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  1. I read that police stated it was suicide by hanging...?? I don’t know her well and I don’t follow her, but I’m feeling down because of the news... I pray that people who are struggling out there will be able to start seeking help and support instead of trying to cope by themselves and feel defeated. 426
  2. Same here. My favorite character I think she will. Saw them in the crew pictures.
  3. 414 Feeling so sad to hear the news about Sulli...
  4. @Dhakra I enjoyed Melting Me Softly. It’s slapstick for sure, and once in a while, I’m in the mood to laugh silly by watching other people act silly. Yet, I’m moved to tears a few times too in ep.3. 1st 2 episodes is just a setup for current timeline. Some found it boring and said it could’ve been done in one. One thing I’m really amazed at is the great casting of the younger counterparts of current timeline characters. They did a really good job in that. +2
  5. I haven’t checked back to the episode, but wasn’t the wearing all black during the father’s memorial?
  6. Bingo! (And this is not another character name to guess ) 502
  7. Jenny and Sun Woo from Secret Boutique. For us, more like moons-dongsaeng relationship. SW-HJ ship is referring to Sun Woo and Hyun Ji (a younger female lead of Secret Boutique) Rabbit and Wolfie, I will let @Sushimi introduce to you, but just a hint, they’re from her latest drama that she is still having serious withdrawals from. 504
  8. They didn’t sleep in the same room. She used his room alone, but politely decline sleeping on his bed as his father suggested, so they laid out a mattress for her on the floor. YD went out of the room after wishing her good night, to sleep in his father’s room, I suppose.
  9. I too hope it’s not a detour and nobody dies. It is so clear to me that she just loves him only as younger brother. With her gestures when they were younger at the place she worked at, the way she hugs him... it’s a big sis to li’l bro kind of love. So it’s just him crushing on her. When she is feeling low, the person she called is her husband, saying that she needs him and please come back... 508
  10. If I remember correctly from Chinese subs, it’s a transportation terminal, making the area more valuable/high-price. I too wondered what are we supposed to see in the footage that YS left playing. It must be something important that he was to miss because he rushed out. But I cannot find anything odd even after replaying many times. I also tried to spot any figure of a person in the windows, but nothing...
  11. @Ameera Ali Congrats dear, for surpassing 30,000 points @Sushimi the actor was in Fox Bride Star. One thing is that he is a tall guy, another thing is that the female lead is a rather short girl. The drama looks fun. I might check it out if I have the time (yeah, right) +2
  12. My thoughts exactly. Yes, I think they need to be punished too... Do you think MC Group will collapse then, if TOP top members are charged with lawsuits? They are after all doing the biddings of the MC Group family? I wonder too if the romance angle of Reporter Kim and TOP lady member is going to resurface... if not, why bother to introduce it also in the first place.
  13. ROTFLOL.... ~ the how-to with just one piece of tissue paper 914
  14. I know she is still born out of an affair but I don’t wish it to be that particular affair ie. of her “grandpa”/father and his daughter-in-law... Now I am more convinced that Mo isn’t aware that SH is not his daughter but his half-sister. He would’ve asked Han to take care of her in a more severe way if he had known. Now I wonder how a DNA test between SH and old chairman was possible when he is already dead...
  15. Me ain’t helping her... I don’t really want to overthink it, but I would be disappointed if Grandpa Mo is having affair with SH’s mother and SH is born out of that affair. I’d rather that her biological mother be Jung. Han can remain as her beloved mother because after all she was the one who raised her. Just like YD has a very loving relationship with his adopted father, SH can have had a loving relationship with a non-biological mother.
  16. But the youngest son is his...? The DNA test is made up by TOP team. Anyway, notice that the TOP members are starting to question the way Han is doing things in handling Prosecutor Jo, keep pushing him till the edge. Look at their puzzled look when she ordered them to tie in the son as well. Scary woman. So cold blooded... I hope these smart people will discontinue their loyalty towards her. She is getting emotional in handling matters. She is starting to let anger influence the way to handle the Jo prosecutors.
  17. at least I didn’t put down 10... Which is why I explained earlier that it depends on the guy too. Based on past experiences, I was usually right with my guesses that the guy was interested. I am quite a sensitive person when it comes to people’s behaviors and manners. But of course I might have also missed some who hid it well. This unfortunately, I will never know. 934
  18. So there is an unexpected twist... MSH is not the daughter of papa Mo. That’s what Han told housekeeper Jung. And later presented the DNA test to Mo. In the preview, where SH sat at the head of the table, she announced to everyone that she is the daughter of Grandpa Mo (I think, need subs) From this episode, it seems like WJ is not the killer of SH’s mother. He wondered why his mother has the gold bars on the table. So a more potential suspect is HYS. But then, it could also be Mo now, like because he wanted to keep the secret of SH not being his bio daughter a secret, because it’s not clear yet if he had known about it or not.
  19. So that you can sleep tonight, my answer is 9 928
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