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  1. Well, if she has 30 cars, it will be one for each calendar day 14... means rolling the cars every fortnight, hahaha.... 516
  2. 14 cars, I counted... not too varied choices, but the garage itself is awesome! 516
  3. @Ameera Ali Are you watching Luna? I want gif of "healing" and the rows of luxury cars ManWol has in her garage... 516
  4. So far I've only come across Chinese subs. If you need it, please PM me. @scrapykitty check your inbox.
  5. I am happy that subs for Luna comes out so fast. 510
  6. I convinced myself that Chan-Sung is very strong and regularly lift weights for exercise
  7. It's not that scary although we do see some ghosts. Just that when one takes down her sunglasses, it's time for you to put on your sunglasses 502
  8. yes I have already checked in at Hotel Luna, been counting down the days... anyone joining me there? And we can go swim at the beach like swimming pool I admit I am a bit worried though while watching first half of the episode, that it won't hold up to all its pre-airing hype. 500
  9. Just some tidbits, because I can't do the recaps yet. - DHY and wife are divorced. But ex-wife is quick to pick up that he fell in love, and that's why he is drawing again. - YJW's wife is really something. She picked him up at school, they argued about the school he works at again, and she got angry, stopped the car and asked him to go home by himself, using the excuse that she left something at school, which was clearly something made up. And first date started for both the couples... But in next episode preview, we see that the affairs seem going to be quickly discovered by each of the spouse.
  10. Have only watched the first 15 minutes of ep.4... and I am so emotional about it ~ anger, sadness... There are good dialogues/reference about Love (the bird and the abstract noun) Okay, I am an animal lover, but the way JCK is reacting to Love's flying away is really really too much! And then, if he really love the bird so much, why is he not trying to find it immediately but have time to drink soju....
  11. I didn’t think she was faking her death... she was just too lazy to move, and was surprised when GCS returned with a cart to help her.
  12. IU is so cool and awesome in her role... not a bad start, although a bit slow and confusing in the first half... but I'm looking forward to ep.2 YJG... still seeing traces of him as 0.9 from Absolute Boyfriend... hopefully that will change later on.
  13. Hi @Ahpheng!! Haven't seen you for a long time! Great that you're joining us here. I just finished this week's episodes and haven't back read on our thread. I am quite bothered by the fact that they forgot to take Tammy's bag along when Scarlet pulled her out of the cafe during confrontation with GG (her hands were empty). And then later we see that her bag has totally disappeared from the table that GG was sitting at too who stole it?? What exactly is the relationship between Scarlet and GG? I still have no idea... Writer sure is good in making it so grey... Poor Morgan for not being acknowledged properly by the women he cared. I want to hug him there... but still not feeling the couple. Sorry.... Whoa, just found out the actor playing SJH is the one playing Marco in Alhambra!! And it's a first since a long time to see a non-Dyson vacuum cleaner
  14. I've made reservation at Hotel Luna and will check in soon Yeo Jin Goo recently acted in Absolute Boyfriend. I think his gaunt look is only because he's outgrown his teenage look? But yeah, he's been very very busy. The Crowned Clown, Absolute Boyfriend, and Hotel Luna consecutively. 510
  15. This year has a lot of good dramas... It's always that perpetual struggle of too many dramas too little time... So many that I am anticipating to start while now still playing catch up with current dramas. 504
  16. I just caught up... Love the part when flashback on why Edo suddenly became a fashion designer. It's all in the name of love seriously, where can you find such a devoted genius? Be a fashion designer, and I'll be your model. Then we can be together forever? No wonder he has a roomful of clothes designed in her size.. I teared up when YR hugged Edo at the sofa upon remembering who he is. It's so cute the way Min Suk tried to solve the mystery and convinced himself how it was supposed to be and then his theory was completely destroyed by the crazy fan's witness... "Retreat at once" -- "Yes Sir" The part before Edo walked to JH to give her flowers, her monologue, was so touching as well...
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