual Korea Musical Awards for the lead role in "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde."

Cho's stardom is also inspiring other musical actors. Last week, Park Gun-hyung, an emerging musical actor who played the title role for "Saturday Night Fever" last year, made a silver screen debut in "Innocent Steps," a melodrama featuring top teen actress Moon Keun-young.

Other musical actors like Kang Ji-hwan made inroads into the television soap opera genre, showing off their versatile talent.

But Cho's hardcore fans and some critics said he differs from other actors, especially when it comes to the "Cho Seung-woo syndrome." The predominant male star images in the domestic entertainment sector are associated with success, love, sexuality and colorfulness. Dandy metrosexual stars like Kwon Sang-woo, Cho In-seong and Kang Dong-won represent the trend.

But Cho looks somewhat fragile and soft compared with other top actors. But his strength lies in his positive and refreshing image, which is deeply linked to his roles that range from an innocent boy in love with a girl to a man struggling to find the meaning of a chaotic life and turbulent history.

Although the May 11 performance will be the last one featuring Cho, "Headwig" will run through June 26 with other high-powered actors. Tickets are 30,000 won to 40,000 won. For further information, call (02) 3485-8740.


By Yang Sung-jin



i also like this picture of him~~


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