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  1. After many years of drama-watching, I still do not know/understand how actors, esp. actresses, are supposed to express surprise without their eyes wide-opened and mouth agape? So then, why are there so many negative comments about actresses being like deer-in-headlight when they are surprised? Not just towards IU, but many other actresses as well, eg. PSH.

    Maybe someone can enlighten me how a surprised look is supposed to be without eyes wide-opened? A pic will help. I actually tried (seriously I did) acting surprised, and I can't do anything else other than each time my eyes wide-opened, and mouth as well sometimes (but of course, I never attended any acting/drama class, LOL). Give acting surprised a try if you haven't, and maybe share with us your findings.

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  2. Sweeeeet ending!! And I finally get my answer for the mysterious Honghonghong on HJ's phone at the last minute, literally. Hahahaaa...

    Will be back later after some zzzzz to read up and leave comment. So exhausted today but forced myself to watch live stream because I just love our Doctors :wub:

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  3. Sweeeeet ending!! And I finally get my answer for the mysterious Honghonghong on HJ's phone at the last minute, literally. Hahahaaa...

    Will be back later to read up and leave comment. So exhausted today but forced myself to watch live stream because I just love our Doctors :wub:

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  4. How I wish I can stay here and continue spazzing with you all... but I really have to go to bed because tomorrow is going to be a full hectic day for me. May not even be able to watch subbed ep.18-19 before finale ep.20 is on air. In the process of moving to a new place, and I started packing today. Hope I can still catch live stream tomorrow night.

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  5. My second post about SW.... Poor SW... After all this, it's going to be very hard on her to continue being a doctor at the hospital. Her grandfather being arrested, and soon her father being sick and probably also revealed his malpractice? Poor SW because of the greed of her father and grandfather.

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  6. Great episode 8! I was mostly on the edge of my seat holding my breath throughout the episode, and yet the last couple minutes had me crying rivers.

    No longer can guess how the rest of the show will be like, and don't care to try now. Just going to sit back and enjoy this writer's wit. Now I'm totally invested!

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  7. Finally watched ep.17 with subs. Contrary to what many people feel, I think this is a great episode! So many things happened that allow us to get to know our doctors (and residents) better. I love this episode! I'm falling in love with this writer. Will definitely make time to check her other work - One Warm Word.

    So much I got from this episode that I'd like to share, but may not have time to do so now. Will try to share more soon. Just one point though about translation of last part of preview from Chinese sub. JH said to HJ "I hope you can give it up" -- a little bit different from the English translation that I've seen floating around-- "Let's end it here"

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  8. 7 hours ago, lclarakl said:

    Today's episode, without subs, made me realize how sadly Hye Jung has lived her life. She's focused only on the future (becoming a doctor) in order to get revenge for something that happened in the past....a waste. It would have been so much better to focus on the future while living life in the present. Since revenge has been such a big part of her motivation, she will need something to replace the void.  Seo Woo's father will get his own form of justice in his due time, but she can't let revenge stop her from living freely.  I feel awful for the hardships she faced as a child, but I feel worse about the hardship she placed on herself. Her grandmother would be disappointed knowing that she spent so much energy in trying  to revenge her death.


    7 hours ago, suejee2014 said:

    Thank u to all live recappers! thanks to u i get what happens during mon n tue episodes. this episode is for KS surgery and addressing HJ's fight for her grandma's death. i feel for KS! such a happy go lucky young intern, his sudden illness was a shock to every one! i have not seen d epi so i might have missed out. so can some one  clarify HJ's reaction to KS's illness. i didnt see much on that. just that there was a missed call of KS which HJ sees and JH telling her abt surgery but she seems to be crying becos of her not getting justice for her grandmom.  



    i agree she needs a closure for her grandmother's death. But somewhere the plot has not built a strong case for this fight for justice. i agree there might have been a carelessness from the doctor's side. And HJ searching for justice is not wrong but somewhere it has not gained that great importance! May be we shd have been shown HJ suffering after her grandmother's death. like her being arrested and her being removed from school, all shd have been after her grandmother's death. They should have shown us HJ losing everything after her grandmother's death.Not just asked to leave JH but still getting to ride away with hot looking JS was not that great loss to anyone. may be that is why ia m not feeling her angst over her grandmother's death. 

    though she might have been suspended, i thought KS was her intern and that she will worry over his surgery. did she or did she not? instead i heard that she was visiting lawyers to fight for her grandmom's case. that i somehow find very insensitive. if she had been shown caring for KS and then searching for her justice then it would be at least acceptable. if there was no scene to show her caring for KS, then that would look bad for HJ as a chr. 

    Every one sees death of loved ones in their lives. how they face it depends on their support system and their chr. Now HJ did not have any support. the only person was her teacher and that was also denied by IJ. She just went off with a guy she used to see casually. we later came to know he was not a bad guy. we didnt see how she suffered. on the ohter hand JH toolost his dad n in a suspicious way which he did came to know abt it. we still dont know wht he is going to do abt it. but he is not raging in vengeance. 


    HJ's chr is supposed to evolve. they showed her dealing with her feelings for her dad thru that two kid's father case. But wht abt her feelings for vengeance. Am not that convinced yet. anyway let me see the subbed episode. maybe i will find answers. 


    6 hours ago, starb82 said:

    952? Wow!! So hard to keep up... 

    What a great episode, am I a minority here? One thing that Doctors is not lacking of: FEELS!!!!How is it possible that I only have 10 minutes of dry eyes watching something that I completely did not understand? Today's case is Kang Soo and I cried everytime he appeared on my screen. And he's bringing he's DOTS character by shaving his head (I forgot the name). KIM MIN SOOK FOR BEST NEWCOMER AWARD!!!!! Hands down, he deserved it.



    What I love about this ep, though I might live it even more after watching the sub (better increase my tears quota for that):

    - The surgery dept. seems to be a nice place to work. Maybe because of the challenging work but the sense of camarederie is so big. Kang Soo was always a hardworker and tough, despite being the maknae I think he has for potential than Joon Dae. Seeing how everybody rooted for him and devastated by his sickness warmed and warms my heart. The hospital is full of politic, but this dept is full of love. I love all of them... Young Gook, Kyun Joon, Joom Dae, the nurse and our staff member. I love Seo Woo for not giving up in the middle of the surgery even when she has the chance... I see hope.

    - Speaking of that girl... I live how she doesn't like dad bringing up the past about JH and HJ. I always have a feeling that she knew what she did is bad, but because both  JH and HJ were out of her sight, that feeling is buried and thus unconciously forget it. After HJ appeared one of the thing that she dislike is the way HJ made her feel, one of the is guilt I guess. At the beginning she chanelled it aggresively towards HJ, but the dynamic has evolved and now I can see her reflecting her mistake the right way and hopefully get a redemption.

    I love their conversation in the fellow room. They have huge potential to be bestfriends, and we can see a glimpse of that there. Hope it will continue.

    - Kang Soo's brother... I don't know anything about him, but his relationship with Kang Soo is so heartwarming and cute. Well I guess he's cute too. Kekeke...

    - Ji Hong saying that Hye Jung is cool... hehehehe, she said it once to him and now he said it. They are so compatible with each other.

    - Lastly Hye Jung... she's a great character. A realistic human based character that we all can learned from. To us, she's that almost perfect girl; beautiful, smart, accomplished; a tough, butt-kicking doctor who everybody wants to marry. But she's not immune to flaws... in this case is her ability to hold grudges and hard-headed on it. 

    This is a healing drama, the message of forgiveness is what the writer is trying to tell us. What I like is, she's trying to show it with feeling rather than bluntly saying. She showed us how a teacher-student relationship can endangered someone, she makes people grossed out or rooted for the couple; but in the end she made us realize why people should avoid that kind of relationship.

    Now she's showing what grudge can do to a beautiful soul. It's frustrating to see how Hye Jung could not appreciate what she has right now and keot sticking to the past. But that feeling is what the writer wants us to feel, to make us learn what obsession and grudge can do to someone. Experiencing and seeing it from second person perspective can be very different. The fact that HJ frustrates people, means that she nails the objective; and once HJ comes around (which I believe she will because that's her strength) it will be satisfyingly good.

    Also, I think she was actually ready to settle for a proper apology from dad. She knew the statute of limitation has pass and wasn't thinking about filing a lawsuit. But then Seo Woo's dad had to be so defensive and to act such a di*k thus triggered her anger. That guy tho.. i think if the law can't touch him, his biggest punishment would be losing the love of her precious daughter. Which is why I'm hoping now that Seo Woo is showing a sign of change she will eventually finds out about dad and tell him to his face.

    Hhmmm.. the lack of skinship. I know we all love our OTP so much and just wants them jump on each other and make out. But realistically speaking, Docs genre was never that... it's actually a humble; back to basic; conservative; and content driven drama.

    It's major strength are message and actors with good acting skill who can deliver such a simple drama with heavy message but still can touch the viewer. It doesn't have over the top budget, high profile idol-actor, exagurating action scene, or steamy love interaction. So as much as I hope for a hot scene, I doubt that there will be any lust inducing scene between them. But I would really like it if I was wrong.

    But here's the catch... we are so flooded with racy scene nowadays, whether it's from Hollywood or kdrama, we even ranted due the lack of those scene. But because of docs, we are being reminded and appreciated the sweet, heart fluttering and heartwarming gesture of a mere hand holding, comfort hug and backhug. Doesn't it reminding us of our first love? The first time we had our hand held? The first time we feel giddy towards love?

     If Docs decided to take it on the next level and do a bedscene, the waiting is so worth it. And trusting the PD, he would make it so beautiful that we come to appreciate the scene very much.

    On a lighter note:

    - I do agree that they are not showing much lovey dovey scene. When Jh visited HJ, I thought "why sit so far, prof??" Then I figure that he would want to jump on her if he sits to close when his objective was to console her. A man's got to do what a man's got to do!! Kekeke 

    - I think one of the ways to make Hye Jung forget about her grudge is pretty good s*x. Heheehehe... 

    So! No docs for tomorrow? More time to film action scene or bed scene then. Keep the faith Patients... 

    Off to bed now! Sorry for the long post.



    Love your insights above. Agree with all of you as I'm feeling the same too.


    3 hours ago, Ednalyn Macas said:

    Disappointing!  I don't understand why it is so laid back.  It is not what I had in mind for the remainder of this drama.  They are not high schoolers anymore, backhugs are for kids:angry:


    3 hours ago, JaneS said:

    soooo frustrating that they could have given us, even just a bit of lovey dovey scene in that fishing scene. It could be a hug, a kiss on the forehead or maybe they could have been seated very close to one another. My goodness i was sooooo anticipating that scene after seeing the teasers. I feel sooo deprived from all the lovey dovey of our otp that i did not enjoy this episode 17.

    Just as thao pointed out below, this isn't the genre of rom-com drama. So if you're still expecting a lot of lovey dovey, you'll definitely be disappointed. Actually, this is how a real relationship is like in real life. You won't always feel love and warmth towards your loved ones. Sometimes it will be anger, frustrations, disappointments, which will make you not want any skinship with the person. You probably won't even want to see the face or hear the voice of that person for that time being. The way you handle and confront those feelings with your loved ones is what will make the relationship break, or become stronger. Fluffy lovey dovey scenes are just.... fluff --> no substance/content. So I'm glad we're shown two opposite personalities in JH and HJ in dealing with problems, and yet they still love and support each other. I won't expect too much lovey dovey scenes, although that will certainly be a sweet bonus watching this drama ;)

    2 hours ago, thao_2512 said:

    Doctors is more like   One warm word than CWGM and HS where there are more skinship/kisses

    She doesn't usually give fanservices when there is no need. The pattern is similar to HS but since we have teacher-student relationship in the beginning so we can't have much in the beginning like HS either.

    I'm more surprised that SBS didn't interfere in this. But maybe because we have good rating so they respect her work

    Lastly I'm sure PSH and KRW are professional enough to follow the scripts no matter what status they have . They aren't new in this career and certainly they have dated in the last 10 years but it didn't stop them from following the scripts

    PS:  Also I understand the thirst but this is NOT a romantic comedy drama. Your romance and racy scenes aren't the focus. I'm sorry. If that's what you are looking for you are in a wrong drama.

    This is a human/ healing drama where we deal with real human conflicts.  Do you sit close and hold your bf/gf's  hand when you have serious talk or fight? Because I don't. This drama is much more than skinship you are thirsty for. It's real human relations and their struggles.

    It's not unrealistic, especially in Asia. Communication and love doesn't necessary have to have skinship and kisses all the time. That's how their love last for life time not 5-min-marriage-then-divorce . They talk and understand each other. JH is 40 he isn't immature teenager that only have passion and desire. If that's what he wants he wouldn't wait for her 13 years. 

    They said this is a love of a life time and they stay true with it

    Well said!

    2 hours ago, Tiggie2 said:

    I disagree, communication is the utmost important factor in a long-standing relationship. Passion won't always be in a relationship but communication, love and understanding will be. That's why couples split up easily once passion fades. I believe the writer is actually telling us not to be so stubborn in relationship. 


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  9. 1 hour ago, samsam29 said:

    Watching today's ep, I feel HJ like second lead, not like main lead. N all the details seem filling when HJ didn't appear. Ep 17 seem to be patched up, decrease PSH's screen to avoid bad comments. What's the hell SBS doing? ( sorry if this disturbs u guys). I can't keep calm.

    Don't worry about this. I don't think the production team is that insecure as to having to reduce PSH's screen time just to avoid bad comments. At least I'd like to think that instead of that, they'll be in full support of her.

    I'm sure it's part of the plot development, which we'll be able to see more as a whole when next episode is aired.

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  10. 48 minutes ago, Bookworm95 said:

    This is the worst scene (hopefully it will not happen >.< i want romantic scene please, we only have 4 eps left and we are deserve to watch romantic scene from JH and HJ)

    How if they are actually planning to do their camping date. They go to the fishing spot. Then they are talking to each other, JH talk about something that pissed HJ (or maybe about JH told her to forget how sad HJ thinking about halmeoni) thats why HJ left the chair, JH try to catch her that's why he doesn't bring the bag. From what we seen on preview JH talk to HJ about halmeoni and HJ seems about to cry and sad.

    Don't do this PD-nim please, i warn you PD-nim.

    ... and then JH gave her a hug (as taught by HJ) and both stroll back to the fishing spot... After that, ..... (continue based on your own imagination;))

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  11. Thanks all for the updates! So busy that I wasn't able to come here more often.

    Yay for the fishing trip! Since it is done at night, there must be camping involved, no?

    Anyhow, from the preview, I am guessing probably HJ was suspended for a period of time from the hospital after the hearing, and she may be feeling down about it. So JH encouraged her not to give up yet.

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  12. 1 hour ago, Ondine said:

    Sorry if I missed this being posted already, but there was an editing fail in the bed scene part at 2m10s (thanks to the video's commenters for spotting it!) where you can clearly see a lighting guy holding up a bulb before KC blocks him from view. :lol:


    23 minutes ago, hallyus said:

    OMG I didn't notice that! I just checked the video and laughing so hard omo...

    It is not their first time failed in editing, then. I the episode 2 where Chul met Yeonjoo after he discharged from hospital, the staff, cameraman and his camera can be seen from Chul's car rear mirror haha! It isn't really clear or big enough, but because the scene is quite long I can't help but notice :phew: the power of HD quality video...

    I missed these two actually (am certainly glad), but the ones that really, really bother me in viewing is:

    1) in ep.3, when KC was carrying fainted YJ from the boutique to his car. Compare YJ's body position when he carried her up from the sofa, and the next scene when he was walking out (much higher up). Also, the side he's carrying her (body on his right), it's just rather impossible to set YJ into the passenger seat, as well as when carrying her out of the car again to go up to his penthouse.

    2) also in beginning of ep.3, YJ's hair while talking to SB. The camera going back and forth between these two, close up then from afar, you can see YJ's hair tucked behind her right ear and then not, and then behind again.

    Sorry, not trying to nitpick :P but they are just too jarring and really bother me while watching. But the bed scene part is going to bother me so much now that I know they are not "alone" in the bedroom. I can't unsee it now. How am I going to enjoy rewatching that scene over and over again?!?... Arrrghh......

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  13. Okay, it's probably useless for me to ask this question since the writer probably had everything figured out already for the story... but, is it too late for OSM to start giving Black Hoodie an identity? you know, so KC can track him down and end the revenge arc of his life, and move on to the romantic arc ;)

    I'm watching this because of QIHM and NINE, which I love both to pieces. However, gotta admit that I'm not (yet?) as invested in W. That's kinda sad considering I am a manhwa fan, it should excite me the most out of these three works. I don't even like saguek but I thoroughly enjoyed every episode of QIHM (--it is the second K-drama that I attempted watching raw because I just couldn't wait anymore to know what happened).

    Nonetheless, I adore every OTP moments in W. :D

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  14. 12 hours ago, yongpal said:

    So I just watched the subbed Episode 16 and I understood why most people here were quite bothered that something bad might happen in the end with our OTP brought about the scattered foreshadowing about dying early between JH-KTH and JH-HJ in the recent eps! 

    Upon watching this ep, I suddenly remembered HJ's opening monologue in Episode 1 w/c speaks abt death. Thus, I managed to rewatch this part out of curiosity

    The question: Who is she referring to as "the person she is about to meet that doesn't get surprised by death" - is it Ji Hong? Or the hospital patients she encounter in the ER?

    (Posting this not because I'm dwelling on negativity, but I just like to explore every possibilities of a plot development when watching dramas. I've been burned by some dramas that were sooo great till the last several minutes. So just don't want to be caught by surprise here :P)

    FYI, the Chinese translation may give us a deeper understanding. The word "surprised" in HJ's monologue has the meaning of "to become afraid/scared of"... So, it is more like "the person I am meeting isn't scared of death." Maybe those fluent in Korean can help us understand better about the words used in the original language. And we don't even know whether she's talking about plural or singular, because even in the Chinese translation, it can mean both. Naturally, my first thought was that she was talking about only one person. But just like @lclarakl commented, it could be referring to all the people she get to meet in the hospital.

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  15. 38 minutes ago, liz-danielle said:

    Well... Rather than something might have happened to JH.. I would like to think that yes JH will be sick (due to flu or fever) and our HJ will take care of him, prepare foods etc and stay by his side... And complain that JH didn't listen to her.  And somehow that Mh took more pictures of them etc etc 

    Love your idea! :D but let's scratch out that last bit. No interruption please while HJ give JH all the TLC he needs....

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