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  1. Subs was really fast for me too for the final episode. This is a really good show and I cried a few times for the final episode too... Writer is just amazing that she was able to even write in a reconciliation between Edo and his mother! I didn't expect that... I was actually fine even if their relationship remains the same. And then the flashing keychain in the pocket was also not forgotten. Everything tied back together. Love it.
  2. Congratulations!! @triplem the aftermath is so cute. She is so shy about it and he is like What did I do wrong? with his arms spread out like that... 740
  3. K version for the win!! So much more feels Can’t get enough of rewatching the back hug and the kiss... 736
  4. I haven’t watched the final episode. But the penultimate episode made me cry a few times... Edo is just so sweet... Should I do a raw watch?
  5. Yes for the last two points but no, I don’t suffer from waiting for subs. Anyway, where to sign up? But wait, let me spray myself with second last drop of Perfume... will run out of it after tomorrow 708
  6. @Latte_Anyday @sadthe1st There’s been a mistranslation from English subs. Someone mentioned earlier in the page. The Chinese subs also translated Manager Noh as the 98th and Chan Sung is the 99th manager.
  7. Really? If based on true stories, it made me want to watch it even more. Reminded me of Just Between Lovers (where the ex-husband also starred in) Yes @Ameera Ali Ex is played by Lee Ki Woo, tall handsome Oppa. Check him out 696
  8. 696 (correcting the number) @Lmangla I watched a bit of Doctor Detective. Am liking it. Just that I am not sure I can commit to watching it properly... and then @Ameera Ali posted Doctor YoHan and my heart swayed again...
  9. He does Pilates! It’s great exercise. Try it if you haven’t... Made me think of and be envious again of YEH’s Pilates corner in her last drama Fluttering Love.
  10. Things are getting intricate. I love it! But there are some production stuff bugging me. Putting in spoiler because some might not like it being pointed out. YG once again lost someone he needs to keep watch on and it resulted in death. He is definitely not the watcher in the title Watcher. Up till now, I still have full faith in DCK even though he is being shown as shady. One encounter with Chairman Jung does not mean he is his man. But argh! Has the SK police never been trained to shoot arms or legs to disarm a criminal?? Why one killing shot to the heart?? (side-eyeing Children of Nobody too)
  11. I believe marriage is consummated before. No normal man would not do it with a legal wife. Just that husband not too interested in it, so probably never happen again. I am curious when they get the birds. I too believe SJE only has one man in her life, and she mistook it as Love of her life. There are many naive women like that out there. YJW loves nature indeed, but I won’t call it obsession. He loves nature in general, whereas JCK is obsesssed with Love and Faith. He didn’t like the sickly sparrow.
  12. Nooooo.... Now I can’t unsee that. After such a sweet one we have from Love Affairs, we have to see this from Luna?? *goreplayLAITAbackhug* @Lawyerh DHY’s ex can see that Jenny is kissing up to CSA’s husband. Jenny must be a good artist and curator, but she sees right through her with her subtle flirting. 686
  13. I can't remember which way it goes, but one of them really wanted to work with the other one... I think it was IU who really wanted to act with YJG... or was it the other way round? Hmm... Anyway, I think YJG would look cuter with chubbier face. I guess I am still missing the little boy. Come to think of it, the only decent spouse is Director Kim (DHY's ex-wife)... and her having sensibility is probably the reason for her divorcing him? I could be wrong, not enough info on them yet. But she seems to still care about him a lot. I can see her helping Do later on when things got messy with CSA's husband. 692
  14. Hm... I don't feel sorry for her at all... She loves herself more. Being separated with him for 3 years by her choice, we don't even know if she remained faithful to him or not, since she previously didn't even mind dating a married person. And upon hearing CSA confession of her afternoon affairs, she wasn't at all shocked and even a little envious. She even lamented that out of the three ladies, she is the one without a lover... She is taking advantage of his kind soul. Whoa, I didn't think of that. But that could be, following my speculations above... Okay, let's hope together
  15. Is that the English subs? @liltash85 SJE mentioned to CSA that her husband is her first love, her only love and her last love. She has never dated anyone else but her husband. I have impression they know each other from school.
  16. For sure @Lmangla will pass on it... I really want to watch too because it’s CJH and genre I like. But really can’t take anymore heavy dark dramas. Might even have to hold off some until my schedule cleared up a bit more. My heart can’t take the stress anymore... 676
  17. Do share it in the main thread. 668
  18. The MIL came rushing to her because she just woke up from a nap with a dream that she believes interpreted to having babies. JE just said it's impossible for them to have children, so please stop talking about it. Then the MIL went to ask her son if he is impotent, to which the son just replied that they're not thinking of having children and added they sleep holding hands. The better Chinese sub is out now. I think next week I should just wait a little later before watching.
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