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  1. I voted fried chicken (and beer) because it always makes me hungry... Vac.cleaner, no feels already :lol:


    But to be honest, the one that intrigues me the most is the traditional medicine/tonic. So convenient! And the packaged herbal chicken, I want to try that so badly...

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  2. 6 minutes ago, triplem said:

    I speak for myself because I’m likely the minority :w00t:

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    who found that hug strange & a tad out of place if romance was its intention.  I kept thinking she saw him when he was in his pyjamas at 10 , she was a full grown lady in her 20s . And now they will date ? Yikes , felt way too “cougar-ish“:joy: So the idea of a love line here would kill the drama for me . I always view DCK & HTJ in their own strange way became YG ‘s guardians since he lost his parents, somewhat looking out for him from afar.  They are also in a way  trying to make up to him for wrongly putting his Father to jail . Though in TJ’s case it’s still her own revenge that’s priority 


    I am with you on this... :lol:

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  3. Why does it seem to me that at the end of the day, the "clean" people are DC Park and Jang?? Somehow I felt that DC Park got played by Yeom and DCK. Well, I guess I need to wait for subs before saying anymore.


    7 hours ago, triplem said:

    Long story short - DCK asked DC Park if he was the one who sent the video , and his very cryptic answer leads me to believe that he is part of the Jang Society and the mastermind:

     Isn't catching those pests that are corrupting our society more honorable than catching someone who killed a few people? 

    The above is still confusing me too... Wouldn't that mean Park is on the righteous side? I guess maybe because the Chinese subs said "the right way (the more accurate thing to do)" instead of "more honorable".... And I remembered he was confused upon hearing DCK mention "Warrior Club"...


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  4. 22 minutes ago, triplem said:

    Okay , so this is the  interesting thing - in some of TJ's flashbacks of the day thumb cutter tortured her, the husband was seated across her tied up as well . We were not shown this before. In earlier episodes , we only saw the cutter hit the husband as he came in, and we had assumed he died on the spot. So he was tortured too. But why was there never a recollection of that in her memory in her flashbacks???

    There was the flashback of him seated across from her in earlier episode. I remembered it. Turtle asked for information, because TJ didn't want to say anything, he said something like Shall I start with your husband first...

    It's Park Hoon, right? The guy playing her husband?


    And the preview... it's showing DCK being smug? Why is he tidying his hair in the mirror? He was the one pulling that man (Park?) on the floor, right? I am confused too because I think DCK planted the drugs in DC Park's car for Jang to find so he can be arrested...?

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  5. Thanks for the live-caps @triplem :kiss_wink:


    I just want to share something about the translation of Jang Society. In the Chinese subs I watched, it's more like "Warriors Club" or "Soldiers Club". I understand how the translation can get mixed up, and actually don't know which is actually the correct one, but just sharing that the pronunciation in Korean is the same for both 將士會 (Warrior Club) and 張社會 (Jang Society)

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  6. 31 minutes ago, gm4queen said:

    But then again, why the culprit ( most probably Mr. Song) wants young & fresh actresses out of all women..???!! 

    They are made to prostitute themselves to those higher-ups meeting in the restaurant. There are rooms there which SYA didn't find, and there has been implicit reference to it when Song bids the men he was meeting there a good time, and then the three of them each go to different direction from inside the restaurant.

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  7. So the ones needing a divorce would be JE and SA, which I doubt they’ll get, because they’re the party at fault, they cannot legally ask for divorce. The only way JE would get a divorce is if MIL persuaded the hubs. As for SA, I doubt she will ever get one from that husband of hers. But for her to go back into the marriage again, seems kinda impossible too because of the unforgiving and vindictive attitude of the hubs. 


    JW hopefully can get away from MY easier since they have not registered their marriage. Whether or not he ends up with JE, I hope for him to not be with MY since there is no love and she is only using him, IMO. 


    @triplem thanks for the recap dear. Helped to tide me over until I can watch the episodes. As for the long hair of JE, there is one more still of her with JW at a small table. So there might still be a time jump. 

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  8. 4 hours ago, Dhakra said:




    Guess the last time I had to endure it was quite some time ago. It's like a car acciddent in every post. :D 

    If you’re lucky, maybe it’s another 5000 pages before it happens again... if not, then maybe at 5100? :P 



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